How to Hide a Lip Piercing at Work or School – It’s This Simple!

How to Hide a Lip Piercing at Work or School

Anyone who has their lip pierced will be faced with a situation at some point where they will need to know how to hide a lip piercing.

You may be wondering to yourself what is the point in having a piercing if you are going to hide it?

Well, there are a few reasons for this actually. In certain situations body piercings are simply not appropriate.

For example, you are attending a job interview and are unsure of the company’s views on piercings, you may not want them to see that you have piercings yourself. Perhaps you already have a job and your boss just isn’t a big fan of body modification, in this situation your best bet would be to cover up any piercings you have to the best of your ability.

You get my drift, piercings have their time and place, and sometimes it is best to just hide them. This way you do not have to remove the jewelry and let the hole close, meaning that you can still wear your awesome body jewelry in a casual setting or on a night out!

There are a few ways to hide your piercings,here I will show you the most effective ones:

Method #1 – Get Yourself a Piercing Retainer

Of course, one of the best ways of hiding your piercing without having to leave your jewelry out is to get yourself piercing retainer.

This is only suitable for piercings which are healed – to the point when it is okay to change your jewelry. This varies between different piercings but we are focusing on the lip piercing, which takes approximately 3 months to heal up.

Buying a piercing retainer

When you buy yourself a lip piercing retainer, you should make sure you pick on out that is suited to your personal needs.Lip piercing Retainer

Make sure that you pick a retainer which either matches your skin tone or is completely see-through. This decision is up to you. For Piercings with a larger gauge size, I tend to find that skin tone retainers work much better at hiding it than see-through ones.

You also need to consider the material your piercing retainer is made of. Generally speaking, acrylic is no good for wearing in any piercing, so take my advice and avoid acrylic.

Instead, you should opt for a BioPlast or BioFlex retainer. These materials are much kinder to your skin, they lower your risk of infection and will not cause any irritation.

Note: be sure that you get the right gauge size. Wearing a retainer which is too big or too small can cause a whole host of problems. Know your gauge size!

Method #2 – Use Makeup

How to Hide a Lip PiercingYou can use it to cover up a pimple so why not use it to cover up your piercing? Guys, there is no need to be scared, this is not a complicated process!

Again, this is not a good idea for a piercing which is not fully healed yet.

What you need:

  • A concealer that matches your skin tone
  • A piercing retainer (this is optional but makes the process much safer and will also stop your piercing from closing up)

All you need to do is apply concealer to the piercing you want to cover up.

You can use your finger or a brush, it really doesn’t matter. The trick is to really make sure you blend the concealer with your skin/foundation as seamlessly as possible.

Tip: Instead of applying the concealer straight to your piercing hole, you should get yourself a piercing retainer and put the concealer on and around the retainer. This way you avoid the potential risks of infection or your piercing closing up.

Method #3 – Use a Plaster/Bandaid

How to hide a lip piercingFor a one off occasion or in less common situations, you should be able to get away with covering up your piercing with a plaster/bandaid. Yes, people will see the plaster, but they will probably assume it is a small cut or an out of control pimple.

You can either:

  1. Take out your jewelry and use the plaster to cover up the piercing hole.Use a self-adhesive plaster. Be aware of the fact that if you leave your jewelry out for too long your piercing will close up!
  2. Put a labret stud in back to front, so the plate should be on the outside of your lip. Put the plaster over the jewelry. Do not use the gauze to cover your jewelry as the threads could get caught on your jewelry. Instead just use the sticky part of the bandaid.
  3. Get a piercing retainer and cover it up using the same method describe in #2.

As I said, this method is not suitable for daily use, it is only a short term solution.


It is highly possible to hide a lip piercing, do it right and no one will even suspect that you have your lip pierced!

Although, if you have to hide your piercing all the time, you may want to consider if it is the right time in your life to even get a piercing. You may be better off waiting until you are a life situation where you can express yourself through piercings freely and with pride!

If you have yet to get your lip pierced and feel this may be an issue, you are asking for trouble. This will just put you at risk of infection or losing your piercing through the hole closing up on you.

I hope you found this article helpful! If you have any more tips on covering your piercings up, leave a comment below.

Also, if you have any piercing, you never know when you will need to cover it up.

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16 Comments on How to Hide a Lip Piercing at Work or School – It’s This Simple!

  1. When I was younger, I used to have a nose piercing that couldn’t always be shown, but I didn’t know how to hide it. It seems like the same idea can be used to hide that too. Could these retainers be used to sleep in too? My nose ring used to come out all the time when I either slept, or washed my face. It was always a pain dealing with that.

