Body Candy Body Jewelry Review – Does Popularity Mean Anything?

Body Candy Body Jewelry Review

Body Candy Body Jewelry ReviewWebsite Name: Body Candy

Website URL:

Audience: Body piercing enthusiasts

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars


When it comes to buying body jewelry online, there are a myriad of online shops to choose from.

If you’ve ever bought piercing jewelry online or considered it, you’ve most likely heard of Body Candy. Afterall, they are one of the most popular online body jewelry stores.

The question is does Body Candy’s popularity reflect upon the quality of their jewelry and their services? Find out by reading my Body Candy body jewelry review.

If you are thinking about purchasing something from BodyCandy for the first time, it’s best you know what exactly your paying for before you go ahead and splash out!

How’s the Selection of Jewelry?

Body Candy Body Jewelry Review
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I would say that Body Candy’s strongest point is their large selection of jewelry.

Whatever it is you are looking for, Body Candy have got it. You will find jewelry in any material you could possibly need. They do jewelry for every single type of piercing, in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

So, whatever your flavour, I can pretty much guarantee you that Body Candy will stock something you like.

They even do customized jewelry, so you can get a belly bar, earrings or tongue bar with your name on it!

Not only do they have a large selection of jewelry, they also have some exquisite designs. I must say I am bedazzled by some of the belly bars.

You’ll have go and look for yourself, I’d be here for the next 4 months if I was to discuss all the different types of jewelry on the site!

Is the jewelry good quality?

Rainbow Titanium Tongue BarAs for the quality of the jewelry sold on Body Candy, it largely depends on the material and type of jewelry you buy.

The metal jewelry, such as stainless steel and titanium, are of high quality and I have had absolutely no issues with them what so ever.

The titanium belly bars and Captive Bead Rings I ordered from this site have lasted me months now. The only problem I’ve had is I lost the ball on one of them (silly me!).

As I said though, the quality does depend on the material. Not all of the jewelry sold on Body Candy meets as high as quality standard as the titanium and steel.

In fact, I would strongly advise you to not even bother wasting your money on any of the cheap or acrylic jewelry!

If you do end up buying acrylic jewelry from this site, you will find out for your self that it is very low quality and breaks extremely easily.

This seems to particularly effect the curved barbells, such as belly bars and banana barbells.

So, if you do order jewelry from Body Candy, I will advise you to stick to their titanium range. Steel is second best though. Whatever you do, don’t order an acrylic belly bar!

Note: I have yet to try out the other materials such as BioFlex. I will update this article when I do.

Price of the jewelry – value for your money?

When we shop online, one of the most important aspects of our experience with any online store is value for money.

Do you actually get what you pay for?

If you are buying titanium then yes, go ahead and buy as much titanium jewelry as you desire! You won’t be let down as you do get what you pay for.

With the Steel jewelry, you do get what you pay for. The steel is really nothing special though. It’s all good when you first receive it but I find that it is quick to show it’s wear and tear. The metal gets discoloured and scratched easily. This is not good for the piercing itself either.

If it is acrylic jewelry you are buying, well… Just don’t. You’re better off not wasting your money on Body Candy’s acrylic jewelry.

Discount coupons

One thing I  love about Body Candy is that they offer discounts all the time.

For example you can GET 10% OFF on All Body Jewelry or Save 62% on BodyCandy’s Faith and Flowers Sugar Skull Dangle Belly Ring.

Customer Service?

Body Candy’s customer service. That’s one thing that many people have a very strong opinion on.

Some people had positive experiences and have no complaints, whereas others had an awful time attempting to negotiate with them!

Personally, I have had no reason to get involved customer service yet. Although this is a good thing on their part – I have had no problems with shipping, delivery or the items themselves so no need to complain.

Common Complaints About Customer Service

From what I’ve discovered, Body Candy frequently get people’s orders wrong and customer service refuses to change it unless it is still in the little baggy it came in. This seems stupid – how can you tell if you are happy with your jewelry while it is still in it’s packaging?

I’ve even heard of cases where they’ve gotten the order completely wrong and won’t even entertain the idea of a refund or replacement. Even if the item was broken when it arrived!

As I said, these are the words of other people, not myself. I cannot vouch for the truth in what they said.

Some of the Negative Reviews I Found:

Here I have taken some screenshots of some actual reviews from the customers of Body Candy.

These reviews are from SiteJabber.Body Candy Body Jewelry Review

Body Candy Jewelry Reviews

Positive reviews

Don’t worry, Body Candy is not all bad. Not at all. I found plenty of very positive reviews for Body Candy. This website clearly has some very loyal and dedicated customers!

Body Candy Jewelry Reviews

Body Candy Jewelry Review


Body Candy is one of the most popular websites for buying body jewelry online.

This would be due to their massive selection of gorgeous and reasonably priced jewelry. The fact that they offer frequent discounts also works to their advantage.

If  you decide to purchase something from Body Candy, just take my advice and do not buy anything made from acrylic. Every other material is fine though.

