Body Piercing Studio Equipment You Will Need

Body Piercing Studio Equipment

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes. You should not pierce anyone unless you are fully certified. Read about how to become a certified piercer here.


Considering opening up shop as a professional piercer?

Acquiring all the supplies you will shouldn’t be too difficult. What catches most people out is knowing exactly what they will need in this studio. It seems to be an awful lot of stuff, right?

If you are struggling with this, don’t fret as I intend to help you out.

Here you will find a complete list of supplies needed in a piercing studio. Including the trivial items which are easily forgotten. They are more important than you may realise!

If you cannot afford everything yet, start off with the key items and work your way forward.

I will mark the most important items on this list to make things easier for you.

Click the image of the item you want to find out more.

Here goes:

Piercing Equipment


Piercing ForcepsWhatever piercing is being done, the top way to secure the skin in place is to use a set of forcep clamps.

Piercing forceps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You should have some of each type. Different piercings call for different forceps!

I strongly advise you to get metal ones. Avoid the cheap plastic forceps at all costs. Read about my bad experience with plastic forceps to find out why.


Piercing Needlesto state the obvious: a piercing studio is as good as useless without needles. Hollow needles that it. In various gauge sizes.

They should be kept inside their sterile packaging. Not to be opened until they are about to be used.

You will need a large supply of needles, so order in bulk!

Receiving tubes

Receiving TubesA receiving tube is placed on the back of the skin being pierced, where the needle is to come out. Helping to guide the needle in the right direction.

For example, when a receiving tube is used with a nose piercing it will prevent the needle stabbing inside of the nostril.

You should get a selection of receiving tubes.

Dermal Punches

Microdermal Piercing KitBe sure to get good quality dermal punches. These make for greater accuracy when performing a dermal piercing. More suitable for those of you who are relatively new to dermal piercing.

A dermal punch can also be used to pierce the ears in a larger gauge size. Saving your client from the lengthy stretching process.

Make sure to get a high quality dermal punch. You will need various different gauge sizes too.

Disposable Scalpels

Disposable ScalpelThe less common method used to perform a dermal piercing.

Also used to up the gauge size of any other piercing. Using a disposable scalpel.

As with all other piercing tools, scalpels are single use only and should be disposed of responsibly after use. This helps avoid spreading bacteria or bloodborne pathogens.

Sterile Skin Markers

Skin MarkersYes, sharpie pens are frequently used to mark the location of the piercing.

Although using a specialised skin marker is much more sterile. This type of pen is safe as it is designed for use on human skin in a medical setting.

These pens will come in sterile packaging which should be kept sealed until you intend to use them.

Body Jewelry

Straight Barbells

Straight BarbellsOne of the most commonly used types of jewelry is the straight barbell. This form of body jewelry can be worn in many types of piercings.

This includes the ears, bridge, nipple, tongue, tragus, helix and more.

Get a large supply of straight barbells as they will be in high demand. Be sure to have an array of colours, materials and ball endings. Your customers will be grateful for the fact they have a choice.

Ball Closure Rings

Ball Closure RingsAnother highly popular form of body jewelry; the Ball Closure Ring. Commonly known as the BCR or the Captive Bead Ring.

This style of ring is ideal for the healing period because of the smooth edges. This stops the piercing from getting caught on anything, which can cause a whole host of issues!

Insertion and removal is easy and quick. No screwing or unscrewing, no rough threads or associated problems.

BCRs can be worn in lips, ears, nipples, eyebrow, nose, septum and more.

Curved Barbells

Curved BarbellsThe Curved Barbell is the main form of body jewelry used in the eyebrow, belly button and many other piercings on the body and face.

You will need a variety of different gauge sizes and lengths. You should also have an assortment of different materials for those who have a sensitivity to stainless steel.

Make sure you have an assortment of different belly bars. These will be on high demand, being such a popular piercing. I can guarantee it!

Circular Barbells

Circular BarbellsYou will need a large supply of circular barbells. Also known as horseshoe rings.

The circular barbell is usually worn in the septum piercing. This style of jewelry can also be worn in the lip, ears, nipples and others.

The circular barbell is unusual compared to other forms of ring and barbell. It is measured as a ring, by diameter. While it functions like a barbell. With balls that unscrew for easy insertion and removal.

Heavy Gauge Jewelry

You should have both tunnels and plugs available. Stock every gauge size up to 1 inch. You can get higher gauges than this, if you think it will be in high enough demand with your customers.

You should also sell various tapers for customers who are interested in stretching their ears.

Internally Threaded Jewelry

Internally threaded jewelry is better for the inside of the piercing than externally threaded type, which is more common. Thanks to the smooth edges where there would usually be threads. With the threads being on the inside of the bar, they do not cause friction and irritation when you are changing  jewelry.

