An Angel Bites Piercing Information Guide for Dummies

Angel Bites Piercing Information

One piercing which has gotten seriously popular lately is the Angel Bites piercing.

For those of you who don’t know, Angel Bites are a combination of the Monroe and Madonna piercings. Two above your top lip. One on each side.

I always see this piercing as Snakebites’ With the right jewelry, this piercing will really enhance the shape of the top lip.

Angel Bites are a unique and edgy, yet glamorous piercing.

Seeing as this piercing is continuing to grow in popularity, I figured it is time I created an Angel Bites piercing information guide. So you guys know what you’re getting into before you get the piercing done!

Piercing Procedure

Like most body piercings, Angel Bites are done using hollow piercing needles. Never a gun.

Both of the piercings are done in one sitting, like when you get snakebites. A separate needle is used for each of the two piercings.

Before sticking the needle through the skin, the piercer will use a marker to draw dot where the piercings will be. They will then use a clamp to secure the lip in place. This helps make sure the incision is clean and the skin does not get torn.

Once the client is happy with the placement of the piercing, the piercer will stick the needle  through. In a single motion.

If done correctly, the whole process will be over with very quickly. It should not feel much worse than a quick pinch!

Pain Level

Angel Bites Piercing InformationThere is no definitive way to quantify pain. Everyone feels pain differently. A piercing that is painless to one person may be agonising for someone else!

Generally speaking though, Angel Bites are not the most painful. For comparisons sake, this piercing will hurt a bit more than a bottom lip piercing. This is because the skin is slightly more dense than the bottom lip.

Keep in mind that getting 2 piercings in one sitting causes a bit more pain.

Luckily the pain is over very quickly. So don’t let it put you off!!

What Jewelry Should You Wear?

Labret studs are the most suitable type of jewelry to be worn in the Angel Bites piercing.

You will be wearing a longer bar during the healing process. This allows for swelling, which is normal and rather common.

After you have healed up fully, the longer labret stud is swapped for a shorter, more fitted one.

Rings are occasionally worn in top lip piercings. This is uncommon though. This piercing should be placed lower on the lip if a ring is to be worn. Angel Bites are generally placed too high up for a ring to fit properly.

Make sure to wear high quality jewelry. Many people are sensitive nickel, which can be found in trace amounts even in surgical grade stainless steel.

If your skin is sensitive, go for titanium jewelry!


EasyPiercing Care Kit

Whilst your piercing heals, be sure to cleanse it twice or three times daily.

Your best cleansing option would be to use a quality piercing aftercare product. Such as the EasyPiercing Care Kit or H2Ocean’s cleanser.

If you cannot get hold of any piercer aftercare products, use saline solution. You can make your own by stirring a quarter of a teaspoon of rock salt into a cup of hot water. Then allowing it to cool down until it is luke-warm.

Soak a cotton pad in the solution and hold it on both piercings for about five minutes.

Also, make you practice good oral hygiene.

Brush your teeth thoroughly first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Also, brush each time you eat or drink anything other than water! If you smoke, try and keep it to a minimum, and brush after each cigarette.

Use alcohol free mouthwash. You can get specialised mouthwash for piercings.

Avoid oral sex and make-out sessions. Basically you don’t want to get anyone else’s bodily fluids in your mouth.

What Are the Risks?

Due to the fact that Angel Bites are an oral piercing, the risk of infection is slightly higher than it usually would be.

Like I said before, good oral hygiene helps prevent anything nasty happening to your piercing.

There is also a risk of oral damage if placed improperly. This could mean gum erosion or chipped teeth. A good enough reason to go to a professional for this piercing.

Angel Bites Piercing InformationAre Your Angel Bites Infected?

Whilst your piercings are healing, you should be on the look out for the following symptoms:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Soreness
  • Bleeding
  • Foul smelling or off colour discharge

If notice any of these symptoms, see your doctor or piercer as soon as you possibly can. Infection can be serious. It can spread to other parts of the body. There is also a risk of it turning into septicaemia, which can be fatal!


If you want this piercing because you like the way it looks and think it would suit your face, go for it!

If you are thinking of getting it done because everyone else has it; forget it! It will be out of fashion soon anyway. Then you will end up looking like a bit of an idiot!

Always go to professional, look after your piercing well and wear the right jewelry. You will be glad you did when you are left with a unique and edgy piercing.

Embrace your wild side!

8 Comments on An Angel Bites Piercing Information Guide for Dummies

  1. Wow! Great information on piercings. Even though I have been in bands one way or the other for about 15 years, and I lot of my bandmates have/had piercings, I never had the courage to do one. Even my wife has had her ear pierced and I haven’t got around to it. Maybe the angel bites would be a little extreme, but who knows if I can do another one? Which type would you suggest for somebody who works in a very conservative workplace?

  2. Informative post on “Angel Bites Piercing” I only had my left ear pierce with two studs. I thought of piercing my upper ear but drop the idea because most of my friends said it is very painful. How do the studs in the Angel Bites Piercing hold it place, you need to have a stud holder like an ear stud right?

    • Hey Vincent. Labret studs are usually worn in Angel Bites. This type of stud has a flat ‘plate’ which sits on the inside on the lip and a bead which screws on to hold it in place (outside of the lip)

      Upper ear piercings do hurt a bit more than lobe piercings but the pain is over with very quickly.

      Thanks for reading.


  3. Hi! I landed on your site by accident. I’m not fan of piercing. When I see a person with piercings, my reaction usually is “what they were thinking”. I’m not here to judge, don’t get me wrong, but I’m curious. I see mostly young people with piercings and I always wonder what will they do when they are 30+ and want job in layers office or a bank? The first impression usually counts. I’m guessing that some bosses may draw conclusions about person based on their looks? Is there a way to go back? If you remove the piercing will there be permanent marks left?

    • Hey Magda.

      As you would expect, piercings can leave scars. Although with good aftercare, scarring is minimal. Particularly if the boss/interviewer was not aware of its existence. It would just look like a mark on the skin. If a piercing gets infected, that will of course make the scar much more noticeable. For interviews one could always use concealer to cover it up though.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope I have cleared this up a bit for you.


  4. For someone who know nothing of body piercings, your site is quite informative and tells a lot about the process and the after care as well. You have a very clean and easy to navigate site. It also looks like you have done a very good job of monetizing your site. Also I see you have a sign up page to capture e-mails. I think you have done very good job with this site. It should be quite successful.

    • Thanks very much David. Glad you like my site!


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