Can The Daith Piercing Help Migraines? For Real?

Daith Piercing Help Migraines

Alternative Migraines CureScientists discover a bizarre new alternative health remedy every week or so. Of course, half of them turn out to be a load of rubbish, but if you suffer from migraines I’m willing to bet you would try nearly anything to cure them!

Until now piercings have been used for two main reasons, either as part of a tradition or for fashion and style. Although a new discovery which has just been made could actually result in people getting pierced for medical reasons!

I bet you never thought you would hear anyone say that!

Well, a lot of people have gone and got daith piercings done since this discovery was made. Many found that it made a massive difference and they were getting less headaches or migraines. Here are some tweets on this very topic:

How is This Even Possible?

AcupunctureYou’ve heard of acupuncture, right? If not, let me quickly give you a little explanation of what exactly it is.

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine which originated from China. It is also becoming very popular in modern society and is still widely used around the world.

The practice involves inserting needles into the skin of the patient to stimulate the nerves. The acupuncture points around your ear correspond to body parts and are said to remedy a number of ailments. Acupuncture is often used to treat pain but is also an effective treatment for many other ailments.

One of the acupuncture points which is used to treat migraines and headaches is the inner ear. The exact position where the daith piercing is placed.

This discovery was made by pain specialist Dr Thomas Cohn.

How to Tell if This Will Work for You

Daith Piercing Help MigrainesBefore you jump for joy and run straight down to your local piercer to get a daith piercing, you need to figure out if this is even going to work on you. Don’t just take my word on it!

First off, you need to find out if acupuncture works on you. Some people do not get relief from their headaches through acupuncture. If you have never had this treatment done before, book yourself an appointment and and see if you get any relief from your headaches or migraines.

Maybe even go for few acupuncture sessions. Try to go along to one while your head is sore and see if it actively helps you feel any better. You could also try massaging your inner ear whilst you are stuck at home with a migraine, if massaging it helps, that is a sign that acupuncture will work!

The rule being that if acupuncture helps your migraines, then getting a daith piercing should be a more permanent solution.

Be Careful Though!

Just because a lot of people are claiming this works, that does not mean it will work for everyone. In fact, for some people there is chance that getting a daith piercing could end up making your migraines worse.

No in depth studies have been done yet so there is no concrete proof that getting daith piercing is going to cure your migraines.

Simon Evans, CEO of Migraine Action warns migraine sufferers to practice great caution until more clinical studies have been carried out. He also stated that those who do go and get the piercing done should continue the treatment they have been prescribed by a medical professional, even if they feel they have been ‘cured’.

In Conclusion

I know it’s exciting to hear that there could be a cure for migraines, but don’t jump straight into getting a daith piercing in the hope that you will be forever cured.

I would strongly suggest that you test the waters first.

Start off my locating the inner ear (shown in the photos above) and massaging the area next time you feel a migraine coming on. If you find relief, you should take the next step; book an appointment with your local acupuncturist and see how you react to having actual needles inserted into your inner ear. Keeping in mind that people do occasionally have adverse reactions to this treatment.

All I’m saying is don’t go and get a daith piercing for the purpose of curing your headaches unless you know for a fact that acupuncture provides you with a significant amount of relief!

Let’s hope we hear more about the daith piercing being the cure for migraines in the future of medical science!

Let me know your opinions on this matter by leaving a comment below.

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-Hannah. Founder of Pro Piercing Kits.

37 Comments on Can The Daith Piercing Help Migraines? For Real?

  1. I love this post! Thanks so much for such quality info and great pics! I wasn’t quite sure where the piercing was, exactly, until I saw your photos. I have a friend who suffers from regular migraines and she recently had the daith piercing done. She has not had a single migraine since and it’s been well over a month. Thanks, again!

    • Hey Barb.

      It’s great hearing another success story of someone getting relief from their migraines by getting the daith piercing done.

      There definitely seems to be some truth in this finding.

  2. I love this post! Thanks so much for the info! I have a friend who suffers from regular migraines and she recently had the daith piercing done. She has not had a single migraine since and it’s been well over a month. Thanks, again!