  2. Hi there! I was searching for way to hide the piercing for my wife.. she has a nose piercing but she is having trouble with her new boss. It is really frustrating for her because she has this for 10 years and it is crazy to remove at this stage! I think this article will be useful for her. She might consider using a retainer..

    Thanks for this great alternative!


    • Hi Stefan.

      I would strongly recommend your wife gets a retainer for her nose piercing. It would be an awful shame to remove a piercing after 10 years having it!

      Nose retainers work great, they make the piercing barely visible, you would only see it if you were looking very closely. They come in skin tone or see-through, either can work well. If you are interested in buying one, feel free to have a look at this: Nose Piercing Retainer.

  3. Hi Hannah
    My son had his lip pierced but in the end he took it out because it was wrecking his teeth! It used to rive me mad because he would constantly fiddle with it with his tongue. I think if your have a piercing and are aware that you have this kind of habit you are probably best removing it if you have an interview!

    • Hi Jane.

      I agree with you – if a lip piercing is wrecking the teeth, it is best to remove it before it does too much damage. Although certain types of jewelry are worse for the teeth than others. Sometimes changing the jewelry can make all the difference. I used to chew my lip piercings when I had labret studs in them but when I switched studs for Ball Closure Rings I chewed them a lot less.

      Thanks for your input.

  4. A very nicely written article. I’m glad that there is instruction for covering up piercings and that you suggest thinking about getting a piercing at this point in life. If you have a secure job and don’t think you will need to gop job hunting, that is one thing. If you are looking for work, you greatly limit yourself as to where you can work with piercings unless you cover them up, which can be a bit tedious when you are doing it daily.

    At least it you have option though, especially if you love your piercing!

    I think this post is a great intructional for those needing it

    • Hey Debra.

      Having piercings certainly limits opportunities for getting a job. There is a lot of stigma about piercings in the work place and people with piercings not being able to find a job. Even though some companies and job positions don’t mind, it is still best to cover piercings up during an interview, it just looks more professional. So I agree with you completely.

      Thanks very much for stopping by.


  5. Hi Hannah
    I have to say that when I first began reading this article I thought you meant to hide the piercing while leaving it in! I was thinking: how is that even possible?? But now I get the point of the piercing retainer. That way the hole does not close. I am lucky to work for an open minded organization as I have numerous tattoos and a lot of staff has facial piercings. No one needs to hide anything! But now that I have read this article it is making me think of a particular staff I hired about 2 months ago. I recently noticed that she has 2 facial piercings that I do not remember seeing during the inteview at all! So I am guessing she used some of your techniques here until she knew that she could wear them at work 🙂

    • Hi Emily, how’s it goin?

      It’s great that you’re working in such an open-minded environment. Body art shouldn’t have to be hidden – it is self-expression and an extension on the personality. Some of the hardest working and nicest people are covered in tattoos and piercings.

      If someone was to use one of the piercing hiding methods, you wouldn’t see the piercing at all if you didn’t know it was there! You would have to be examining their face very closely anyway, to the point that it would be weird hah.

      Thanks again for taking your time to comment.

  6. My gosh! I did not know you could even do that! I mean hide your piercing! I know that a lot of employers and workplaces do not allow jewelry piercing to be visible and friends had to remove theirs. I think I’m going to send some of my friends to your website. They may not know they can do this. Great article. Really like the part about the bandaid and how to use it. A whole lot cheaper than having to buy more stuff (retainers).

    • Hi Donnie.

      A lot more people are hiding their piercings these days, as they want to keep their job without having to lose their piercings.

      The bandaid method is cheap and easy for sure but wouldn’t bee suitable to use everyday for a long time. It would be fine for a job interview or something though. If you had to cover up your piercings everyday I would recommend buying a retainer, you can get them very cheap.

      Thanks for stopping by and please do show your friends my site.

  7. Hi Hannah…

    You really know your story hey? I must say that you are doing a great deal of work on this site of yours. I simply cannot imagine how many people you are going to help with the information you share about piercing. You are right about certain circumstances and situations that require one to hide their piercing…I am glad you have provided the solution for this. Thanks for sharing this and all the best to you. 🙂

  8. Great advice on using a retainer. I wouldn’t want it to close up after going through the trouble of having a piercing done. Hiding I understand, these are great options to consider. Thanks for this:)

  9. Ooo how I wish I would have read this a little while back when I got my lip pierced. I tried to hide it from my work, but failed to so. I ended up having to take it out. Sad. I never really thought of using makeup to cover it up. That would of probably worked with the retainer. Oh well though. Great post and thanks for sharing the useful tips!

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