Piercing Pain Rankings – Piercings That Hurt the Most

Nipple piercing
Nipple piercing

One of the most common questions asked about getting a new piercing is “how much will it hurt?”

Depending on the body part and type of skin or cartilage, some piercings hurt a lot more than others.

If you are considering one of the following piercings, I am not trying to put you off the idea. This is just so you know what to expect if you get one of these piercings done.

the piercings that hurt the most in order of pain rating:

Most painful piercings

Note: Pain levels can vary from person to person. These pain ratings come from a cross-section of many people.

#3 – Eyelid piercing

Pain rating: Pain rating - 4/5

Eyelid piercing
Eyelid piercing

Yes, people really do get their eyelids pierced!

I mean right through the actual eyelid, the jewelry makes physical contact with the eyeball.

Have you ever had a stye on your eye? Well, I can imagine it would feel like having one all the time, except made of metal – so very cold and hard.

This is a relatively new craze, so there haven’t been many horror stories yet  or “eyelid piercings gone wrong” photos. It is safe to assume that we will be seeing more and more of these featured in the news and on the web in years to come.

Any one who has ever had an eye infection of any kind will tell you straight away that you do not want to go messing with your eyes!

Do yourself a favor and take my advice: do not get your eyelid pierced!

#2 – Nipple piercing

Pain rating: Pain rating 4.5/5

Nipple piercing
Nipple piercing

The nipple is a naturally sensitive part of the body, for both men and women.

There are lots of nerves in the nipples making them very sensitive. This is a recipe for pain when you stick a needle straight through.

Any area of the body which can be sexually stimulated is ultra sensitive and this is why the nipple is one of the top ranked most painful piercings.

So if you want this piercing done, brace yourself!

#1 – Genital piercings

Pain rating: pain rating 5/5

Genital piercings. The most painful parts of the body to get pierced!

Why is that?

Well, much like the nipples, the genitals, both male and female have lots of nerves. This makes these areas of our bodies very sensitive to physical stimuli.

The nerves that give us intense pleasure during sex are the very reason that any form of genital piercing will make you screech in agony as streams of water run from your eyes.

Like I said before though, don’t let me put you off!

A girl I know claims she had an orgasm when she got her clit pierced, just as the needle went through!

Like I said, the experience is different for everyone.

If you really want to get an intimate piercing, go for it! Just make sure you go to a piercer who knows what they are doing.

I would not recommend doing this kind of piercing at home. Seriously, just don’t.

If done correctly, genital piercings can enhance sexual experiences for both men and women. They also add a bit of decoration to your bits and make them look nice.

If you get this piercing done, make sure to take good care of it and keep your jewelry clean!


To be honest, ranking the all the other piercings would be near enough impossible.

Any part of the body which is made of cartilage is more painful to pierce than thin skin. For example the septum piercing, helix piercing on your ear, well actually any ear cartilage piercing will hurt a bit more.

Just remember; everyone is different.

You never know, you might hardly feel any pain at all!

Which of your piercings hurt the most? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

18 Comments on Piercing Pain Rankings – Piercings That Hurt the Most

  1. I have never even heard of an eyelid piercing, oh my goodness that does look painful! How can someone handle that touching their eyeball all the time!? I’d much rather get my nipples or genital area done! lol Anyone here have any of these? I have my ears stretched to 0g, which doesn’t hurt because I wait a good amount of time between stretching. I also have my belly button, my septum, and a vertical labret on my lip. I did the vertical labret myself and it came out great, but I do not recommend doing it at home if you don’t know what you are doing of course. My septum piercing hurt the most, but I think it was partly because my piercer missed the mark and pierced through the cartilage, and like you said cartilage tends to hurt more. Luckily though, the pain went away completely within a week or two. Belly button didn’t hurt at all.
    Ps. I like your cool skull rating system 😉

    • Exactly my thoughts on the eyelid piercing, I could never get it done myself either. I would be worried about the jewelry rubbing on my eyeball 24/7 and getting infected.

      Thanks for the comment by the way.

  2. I didn’t know piercing eyelids was a thing! I wonder if somehow the eyeball gets accustomed to it, or maybe scar tissue forms (I don’t even know if that’s possible but I don’t want to Google it!). Even so, I shudder to think of it.

    I’ve been thinking of getting an ear cartilage piercing for a while, but was wondering how much it would hurt. I only have my earlobes pierced right now, and I was a little kid when it was done so the memory of the pain is long gone. I’m glad to read that it probably won’t hurt as much as these three kinds of piercings!

    • Hey Samantha.

      To be honest, I’m not convinced that the eye would get accustomed to a piece of metal being in there all the time. That’s why I would not recommend this piercing to anyone. It just seems that little bit more extreme than most other piercings. A bit too extreme!

      Ear cartilage piercings are not really all that painful. Just a little bit of sharp ‘pinch’ feeling really. Ear cartilage is not that thick compared to other body parts which are commonly pierced.

