What Piercing Should I Get? A Body Piercing Quiz

Which Piercing Should I Get

Hi guys!

Sorry about the lack of posts over the past week or so. Life has been freakin’ crazy! What with Christmas and loads of personal stuff going on. I’m not going to bore you with the gory details though.

Seeing as it is  the holiday season and there are only 2 days left of 2015, I thought we should do something fun today. So what I decided to do is to make a body piercing quiz for you lovely people. There are just 4  simple questions to answer, so you won’t end up wasting too much of your precious time.

This quiz is basically designed to determine your personality type and tell you which piercing would suit the inner you. I put a fair bit of thought into this so I hope you get some enjoyment out of it! Also, don’t take it too seriously or get offended if you don’t like the result you get, this is supposed to be light-hearted and fun!

Here you go guys, enjoy!

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I hope you enjoyed yourself and agree with your result! I did the quiz myself and my result was microdermal piercing.

Unfortunately this quiz will not be here forever (only 10 more days as I type on the 29th December 2015), but if you enjoy it, let me know and I will try and make more quizzes in the future.

You will be seeing lots more content from me throughout 2016. I’ve also got a couple of awesome little surprises in store for you guys. Subscribe if you would like to know more!

What piercing would suit you? Let me know by leaving a comment below and also don’t forget to share your result with your friends!

– Hannah

Founder of Pro Piercing Kits

28 Comments on What Piercing Should I Get? A Body Piercing Quiz

  1. Hi Hannah, I like the idea of a quiz, it definitely helps a person decide what they want.

    The quiz didnt come up for me thought so thought you might want to know.

    • Hi Vic.

      I just made a change to the quiz so it should display properly now. If you wish to try again, it should be working now.

      Thanks very much for letting me know.

  2. Great site Hannah! I loved the quiz! It picked the correct piercing for me! Lol! I truly enjoyed looking around your site and will continue to visit! It is always pleasing to look at and easy to get around.

    • Hey Rebecca.

      So glad you enjoyed my quiz and were pleased with your result! I look forward to seeing you around on my site.

      Thanks so much.

  3. Wow the quiz actually worked. If I get another piercing its going to be an eyebrow one and thats what the quiz told me to get. But I don’t really get into fights

    • Hi Kyle.

      That’s great to hear that you got the result you wanted. Sounds like eyebrow piercing would be perfect for you!

      Thanks for checking out my quiz.

  4. Did the quiz, was surprisingly accurate lol! Apparently I express myself in other ways other than standing out with hectic piercings. Can’t really argue there

    Pretty cool idea to do a personality test to see which piercing might work best for you. I totally get you about being busy over the Christmas period, glad to see you’re back into things though.

    Loving your posts keep them coming!

    • Hey Tim. I thought you guys might like a fun little quiz to do over the holidays. It’s cool that you got such an accurate result which matches your personality.

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Looking forward to getting lots more content out in 2016!


  5. Ha ha this was a fun quiz. I got septum piercing as my result. I used to have a septum piercing though, but I had to pull it out for my competition and never put it back in and I’ve been considering getting it back but haven’t decided yet. But I really like the description that came with the result. “You really don’t give a flying f#@! what people think about you. I would say you are a daredevil and most likely could be labelled as legally insane. I think we would get along very well by the way!”….I’m not sure if I’m legally insane but it is ture that I most likely don’t give a flying F#$% about what others think of me or the society. lol.

    • Nice one Joon.

      The great thing about septum piercings is that they are very easy if the situation arises. Plus they look freakin’ badass!

      Glad you got quiz results that you could relate to. That’s what I was hoping for!


  6. I’ve had my lip done, my belly button, my nips and other places to explicit to share haha! I’ve seen the one under the eye kindof near the cheek, I sooooo want that done but as I’m getting older I find I’m not as brave as I used to be. Lol.

    • Hi Shannel.

      The piercing you’re thinking of is called the anti-eyebrow piercing. Nice looking piercing. There are two ways this piercing can be done – surface piercing or microdermal. If you’re interested in knowing more about the differences between the microdermal and surface piercing, check out this post.

      Also thanks for your comment.


    • Hey Shaz.

      What result did you get? It’s a bit of a laugh if nothing else, right? I didn’t actually take my own quiz yet funnily enough. I will do now though, you’ve got me curious!