    • Thanks for sharing your friend’s experience with the daith piercing, Barb. Much appreciated. I always like hearing that someone has had a good experience with getting this piercing done.


  3. I’m not aware personally that piercing is regarded for medical purposes. Well, it’s true when you say us readers never thought of it.

    It’s interesting that this is found and proven through social media. I mean, platforms like twitter is one medium which promote such ‘bizarre’ discoveries.

    Still, I agree that it might not work for everyone. On contrary, for some unknown reason to me, this may worsen some’s health condition.

    • Hey Tar.

      You never know what scientists will come up with next, right? It is very bizarre but there does seem to be some truth to it. Of course I would advise people to be very careful until more is known on this matter.


  4. Hi, i think your advise at your “In Conclusion” section is very important before migraines sufferers to rush off to get a daith piercing. It’s important to do a test first just like how doctors do a patch test for allergies.
    Though I do not suffer from any severe headaches but having frequent could be more than just a migraine. Could it be something within your skull?

    • Hey there.

      I would always recommend testing whether acupuncture works first before going for the more permanent solution (the piercing).

      From what I’ve read, the cause of migraines is not exactly known but it is something to do with the blodd vessels and nerves in the brain.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. wow I never heard of darth piercing before. My wife has had migraines for a long time and we learned how to cure them.

    Very hard thing to claim. But changing to a whole food organic diet fixed the problem.

    I know acupuncture to be a valid practice so its interesting to see where this leads.

    Do you suffer from migraines? Would you get this piercing?

    • Hey Darren.

      It makes perfect sense that switching to a whole food organic diet cured your wife’s migraines. I reckon that one of the major causes being the chemicals in a lot of processed foods.

      I do not personally suffer from migraines but my boyfriend has done since he was a kid. He wants to experiment with acupuncture to see if it helps, if it does, he is considering getting the daith piercing done.

      Thanks very much for your input.

  6. I didnt know that. My cousin she loves putting pierce in her ear. Its good to know that it reduce migraine. I will inform this site to her, so she will know more about this.

    • Thanks very much Saif!

      I hope your cousin will find all the information she needs on my site. If either you or her have any questions, feel free to ask any time!


  7. Supercool and interesting post. I will definitely send it to my acupuncturist and then discuss with her about it. I truly believe that it could be a relief for some people. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Andrea.

      If you do decide to send this to your acupuncturist, could you please let me know what their opinion is on the matter? I’d be very curious to know!

      Thanks very much.

  8. I used to suffer from migraines but luckily I seem to have outgrown them. I can say that if this turns out to be a cure, it will be a godsend for those who suffer them regularly. I really liked your information but also your warnings and precautions for folks to do their own research and make sure it will work for them before risking making it worse. I will share this with a friend who still suffers.

    • Hi Sue.

      Glad to hear you are lucky enough to have outgrown your migraines. I think some youngsters suffer migraines as a form of “growing pain” and do end up outgrowing them.

      I sincerely hope that this article will help your friend find some relief for their migraines. My boyfriend also suffers migraines, and has done since he was a young child, so I’ve got an idea of how agonising they are!

      Thanks for reading.

  9. I think your post gives just what the topic needs – get the possibility better known and the conversation started. So true that if you suffer from migraine you will do anything to stop it, so debilitating. your word of caution to try the acupuncture as a test is sage, and i would not have thought of it on my own. thanks for a great post

  10. As soon as I heard about daith piercings helping migraines, I immediately went off on a tangent in my head. Does it have something to do with the inner ear and balance, pressure points, how can I test this? This post answered 2 out of three…and now I’m off to figure out what migraines have to do with balance, if anything haha.

    • Hey Canaan.

      I think this has something to do with inner ear and balance, but is more related to the nerves. The nerves around the ear are all linked to various different nerves around the rest of the body. I’m not sure exactly how this works, the nervous system is obviously a very complicated thing!

      If you find anything interesting on the topic of migraines and balance, would you post your findings here or email me?

      Thanks a million.