      Don’t let pain put you off of getting your cartilage pierced if you want it done. It’s such a quick procedure – once the needle goes in it’s over before you have a chance to think about it.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Oh my, I am so out of the loop (no pun) I had no idea people pierce their eyelids. I can’t stand a contact in my eye. I have done the upper ear in the cartilage and it did hurt, but only for a few days, I really wanted the other thicker part done, as I love the look, but I watched my friend have it done and the pop noise it made almost made me faint and she was turned very white when it happened. I chickened out. I love the post by the way, piercing is an art like tattoos and I love that individuality. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Diane.

      What I love about cartilage piercings is that once the pain is gone and the piercing is healed there are so many ways you can show it off with different types of jewelry. It really is a great way of expressing yourself and an awesome look, like you said.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I had a friend who pierced his nipple and said the pain was unbearable but than my other friend got his eyelid nibble and said it was like getting his ears pierced (maybe he was trying to seem tough) but it interesting how people have different pain barriers, I found your list compelling 🙂
    i heard of people piercing there tongue, how would you rate that on the painometre

    • Hi Gino.

      It’s crazy how people say the eyelid doesn’t hurt that much. I guess the skin is quite thin on the eyelid, but the eye itself is a sensitive area. Yeah, people do have different pain barriers for sure.

      The tongue piercing pain rating is surprisingly low. It hurts less than a lot of other piercings such as the nose, belly button and cartilage. The pain level varies for people depending on their pain threshold of course. The anticipation of the piecing can be worse than the piercing itself.

      Cheers for the comment.

  5. OMG… Eye lid piercing??? Wth??? Who would want metal rubbing up against their eye ball… It can’t be good for the eye ball either? I will Def be looking for those stories in the news. I’ve got chills thinking about it.

    I am glad you posted this though and even more glad to see belly button piercing not on that list since I have been considering doing this. I have had my tongue pierced before and it swelled up for 3 weeks. Lol It didn’t even hurt. The worst part about it was them clamping down on my tongue and pulling it out…that was the only discomfort. I was really shocked. I left it in for a year but eventually got tired of it. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Tanya.

      I agree with you about the eye piercing. It’s definitely not my cuppa-tea haha. It will only be a matter of time until we see a horror story of someone’s eyelid piercing going wrong.

      Belly button piercings are not too painful. Varies a bit between different people, but generally speaking, you won’t experience too much pain if you do get your belly pierced. It’ll be worth it anyway cos they look really nice 😉

      Thanks for checking out my post.

  6. ouch, those pics look like they all hurt. Your article is really interesting and I like it. I have always wondered what it feels like to get certain piercings. I don’t have any. I have been too scared myself, but I do like the look of piercings on others. If you don’t have one will you do a article about tattoos too? I don’t have one of those either but I think I might get that before I get a piercing.

  7. Hi Merceadez,

    The piercings I mentioned here are particularly painful. Most others are no way near as bad as these ones!

    Don’t let pain put you off of getting a piercing done, it’s really not that bad. The anticipation is worse than the piercing itself! I will be making a list of the least painful piercings soon – that may be more relevant to you.

    I haven’t done an article on tattoos just yet, may consider doing one in the near future

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. The most painful piercing for me was nipples, they hurt for a couple hours then just sore, but it hurt. I have a clitoral hood piercing also, it was really a bad pinch then it was done. No pain no problems. Now I want a daith piercing, I have frequent migraines and have been told it will help, how bad does this hurt, I do have upper cartilage piercing on my ear, done with a gun it hurt but not bad.

    • Hi Patricia.

      Pain is very hard to quantify, seeing as everyone experiences it differently. A piercing which is near enough painless for one person might be unbearable for someone else!

      If you get the daith piercing done, make sure it is done with a needle rather than a gun. This should hurt much less. For most people, the daith hurts just a little more than a standard cartilage piercing at the top of the ear.

      Thanks for your input. I hope the daith piercing provides relief for your migraines! If it does, please let me know by commenting on this post.


  9. I have to be honest here and admit that I had my ear pierced when I was younger.

    I do not see the attraction to have piercings on various parts of the body and some of them MUST hurt.

    My ear piercing hurt a little but to be honest i was naive at the time and didn’t take care and it got infected. This actually hurt far more.

    Is there any information on maintaining the piercing after you have had it done?



    • Hey there Chris.

      Some of these more unusual piercings are a bit painful. The ones mentioned here hurt a lot more than the ear piercing. As you rightly guessed!

      Infected piercings do tend to hurt more than the piercing itself. It’s the same for all types of piercings, not just the ears. That’s why you need to look after them well!

      There is plenty of aftercare info on my site for individual piercings. There are too many posts to list here to be honest. If there is anything you wanna find, you could always use the search bar on the top right hand side of the site.

      Thanks for reading.


  10. Very good post. I have many percings myself and they were all painful. Lol but about the staring your own piercing business pop-up. I have a friend who is trying to start their own percings business. I think your website could help them out a lot being that you are very informative about piercings. Thank you and I will share on all of my social media sites. For others looking to do the same.

    • Hi there. Hopefully your you and your friends will find all the information need here. It would be a great help if you shared my site on social media.

      Much appreciated.


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