  7. Beyond just the kits, do you do piercings as well? Because… I myself am a tattoo hobbyist, and I do rather well with it. I am though, curious if you have information on proper piercing techniques. I enjoy tattooing and piercing would be fun as well.
    So do you pierce? Ad if so how long have you been doing it for? Are you a pro or just do it as a hobby? Also any piercings or tattoos so far or just the interest?
    I would like to learn how to pierce as well, however I want “proper technique,” as your site title states. And seems like you would be who to ask.

    • Hi there mate.

      Yes I cover all areas of body piercing on this site, including the actual piercing processes and techniques, I will be covering this in much more depth in 2016. Have a look through some of my previous posts and you should find some articles which will interest

      I am not actually a certified piercer but have plenty of experience in piercing as a hobby. Unfortunately I had to remove some of my own piercings (I removed my snakebites from my lip, some of my ear piercings). I only have one tattoo so far on my right shoulder (I intend to get more in the not too distant future).

      Like I said I will be making lots more in depth content on the piercing processes and techniques throughout 2016. If you would like stay up to date with my posts as I publish them, please subscribe if you haven’t already.

      Thanks for your interest.

  8. Sweet! Just what I needed! I had a nose piercing a few years ago, I kept snagging it on my towel and just didn’t look for it one way when it fell out. But, I miss it! Do you think i could redo it? Or, do you think scar tissue would be a problem? Thanks for the insight!

    • Hi there TinyBelle.

      Sorry to hear about you losing your nose piercing. You could definitely get it redone. Although I would recommend you going to professional, otherwise the scar tissue from your old piercing may cause issues during the healing period. Of course you should also put in that little bit of extra effort to make sure you cleanse thoroughly twice a day.

      Hope this helps. Best of wishes for 2016!

  9. Nice profile Hannah. Thought not really a fin of piercing nor tattoos, but then i guess your fans will find the quizzing idea much fun and interesting cause i actually did.

    Might revisit your site again, if only for the fun part and how easy and understandable it is going through your page. Good profile page though and all the best with your site.

    • Hey Johnson.

      I’m glad you feel my quiz will be fun to my fans. You’re welcome on my site any time.

      If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks very much for stopping by. Don’t forget to share this with any pierced friends or family!


  10. Hi ,
    Very interesting, i like-it. I answered to quiz an the result was eyebrow piercing. Never tought about.
    I am not a pearcing fan but is not a problem for me if someone has. I believe that everyone can do what he want with own body. I have a tattoo.
    Great interactive post!

  11. Hi Hannah! I didn’t take the quiz but I saw the title of the post and wanted to share my experience with piercing real badly.
    so I got ears pierced by my little sister with a sterilized needle and a potato. I used ice to numb my ear lobes and such. It hurt like.. ow but it was bearable. But the weirdest thing happened a few weeks later. My left ear lobe swelled up like a pimple and I was actually able to pop it and i never saw so much pimple puss in my life.
    So that’s when I decided.. it’s over with the piercing. I mean I had already lost the right earing before anyways.
    so what do you think happened to my ear? any thoughts.

    • Hi there Billy.

      I would assume that the reason this happened to your ear is down to the fact that it was self pierced using a potato and lack of professional equipment and knowledge. Self piercings are much more prone to infection that those done by a professional.

      Sounds really sore. It sucks that you had to learn the nasty side to self piercing the hard way!

      Take care and if you do get any more piercings, get it done by someone with plenty of experience!

  12. Hannah, your site is awesome! I took your test, and shared on Facebook! Yes, I love body enhancements of all kinds. The only reason I don’t have more is that I think deeply about what I put on, or in my body. A tattoo of ” Donald Duck For President!”, or some silly sexual cartoon won’t do. I’m an artist., and respect ambience, sensuality, and correct visual communication. Body graffiti just isn’t my thing! I hope to hear from you ,often, as you’ve got me pegged, pretty much. I’m a highly sensuous person who loves transformations. I recommend you.

    • Thanks very much for taking my test Sam. It’s really nice to hear from someone who also truly appreciates art. I see the human body as a blank canvas in its natural form, one which should be treated with respect. Body art can look beautiful if done properly!

      Thanks again, I hope you decide to return to my site in the future – I’ve got a lot of content planned for the next couple of months.


  13. Oh haha, My daughter is asking for a piercing for 3 months now, and at first I said that it was not a good idea. But I think she is old enough now to decide what she wants, and it doesn’t have to be for live. So I took the quiz, and didn’t realize my daughter should take the quiz, very funny. When she’s back next week I will ask her to take this quiz.

    • Hey Robert. I hope you enjoyed the quiz. Hopefully your daughter will too!


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