Best Piercing Aftercare Product – EasyPiercing Care Kit Review

EasyPiercing Care Kit Review

EasyPiercing Care Kit

Product: EasyPiercing Care Kit

Price: £16.49

Cheapest place to purchase:

Size of bottles: 50ml per bottle

Overall rating: 4.5/5 4.5/5

EasyPiercing Care Kit

Using top quality piercing aftercare products is crucial. Keeping your piercings clean is the only sure-fire way of preventing infection.

There is a myriad of aftercare products on the market. Choosing the right one for you is down right confusing.

Luckily for you, there is a piercing aftercare product which is superior to the rest. That’s what you’ll be reading about today.

The EasyPiercing Care Kit is the most versatile and powerful piercing aftercare product you can get.

So What Makes it So Special?

When you purchase the EasyPiercing Care Kit you receive three bottles of aftercare solution. Between these three products you have everything you need for an effective piercing aftercare routine. This will give you the ability to keep all of your piercings in top condition.

As a bonus you get a pack of 20 sterile cleansing swabs. Plus an aftercare instruction sheet.

All of this comes in a tidy little box with handles. Which makes for super easy carrying.

Works on all piercings

EasyPiercing Care Kit

There are many piercing aftercare solutions which only work on one type of piercing. With products like this there can be a lot of waste. Especially if the piercing heals quickly.

What sets the EasyPiercing Care Kit apart is the fact it can be used on any piercing. This is one of the main reasons I am a fan of this product.

The Saline Solution and Soft Cleansing Gel are gentle enough for your most sensitive body parts.

Once you get this kit for yourself, you will always have the correct product available. Whatever your cleansing needs.

Whether you have just got a new piercing. One of your piercings has got infected or is feeling sore. Maybe you’re just trying to be extra vigilant in preventing your old piercing from getting infected.

Whatever your reason. This stuff works.

What comes with the EasyPiercing Care Kit?

As you now know, there are three bottles of solution. Each serves it’s own unique purpose.

All products are paraben free.

Let’s take a look at the properties of the three cleansing solutions:

Soft Cleansing Gel

EasyPiercing Gel CleanserBottle colour: Green.

Used for: Cleansing your piercings and keeping them hygienic. Kills off any bacteria and dissolves organic matter.

Moisturising and gentle to the skin. This formula is PH balanced.

Directions for use:

Note: Always wash your hands first.

  1. Apply pressure on the diffuser to dispense the gel onto a sterile compress. Will automatically dispense the amount of gel needed for cleansing a piercing.
  2. Gently cleanse the piercing. Be sure to remove any dirt or crust which has formed on the jewelry and skin.
  3. Rinse with luke warm water.
  4. Dry your piercing and jewelry thoroughly.

Saline Solution

EasyPiercing Saline SolutionBottle colour: Blue.

Used for: Disinfecting and moisturising a piercing whilst healing. Preventing infection and speeding up healing time.

Specially designed nozzle which sprays out the solution in micro-particles.Which makes this product more efficient than home made saline solution.

Directions for use: 

Note: Wash your hands first.

  1. Point bottle cap directly at piercing.
  2. Push down the top of the spray bottle. This will dispense the correct amount of spray required for cleaning your piercing.
  3. Allow to air dry naturally.

Anti-bacterial Solution

EasyPiercing Anti-bacterial SolutionBottle colour: Orange

Used for: Eliminating bacteria of any type. This product leaves an anti-bacterial film layer on the skin, thus preventing bacteria from returning. Eliminates secretions from lymph nodes.

Use this particular solution sparingly. It is strong and may irritate sensitive skin. Do not use the Anti-bacterial Solution on your genital area. The other two products are more suitable for genital piercings instead.

Directions for use: 

Note: Wash your hands first.

  1. Point spray cap directly at piercing.
  2. Apply pressure to the top of the spray bottle. The bottle will dispense the correct amount of spray required for cleaning your piercing.
  3. Allow to air dry naturally.

Bonus items

When you purchase the EasyPiercing Care Kit you will receive two amazing bonus items.

