How to Get a Job With Facial Piercings: It is Definitely Possible!

How to Get a Job With Facial Piercings

Having facial piercings makes job hunting more of challenge than it already is. You will find yourself getting rejected multiple times. Just because you choose to express yourself through body piercing!

Have patience, you want to keep your piercings, right? Self expression should be gratifying. It should not be something you have to tuck away and hide from the world.

Finding employment with someone who can accept you for who you are will be well worth the time and effort. This may seem like an illusive goal. Although, there are certain little tricks you can use to get your foot in the door.

Fortunately we are now in the year 2016. Many of our fellow Earthlings is opening up to pierced and modified individuals. Therefore, you stand a much higher chance of landing yourself a favourable job!

In many work places, the piercing policy is still a grey area. What I mean by this is that some companies only allow certain piercings, often around the ears. Whilst others are banned completely. You may be limited to wearing studs in the piercings you are allowed to have on show.

If you get turned down for a job solely because of your piercings, it was the wrong job for you!

What Jobs Should You Apply For?

Certain areas of work are more inclined to hire pierced individuals. Apply for these jobs. You are far more likely to get employed!

Here are some of your best options:

  • Bar work – Any pub with an alternative theme would love a pierced bar tender.
  • Ikea – These guys don’t mind piercing at all.
  • Local Piercing studio – Stating the obvious
  • Hairdressers – Hairdressers tend to love alternative looking people.
  • Cinema – Any job in the entertainment industry.
  • Pizza places/delivery – Fast food joints in general don’t mind a few piercings. Nothing too extreme though!
  • Fast food – One of the easiest to acquire jobs. Always an option!
  • Coffee shops and cafes – Trial and error. You don’t know unless you try.
  • Burger joint – Worth a try. Hand in your CV and be confident.
  • Certain supermarkets – Another popular starter job which should be fairly easy to get.
  • The Body Shop – Allow piercings.
  • Book shops – Another one which is worth a shot!
  • CEX – I have a few pierced, tattooed and crazy haired friends who have worked in CEX.
  • Claire’s Accessories – Claire’s encourage self expression and uniqueness.
  • Forever 21 – A modern shop with modern policies.
  • H&M – Young and open minded to body modification.
  • Hot Topic – Famous for selling anything alternative. Of course they allow piercings!
  • High end cosmetics outlets – You’d be surprised!

Job hunting and Interview Tips:

Don’t Hide All of Your Piercings

Extreme Piercings
Don’t suddenly turn up at work with all your piercings on show. Let their existence be known during your interview.

Here’s a bit of advice for you: tone it down for your interview. Don’t go in looking too extreme.


Don’t hide all of your piercings completely. Present yourself as a pierced person. If they don’t appreciate your look, apply for a different job!

Landing the job with your piercings on show means that you won’t have to go through all the rigmarole of hiding your piercings before work every day.

Believe it or not, your boss will not be impressed with the shock value of suddenly showing up to work one day with all your piercings on display!

Avoid this issue by having a few of your piercings visible for interviews. Piercings are a part of who you are!

Wear the Right Jewelry

Body jewelry types
Wear plain body jewelry to job interviews!

Attending a job interview with a bright and fancy industrial bar right across your ear, rings in your lip and an extravagantly decorated plug in each lobe is not gonna get you anywhere!

Replace any rings you are wearing with small studs, barbell or labrets. If you have an industrial piercing, remove the long bar and replace it with two short ones.

If your ears are stretched, wear flesh toned or clear ear plugs.

You will appear much more professional, yet they still see the real you. What a great way to start a new job!

Prove Yourself

We already know that having piercings or tattoos does not affect your ability to work hard and get on with colleagues. Unfortunately, there are many closed minded people who cannot accept this as the truth.

Special effort will be needed to prove how capable you are. Present yourself well, dress sharp, perform well in the interview, be enthusiastic, do your research on the company. Prove that you are a competent, hard-working and friendly person.

