FreshTrends Body Jewelry Review – A Website for Trend-Setters

FreshTrends Body Jewelry Review

FreshTrends Body Jewelry ReviewWebsite Name: FreshTrends

Website URL:

Sells: Body Jewelry

Audience: Body piercing enthusiasts

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars


As a follow up to my Body Candy Body Jewelry review I am now writing a FreshTrends Body Jewelry review. Let’s see how they compare!

FreshTrends sell some of the most gorgeously stylish jewelry I’ve seen. They have an amazing selection of high quality jewelry you can choose from. The number one place for people who consider themselves fashion followers or trend-setters.

What ever piercing you may have, FreshTrends have jewelry for it! If you have piercings, I strongly suggest you check them out.

The Most Stylish and Trendy Jewelry Selection

FreshTrends Body Jewelry Reviews
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What makes FreshTrends such a recognisable company is the fact that their jewelry is always up to date with the latest trends. They are constantly introducing new stock!

If you like to jump on the latest fashion statements then FreshTrends would certainly be your website of choice.

FreshTrends sells body jewelry for all types of piercings in every style, shape, colour or material imaginable.

They also have a massive selection of plugs and tunnels for your stretched ears. This includes quality organic materials such as bone, horn and wood.

With this constant stream of new and innovative jewelry, even the most extravagant of individuals will be able to find something to tickle their fancy. Trend-setters will be in their element on this site!

Top Quality Jewelry

FreshTrends Body Jewelry ReviewWhen I buy body jewelry online one of my biggest concerns is the quality of the materials.

I’ve had a few bad experiences with online-bought body jewelry. The steel jewelry I have bought from other sites tends to show it’s wear really quickly. The materials will often fade in colour or snap. I’ve even had the misfortune to purchase body jewelry which arrived broken!

You’ll be glad to hear that I haven’t had any of these problems with FreshTrends so far.

I have been impressed with the titanium jewelry which is perfect for piercings, it doesn’t cause any irritation or discolouring, this can be a massive problem for those who have sensitive skin. You can wear FreshTrend’s jewelry all day with no discomfort what-so-ever!

I must also bring your attention to the gorgeous hand-made gold jewelry on this site. There’s something very special about hand-made jewelry isn’t there? So,if you cannot find your size on the website, you can just ask them and they will hand-craft it for you!

Do you get what you pay for?

14K Rose Gold
14K Rose Gold – Also on FreshTrend’s Amazon Shop

For once, I am going to say yes, you do get what you pay for.

If you are buying titanium or steel jewelry you will not be disappointed at all.

All materials used are nickel free and meet the high expectations of the APP. The steel is either 316LVM or 316L Surgical Grade stainless steel, the titanium is G23 grade, the gold is 14K. Basically, all of the jewelry on this website really is top notch.

The handcrafted gold pieces are simply stunning. If you like your bling you should check out the handmade gold labret studs with diamonds. They are available in different types of gold such as yellow gold, white gold and rose gold (which is gorgeous and so unique!).

Saving your Money with FreshTrends

As someone who frequently buys body jewelry online, another thing I love about FreshTrends is how many ways you can save money on their site.

Some of the ways you can save your cash are:

If you are going to purchase your body jewelry online anyway, why not save yourself some money? You might as well!

Why pay the full price on your purchase when you can get Up to 90% Off Body Jewelry?


So there you have it! All the basic information you need to help you decide whether you should buy from FreshTrends.

At the end of the day, I would say they have superior quality, better value for money, stylish hand crafted jewelry and a lot of ways to save your money. In my humble opinion it’s a no brainer!

So, next time you are looking to purchase yourself some badass body jewelry – you know where to go.

Tell me about your experiences with buying from FreshTrends by leaving a comment below.

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22 Comments on FreshTrends Body Jewelry Review – A Website for Trend-Setters

  1. Great post with lots of useful tips. Definitely go for titanium or steel. They may cost more but you get what you pay for – there’s nothing worse than faded or broken piercings. Plenty of great, helpful tips here, thanks 🙂 And with 10% off from Freshtrends it’s hard to say no 🙂

    • Hey Jyl.

      I’m so glad you found my review useful. Oh yes, the 10% off discount is great, definitely something not to missed out on!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Hannah, great article. I agree with you 100% body jewelry must be quality. Anyone that has had an infected piercing will understand exactly why. My ears are especially sensitive and get infected if I get inferior quality jewelry.
    Thanks for sharing about Fresh Trends, I will be checking them out. I am in desperate need of a new belly ring and tongue ring.

    • Hey Lynne.

      I’m very fussy with my body jewelry – my standards are pretty high when it comes to jewelry quality. I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality of FreshTrends. I would defo recommend them!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for this website! I am not sure if you provide Jewelry kits or just jewelry, I have seen you have many models to pick from and information about it. It is true that titanium or steel jewelry is over all good quality and thanks for those ways to save money on items. Wow!

    • Hi Alan.

      The website I reviewed here does not sell piercing kits, just jewelry. Titanium and steel are the best materials for body jewelry, I am not a big fan of acrylic personally.

      Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed this review.

  4. Oh, to have a fun piercing again! 5 kids later my navel piercing is down for the count, lol! I used to have some really fun jewelry, most of which were super cheap and discolored so quickly! You definitely do get what you pay for. I’m going to show my sister your site. Awesome article!

    • Hey Dara.

      That’s the problem with cheap jewelry – it just doesn’t stay nice for very long unfortunately. It’s worth paying that little bit extra for quality’s sake.

      Nice one. I hoe your sister finds something she likes on here. Much appreciated.


  5. Hey Hannah! I was really impressed by this review as well as others that you have on your page. It is really easy to buy crap on the internet because it is so cheap. But if you are like me you have to be really careful about what you put in your piercing then you end up throwing most of the crap away because it causes irritation. This company looks like the provide some amazing pieces at good prices as well as have tons of coupons to save your that much more. Great find!

    • Hi there.

      I can relate to you as my skin is also very sensitive to irritation from low quality jewelry. It is worth putting some time into making sure you’re buying from a reliable website and spend that little bit of extra cash for quality jewelry. To be honest, I feel I waste more money when I buy cheap jewelry as it just ends up being replaced anyway!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my review. The coupons at FreshTrends are brilliant!


  6. Hi Hannah,
    I agree with you and other. When it comes to Piercing, quality is something you must think of. You don’t want junk integrated with your body. Not me. So great information here about some really good stuff. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. This is a great site. And I personally think the business this site promotes would be proud of the work.

    This site oozes passion towards this product and service, and it’s author has done a tremendous job showcasing this business products and services.

    The content is helpful, reliable, relevant and very trusting which is nessesary for this specific service.

    The graphics are bright and vibrant, promoting the lifestyle, and most importantly very attractive to the market.

    This is a great site.
    Great Job

    • Thanks very much. Iwould recommend FreshTrendsto anyone who is into body piercings and feel they deserved a highly positive review.

      I appreciate you taking your time to read my review and leave a comment. Nice one.


  8. This site is excellent! I’ve been looking for help in buying my daughter belly button rings.

    She lost hers not that long ago and would love new ones.
    I don’t think she’s mind if I chose one for her.

    I’ll be back to look more closely at what you have available.

    Thank you!

    • Hey there!

      There is plenty of choice here so I’m sure you would find something that is just right for your daughter. If you need any help, you know where to find me!

      Much appreciated!

  9. I have been thinking about getting a belly button piercing, but if I was to do that I wouldn’t know how to tell what belly rings are the best ones. I have to lose a few pounds before I get the piercing, but when I do your site is the one that I will be coming to to find the correct belly rings.

    Thanks for the review

    • Hi Theresa. There will be more posts about belly rings coming out soon too!

      Thanks very much.


  10. Horrible Costumer Service! Will Never Shop Here Again.

    I got an allergic reaction from a tragus piercing due to bad jewelry. I was told to change out the ring for 316V surgical. I came across the site that sells body jewelry and thought to try them out. I never made a bigger mistake.
    I am writing this review over two weeks after my order, even though they have an estimated USPS First Class Mail delivery time of approximately 2-7 business days after your order ships. The first time I called their customer service I was told the order would be shipped out the next day, it never arrived. When I called a week later, I was told nothing had shipped because one or two of the four items I ordered had to be crafted by the artist. Here I am with an ear ready to fall off, waiting on the arrival my surgical steel and I was never told my order would be delayed because of lack of stock when I specifically only ordered items that were listed as instock. Then it was a battle of shipping upgrade, then whether the instock items would ship that day, the next or even the day after that. It seems I did not need that information. Honestly, this was one of the WORST costumer experiences I’ve ever had. The representative who answered the call each time was unbelievably rude, extremely disrespectful and a little racist. I requested several times to speak with a manager or supervisor and she actually refused and told me I would have to go through her as she was the only one to answer the phone. She hung up on me several times and blatantly refused to give me any information about my order. I could not even cancel my order. It was so unbelievable I had two of my coworkers listen to the call on speaker and even they were open mouthed. When she realized people were listening she hung up on me again. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER shop at this site. I told them I would review them and I am. Do not give them your business until they start treating their customers better.

    • That’s the first I’ve ever heard of anyone reacting so badly to FreshTrend’s jewelry. Thanks for the heads up though. Sorry to hear about your horrible experience.

  11. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of having an infected eyebrow piercing…twice (Hear the sarcasm?). Ever since the last one I haven’t re-pierced the area. I got pretty upset with the whole experience.

    However this is a great write up and will definitely be checking out FreshTrends when I go to redo it. They seem to me, after reading your review and looking through their site briefly, rather trust worthy compared to many MANY others.

    I will be back to let you know how it goes after I get it done and get my order placed!

  12. I’m so happy to have found this. I have a hard time finding jewelry I can wear because of sensitivities. The last time I ordered a belly ring that was supposed to be nickel free I reacted badly.
    I also love gold and where I live it is hard to find with body jewelry.
    Your review was very thorough and in depth and makes me feel comfortable enough to check them out.
    Thank you so much!

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