You will get a pack of 20 sterile cleansing swabs. Which are perfect for sterilizing jewelry. Plus healing seriously infected piercings.

The other bonus is an aftercare instructions sheet. This shows you how to look after fresh piercings. Instructions re clearly laid out and easy to follow. It couldn’t get any more simple than this.

Infection will not be an issue with this product in your life.

Save yourself some money!

You could go ahead and buy yourself just two of the products from this kit. Seeing as they are also sold individually. The products cost £6.39 each.

Although by getting the complete set, you are saving yourself money. I decided to do the maths for you.

From my calculations, purchasing the complete kit saves you £3 on the cleansing solutions. Not to mention the bonuses.

All in all, you could easily end up saving over a fiver. And a tidy little box to keep your products in.

The complete EasyPiercing Care Kit is only £16.49. Postage and packaging is FREE.

Not bad for well over 6 months worth of thorough daily cleansing for all your piercings.

Read more reviews on the EasyPiercing Care Kit here.

In conclusion

If you have piercings, the EasyPiercing Care Kit is just what you need in your life. You will be amazed at how well this product cleans your piercings.

Since using this kit I have had no infections on my piercings. No soreness what so ever. Somehow my jewelry even looks more sparkly.

All you pierced people need an EasyPiercing Care Kit.

I hope you found my review helpful.

If you have any questions or want to leave your own review on the EasyPiercing Care Kit, leave a comment below.

20 Comments on Best Piercing Aftercare Product – EasyPiercing Care Kit Review

  1. What a great review on best piercing aftercare product. So well written and clear to read and sounds like a bargain too. I love your site – it’s really interesting and easy to get around. Unfortunately I got rid of my nose ring and belly button piercing when pregnant and have never used them again. My belly was smooth pre-babies though so probably won’t be redoing that one! Will probably only have more ear piercings if I have anymore but still love the look of piercings.

  2. Excellent review.. looks like you get a pretty good deal here with the 3 components of after-care all in one package.
    You mentioned it lasts for 6months… if I wanted to get an obscure body part pierced, how long would I need to incorporate an after care routine for? I know for my ears and my tattoo it was just for a short period… do the more obscure body parts require much more regular care?

  3. Thanks for the comment.

    It certainly is a good deal. I’m well impressed with it!

    6 months is plenty of time for any type of piercing to heal. Nipple piercings can take 3 to 6 months and that is the longest healing time out of all the piercings. This product will last through all the healing stages even for the slowest healers.

    Hope that answers you question.


  4. That is a great review Hanna well thought out. It seems you really care about this product, I would definitely buy this product the next time I get pierced. Thanks Chris

    • Thanks very much Chris.

      If you ever do get a chance try out this product you will see why I am so excited about it.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. The EasyPiercing Care Kit information is great. I myself do not have piercings, but have plenty of friends who do. I am going to advise them to check this kit out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello, Neat post. There’s a problem along with your website in internet explorer, may test this?
    IE still is the market chief and a good portion of folks will pass over your wonderful writing due to this problem.

  7. I’ve often wondered how hygienic body piercing is. I wonder how many people actually bother to regularly clean their piercings and jewelry. I bet they start to stink a bit if you don’t clean them, and then you can be prone to infection. These look like great products to help you keep your piercings and jewelry clean, and at an affordable price too.

    • Hey Marcus.

      If proper aftercare is practised, body piercing can be very hygienic and safe. Problem is, not enough people do bother to clean their piercings anywhere near often enough. As you said correctly, they do start to small kinda funky, which can be a problem with nose and upper lip piercings in particular. This is a common symptom of an infection forming and also the body’s way of saying “clean me!”.

      These products are top notch for cleansing any type of piercing or jewelry. A must have for anyone who has piercings really. This would be my #1 recommendation to anyone!


  8. Awesome product review! You did a great job on explaining pros of the product in term of pricing, safety and functionality. You are giving a reason why they are good and apparently these piercing care kits are sound reliable! I am pretty sure I will get back to your site if I or my other friends need it.

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