Do not put bring unnecessary attention to your piercings during an interview. Not unless the subject is raised by the interviewer.

For example; let’s say you have stretched ears. The interviewer says to you “only plain studs are allowed to be worn in ear piercings”. You response should be “I could wear neutral or skin toned plugs. is that alright?”, or words to that effect. Do not go telling them that you can’t wear studs in your ears because they are stretched. Also, avoid pointing out or asking about any other piercings you have.

List of Companies and Their Piercing Policies

If you would like to know exactly which companies you should be applying for work with, take a look at the Employ Line over at The Modified Mind.

This is extremely useful and takes all the guesswork out of your job hunt!

Find your perfect job here!

Sacrificing Either Certain Piercings or Certain Jobs

Depending on what job you are going for, you may end up having to remove some of your beloved piercings. I personally don’t see how anyone could be happy in such a job. To each their own though!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your boss’ view on piercings and body mods.

Whatever line of work you wish to go into, I’m sure there must be a company which would allow piercings. Unless you are working with children or elderly. You don’t want to freak anyone out!


It will probably take you multiple attempts to finally get a job you are contented with. Don’t get discouraged though. Be persistent. You will land on your feet!

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

The only people who truly fail in life are those who quit before they succeed.

Stick at it, you will see. It will be well worth your time and effort! You will get the best of both worlds; a good job plus you get to keep your piercings.

Any job which forbids piercings will be wrong for you. If you are passionate about self expression and body art you will feel stifled a strict environment like this.

Your life will be complete once you land that job you’ve been working so hard to get!

Help make life easier for pierced people having trouble getting a job. Make some job suggestions by leaving a comment below!

Don’t forget to share this post with your pierced friends!

Thanks for reading!

Hannah – Founder of Pro Piercing Kits.

8 Comments on How to Get a Job With Facial Piercings: It is Definitely Possible!

  1. I used to have piercings on my brows but then I had to remove them after getting an engineering job at a holding. But i still wear my tongue and nipple piercing and I’m very proud of it.

    Also everyone knows about them and I’m completely fine. I even showed up to boss with a dyed hair. It’s all about the mentality.

    Some people also have a wild side in them and it feels great when you come across with one of them.

    • Hey Tyler. Good to hear you were allowed to keep your tongue and nipple piercing. Embracing your wild side is a must! It’s even better when you meet someone who is completely cool with the way you express yourself.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with piercings in the workplace.


  2. I think with certain jobs, it can be quite challenging for people with piercings to become employed because of the strict rules and regulations. But there are always ways around this, especially in my job where piercings either have to be covered up or even removed, which I guess is difficult for people to put back in to certain areas of the body.

    WOW! This is an awesome article! I learned so much from your list of jobs a pierced individual can do and I also appreciated the great tips you have provided.

    Thank You!

    • Hey Neil. It definitely is a challenge getting a job with facial piercings, or any piercing which is visible all the time. Luckily there are quite a few work places which don’t mind at all if their employees have piercings!

      Glad you enjoyed this post.


  3. The best job for anyone, whether you’re into piercings or not, is to be self employed! But for those who aren’t ready to travel down the road of internet entrepreneurship, your list of options to pursue regarding finding employment if you have piercing is great! Don’t forget Wal Mart and Publix.

    • I agree totally Christian – self employment is the best job for anyone. I don’t know how I forgot to mention this in my post! Thanks for reminding me. I will add your suggestions to the list. Nice one!

      Thanks for your input.


  4. Wow that was really awesome that you had a piercing policy on your page that was really helpful. Me and my friends always take our piercings out before going to a job interview, but its cool to see that there are also companies that dont really mind so much.

    Also it seems that you are very experienced with knowing what to wear and what not to, so I can always go back to this page as a guide line to see what to do and what not to do. Thank you I got you bookmarked.


    • Hey Benedetto.

      Glad to be of help. Try out some of these tips in future job interviews. As long as the company is not openly anti-piercing, you should still be able to land the job!

      Best of luck!


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