Dermal Anchors & Tops

Dermal TopsGet the type of dermal anchor which has holes in the base. The holes make the anchor secure, so therefore less likely to reject. Therefore customers will be much happier with your work!

There are a variety of dermal tops on the market. Be sure that you have something for everyone. Your selection should consist of everything from girly, glitzy gems to graphic images on plain black tops, which will appeal to male clients

Surface Bars

Surface BarbellsSurface piercings are equally prone to rejection. Wearing a specially designed surface bar will lower the risk factor.

Surface bars feature a straight bottom with a short upright leg at each side. The are removed and inserted via the screw on balls or disks.

Make sure you have a variety of these so your customers can choose exactly what they wanna wear in their new piercing.

Nose Jewelry

Nose CorkscrewsThere are many different styles of nose jewelry. You should make sure you have some of each. Which one your client will want comes down to personal preference.

Make sure you have a combination of studs, rings, corkscrews and everything else. Also have different colours and gems in stock at all times.

Nose piercings will be one of your most popular requests. With both girls and guys. So be prepared to buy a lot of nose jewelry!

Sterilization & Hygiene Supplies

Autoclave & Pouches

AutoclaveThe most effective way of cleansing jewelry and piercing equipment is autoclaving it.

Absolutely every piercing studio needs an autoclave of some description.

I always tell my readers to ask their piercer to show them their autoclave when checking out a new studio. I advise them to never get pierced in a studio which does not have one. It is simply not hygienic!

You can find a large assortment of autoclaves online. Which one you choose depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Make sure you have one though, even if you get a cheap one until you have the money for an upgrade!

You will need pouches to put your supplies in whilst they are being autoclaved. You can get these on Amazon and on most piercing supplies sites.

Piercing Aftercare Products

A good piercer should be able to supply their clients with a quality piercing aftercare solution.

Make sure you have a variety of these available, for different purposes.

I suggest stocking the EasyPiercing Care Kit. In my opinion, this is the most effective product by far. It works on any and every piercing. The awesome thing about this particular product is the fact that you are saving money on the three cleansers in the set.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps & Hand Scrubs

Hand Gel DispenserAs you are well aware, you should never, ever pierce with dirty hands. Doing so spreads bacteria and causes infection.

You should be wearing gloves anyway when you pierce someone. Still, to err on the side of caution, always wash your hands.

If you want to be extra sanitary, get a hands free hand gel dispenser. One which is automatically activated by movement.

It is a sad fact that a lot of your clients will go ahead and touch their piercing, no matter how many times you tell them not to.

In case someone does, at least make sure their hands are clean before they do go poking about with their new jewelry. Have a couple of hand sanitizers dispensers around your studio for clients to use.

Get a cheap and cheerful hand gel dispenser here.

Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol SwabsAlcohol should never be used to cleanse a piercing. It is way too strong a chemical. Although it is perfect for use on equipment and furniture though.

You can use alcohol to prep the skin before performing the piercing by wiping the area with a swab BEFORE the needle goes through.

Just make sure to never use alcohol after the piercing is done.

Alcohol is very good for sterilization so always keep your studio stocked up on these.

Latex Gloves

Latex GlovesAnother effective tool in the prevention of the spread of bacteria. Wearing latex gloves whilst piercing. No matter how thoroughly you wash your hands, there could still be bacteria lurking on them. A sterile pair of latex gloves are your best bet when it comes to preventing the spread of bacteria.

Gloves are single use only. You will need a large supply.

Sharps Disposal Containers

Used needles are a threat to the health of you and your clients. For this reason, always make sure all sharps are disposed of safely and responsibly. The sharps container should have biohazard labels on it, warning others that it contains contaminated needles.


Surfaces, furniture, floor and everything in your shop should be sterile. Don’t neglect these things. Get yourself a strong disinfectant for this job.

Biohazard Spill Kits

In case of a mishap, your studio needs spill kits for urine and vomit and spill kits for blood. These are two separate kits.

Hopefully you will never need them but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Bodily waste needs to be disposed of responsibly, or else your put your’s and your client’s health at 

Aftercare Instruction Manuals

You should have instructions manuals for each piercing, for clients to take home.

You can design your own or buy some online. You’re probably best off designing your own. Use diagrams or photos to make instructions easier to understand for the reader. Use numbered instructions and a clear layout. The instructions need to be simple and easy to follow. This way clients will be more likely to follow them closely and therefore heal up well.

Medical Supplies

First Aid Kit

First Aid KitIn a job like body piercing, there are multiple things which can go wrong.

Be prepared by having a first aid kit nearby at all times. Just in case something does happen to one of your clients.

While you’re at it, go ahead and get a qualification in first aid. I’ve got one myself. The course only took two days and you learn some very important stuff there!

You could end up saving someone’s life.