I would recommend titanium but I’ve heard that their BioFlex, gold and silver are good quality too.

A word of warning: Check your order is correct before you take it out of the little plastic baggy it comes in. Once you have removed it from the baggy, you are stuck with it, whether you like it or not!

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know about your experiences with Body Candy by leaving a comment below.

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18 Comments on Body Candy Body Jewelry Review – Does Popularity Mean Anything?

  1. Ohh man, my girlfriend will love this site, she spends hours looking for the perfect belly piercing. This shall fix her problem to be looking through eBay and see if they are good quality. I’ll send her this site asap.
    Also, can I add a picture in the custom piercing instead of a name?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Alex.

      I’m sure your girlfriend would find what she wants on this site. Yes, you can get custom jewelry with a picture of your choice on it. Go through one of the links in my article and use the code to get a discount by the way 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. hi Hannah!
    love this review of Body Candy! So thorough and honest! I personally have never heard of Body Candy until now but this is like THE place to go for body piercing jewelry! I have to admit that piercings are not my thing as mine is tattoos (I got to stop at some point but I have not reached that point yet 🙂 ). But I did see some cool looking body jewelry in my tattoo shop (as they also do piercings). I am not sure if a facial piercing would fly at my job but if I were to get one it would be on the lip or the side of the nose. But I am with you that the material it is made of is key here! Who in their right mind would buy acrylic body jewelry? That just sounds like a terrible idea to me. I would go for titanium all the way.

    • Hey Emily.

      Material is everything when buying body jewelry. Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it’s good value. Titanium is the best choice for sure! Acrylic’s not all that good for piercings when they are healing or even when they healed.

      Thanks a million for the comment. Glad you enjoyed my review.

  3. Hi Hannah,
    My daughter is always looking for presents for her boyfriend online. Does Body Candy have a very good selection of men’s, hmm, nip rings?
    I will let her know about your site and see if she wants to look at any of the designs.
    ~ Melinda
    P.S. Any company is going to have complaints. You just have to be careful, and as you said, don’t open the baggy unless you’ve inspected it first.

    • Hey Melinda.

      Body Candy has an excellent selection of men’s nipple jewelry. That’s what I like the best about this site – they have such a massive selection of body jewelry!

      Thanks for you comment, much appreciated. I hope your daughter can find what she wants on this site.

  4. Hello Hannah,
    Really good review. I haven’t heard of them before and it’s maybe because I’m more of a tattoo person. I don’t have a good relationship with big long needles 🙂 but sometimes I look at piercings just from the curiosity. This site looks awesome and the selection is just unbelievable. Thank you for sharing!


    • Hi Lukas.

      Thanks very much. Glad you enjoyed my review! This is a pretty special selection of jewelry on Body Candy.

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

  5. Thank you so much for all the great information. I have a daughter with a few piercings and I must admit I am behind the times. Now I know where to look when I find the request for a new belly ring on her Christmas list and to go with titanium only. I am a parent and infections do scare me. Is titanium the best way to go to prevent infections at the sight of the piercing? Thanks again!

    • Hey Camille.

      Titanium is by far the most suitable metal for piercings and is best for preventing infections. Always go for titanium jewelry if infection is a concern. I am currently working on adding more quality belly bars to the site if you need any inspiration for Christmas presents.

      I hope you find everything you need on my site. Thanks very much for your comment.


  6. Hi! Your page’s layout is great! There is a good balance of pictures, ads, content, white space and good link placement. The inclusion of the negative comments left me wary to buy anything from body candy. Maybe you could add some of their positive comments to give this section more balance? Also, great job with interacting with posters! Looks great over all! 🙂

    • Hey Jackie.

      Thanks very much for checking out my post. I really appreciate you taking your time to give me feedback too. I will put up some positive comments from Body Candy users right now as you have suggested.

      Thanks for your suggestion.


  7. Hi Hannah. Great post you have here. I never knew there was such a huge market for all these different styles of body jewelry. You have a really great writing style and boy do I feel like I learned a lot reading your post. I too am a big fan of having good quality for any product as it really helps build trust with the company and the customer. Great review!

    • Hey Sal.

      The market for body jewelry is growing constantly. It’s actually a massive industry! I agree, quality is a big deal when making a purchase.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I’ve never even heard of this site as mostly I do my shopping in store but with the discounts on this site and the variety of products I may just have to get some gages and labret jewelry from here! Great review and way to be upfront and honest about materials as well as not opening before varifying your order! Thank you for the review!

    • Hi Krista.

      Body Candy do sell some real nice jewelry. If you do decide to buy something from them, use one of the links in the article to get a discount!

      Thanks very much for reading. I know you will be pleased with Body Candy – their labret jewelry and gauges are awesome.


  9. I have young daughter who is just getting into body piercings. She would love this site. I can see what all rage is about when looking at all this body jewelry. I feel as though I need to get into shape and get a belly bar. This market is only going to grow, seeing as many girls are adorning their bodies with it.

    • This site is definitely worth checking out. I would recommend it.

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