  11. Very interesting post. I have had pretty bad headaches (not as bad as migraines yet) and have considered acupuncture. Think I’ll give it a try soon. About the daith piercing, I will probably get it anyway, if not for headaches it’s still for fashion! Hah. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Yes, how is this even possible. i had no idea of that. My mum didn’t want to get piericing when I was young. I know it was kinda old school. Wished I have this post to showed her! 😛 Love your brand too. It is cool site, thanks for making it. hahaha

  13. I totally think that daith piercing can help migraine headaches! I know many folks who are now going in for botox injections to help with their headaches. When I first heard about this I thought well this is a good gimmick or excuse to get botox. But years have gone by now and my girlfriends that did it are no longer suffering from the terrible headaches that once plagued them. What is so interesting is, the place they got those injections were the same exact spot for daith piercings. So ya! I am a firm believer these piercings do help!

    • It’s awesome to hear more proof that this would help to relieve headaches. If acupuncture and botox works, then daith piercing is just a more permanent solution!

      Thanks for sharing this with us!


  14. Getting pierced for medical reasons ? If that alternative health remedy really works it is great. It will be a great asset.
    I once was acupunctured in the ear for the purpose of holding up my apetite. Imagine that!
    How great it would be to get pierced and lose apetite?

    • Hi Caito. Just wondering where about did the acupuncturist stick the needle for your appetite? That would be a really good idea for a piercing. You might be onto something there!

      Many people find this to be very effective in preventing migraines!


    • That’s great to hear Kristal! You should continue to find relief from your new Daith piercing. It seems to help most people who get it. In the long run too!

      Thanks for sharing this with us.

  15. From what I’ve read, acupuncture for migraines doesn’t target that part of the ear. Besides acupuncture is just ONE of the theories as to why the daith piercings are working for people. So how would that be a test?

    I used to get about 2 migraines a week. Since getting my piercings about a month ago, I’ve had 2 total.

    • I’m not going to say I’m 100% correct in which part of the ear acupuncture targets. I did actually have that information confirmed by an acupuncturist though.

      I intend to do more research on this topic. I’m not suggesting anyone jumps straight into getting a piercing just for the purpose of curing their migraines!

      Thanks for your input.

  16. Great article. My stepson has suffered from migraines for many years. Two weeks ago he got this piercing once he turned 18. He says he has noticed a difference. His aunt recommended daith piercing since that has significantly helped her go from 2-3 per week to 3 in the TWO MONTHS since her piercing.
    I have suffered from migraines for 20 years, have tried all the drugs and even went to Stanford and started botox treatment. The botox injections are placed on 31 separate sites of my scalp, above my ears, at the hairline of my neck and lower part of my neck. The doctor told me I would find relief probably after the 3rd treatment, and get them every 90 days since botox is temporary. I am on my 4th treatment and can confirm the severity has decreased but not stopped migraines, nor really altered frequency substantially.
    My acupuncturist places needles on the bottom of my feet for migraine relief and that helps when in the midst of one but has not provided any long term relief.
    Based on your article I believe daith piercing is my next try for help. When you don’t have migraines it is hard for others to understand you would do just about anything to STOP it from controlling your life. That is where I am now. Thank you again for your article.

    • Glad to hear about your stepson and his Aunt’s success with using the Daith piercing to cure migraines. Most people find that it makes a difference.

      You may as well give this piercing a try for medical reasons.
      for sharing your experiences.

  17. Thank you so much for your article! I got my right daith pierced 12/5/2015, and it made a huge difference. While it wasn’t a cure all, and I didn’t expect it to be, it didn’t lessen the severity and frequency of my migraines. I got my left daith pierced 4/5/2016, and so far, the same can be said for the left side! It is important to note, that if you only get migraines on one side, then you only need to pierce one side. I am not so fortunate. I have experienced migraines since I was a child, so after decades of suffering, I am so glad to have found something that is not a drug, that provides relief. Thanks again for your article!

  18. My wife has been talking about getting her cartilage pierced recently but I will have to show her your page.

    She doesn’t get migraines but does get several headaches a month. Maybe she can go get an acupuncture session like you said and see if that helps.

    Interesting stuff here!

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