Plasters/Bandaids & Wound Dressing

When you’re making wounds in people’s skin for a living, You’re going to need plasters and wound dressing.

Certain types of piercings can bleed a fair bit. Piercings can go wrong and the result can be bloody. Particularly if you’re not careful or experienced. In which case you should not be piercing anyway. Not until you know exactly what you are doing!

Surgical Tape

If any of your clients do experience bad enough bleeding to require a wound dressing, you will need surgical tape to keep it in place.

I would definitely recommend keeping some in your studio. You can pick some up cheap on Amazon or in your local pharmacy.

Misc. Supplies

Studio Furniture

A piercing studio is not complete without the proper furniture. You will need an adjustable chair for your client to sit in. Plus seats for anyone who is in the waiting area.

Stools for yourself and your workmates to sit on.

Tables and storage for your supplies

A wheeling table for the supplies which are in use. A table with wheels is perfect as it is easy to move around the room without too much hassle.

Anodizing Machine

Getting an anodizing machine will save money in the long run. Anodizing your own steel and titanium jewelry means you will not have to keep on spending extra on buying already anodized jewelry.

It is definitely worth splashing out on one. The more you use it the more you save. It will pay for itself after a while using it.

Price Sheet

Many clients will come in and ask to see the price sheet. Help them make up their mind on what piercing they want done by having a price sheet.

Every studio’s prices are slightly different, so make sure you have a list of all piercings and their prices.


Once you’ve got your certification and the supplies you need you will be able to start piercing. You will find the money starts flowing in pretty quick.

You will then be able to put more cash into your studio. Buying new equipment and topping up on anything that is running out, such as needles, gloves and jewelry.

If you can get that bit of starter money, you are good to go! That is provided you have done your apprenticeship of course!

I hope this has helped you on your journey to becoming a piercer!

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12 Comments on Body Piercing Studio Equipment You Will Need

  1. I have to confess I am not at all into body piercings other than the ears. I do realize many people enjoy to have various body areas pierced. When I ran into your website I just had to give it a look through. You provide top quality information and it is so well laid out. I think people wanting to start a body piercing business would definitely benefit from your information. Does a body piercing business generate high revenue?

    • Hey Ellen. Fair enough. To each their own. I don’t expect everyone to be into body piercing.

      There is potential to earn a lot of money through body piercing. Each piercing costs over £15. Body piercing is very popular right now too so it is in high demand.

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Hi there Hanna,

    Going through this list is like how a nurse would prep for a surgical theater. Since piercing involves the largest organ – skin – this knowledge is very important.

    Quick question – Does a tattoo artist need to go through some courses to learn about these equipment or is it something that they pick up with experience?

    Thank you sharing this information.

    • Hey there Cathy.

      There is a lot of training that goes into being a piercer or a tattoo artist. One does learn the basics about the equipment during the apprenticeship. Although they will pick up most of their knowledge just through experience.

      Hope this answers your question.


  3. Hannah,

    Cool article. I am more of a tattoo guy, and for that reason I have always wondered how autoclaves work to sterilize equipment. It’s a pretty neat piece of equipment that is also being used in the medical industry for various purposes. Are there some autoclaves that are better than others? Or are they all generally the same? I’d love to know for my own curiosity.

    • Hey Irvan. As with any machinery, some autoclaves are higher quality than others. You get what you pay for. Lower quality autoclaves are of course more likely to break down. Which is a disaster. They may also not get the equipment quite as clean. The more expensive ones do have more cleaning power than the cheaper ones, which is a big deal in a piercing studio, as you can imagine.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow, i never would have never guessed that there was even half of this equipment needed when owning a studio! Thank you for all of the information 🙂

  5. Hi, what a helpful article this is. My cousin lives for piercings and tattooing and is currently in an apprenticeship within this field. You have listed a whole array of equipment you need for piercing. How much approximately would it cost to buy the equipment he would need to set up a new piercing shop? Thanks for your help on this matter.

    • Hey Victoria. I wish your cousin the best of luck in his piercing apprenticeship.

      In order to buy all the equipment you need for a piercing studio you would need at least £3000. That’s doing everything properly.

      I hope this helps. It’s really hard to say exactly.


  6. Hi Hannah,

    That’s a great read – a through list of required supplies there!

    I’d never myself considered piercing beyond the ear (not because of dislike of it… I’m just too much of a coward! but I love tattoos – I assume any tattoo parlour I check out before hand should more or less carry the same sort of kit when it comes to protection and hygine?

    • Hi Kevin.

      Yes, tattoo parlours should have similar equipment and standards as piercing studios. Make sure they have an autoclave, check that everything is sterile, all their equipment should be kept in sterile packaging. Same concept as choosing a good piercing studio.

      Thanks very much for reading. I hope this answers your question.

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