Complete Body Piercing Kit Review – Ear, Nose and Lip Piercing Kit

Complete body piercing kit

Complete Body Piercing KitProduct: 8 Piece Ear, Lip and Nose Piercing Kit.

Price: £6.99 + £2.85 P&P = £9.84

Cheapest place to purchase:

Gauge Size: 16G and 18G needles

Overall rating: 4/5 4.5/5

Complete body piercing kit

Many people are doing their piercings at home these days.

One of the main reason being that getting a piercing done by a certified piercer in a studio is just too damn expensive.

Why spend all that money when you can do the piercing yourself?

Well, it’s not really that simple.

Self-piercing can be very dangerous if you do not use the correct equipment. You should refrain from using safety pins and sewing needles to do your piercings as they are just not sterile.

Instead, you should invest in a complete body piercing kit and an aftercare kit.

What comes with the piercing kit?

When you purchase yourself a piercing kit you will receive all of the main equipment you need in order to perform a safe and sterile piercing.

This kit contains:

  • 16G and 18G sterile piercing needles
  • 1 stainless steel forceps clamp
  • 1 pair of black latex gloves
  • 4 pieces of high quality 316L surgical steel body jewelry

The basic equipment you need in order to safely pierce your ear, nose or lip at home.

Pros & cons of this body piercing kit

Overall, this product is very high quality. I have used this particular kit myself a few times over the years I have been performing safe home peircings.

I do not solely rely on this particular piercing kit, but I would just as happily use this one as I would use any other professional piercing kit!

From my experience the pros and cons of this kit are as follows:


  • Very high quality equipment. The forceps, needles and jewelry are all made of the best quality surgical stainless steel. The gloves are made of black latex and are also of good quality.
  • The price. If you purchase this piercing kit you certainly get your value for money. It works out cheaper than buying all the items included individually. It is certainly a lot cheaper than getting a piercing done in a studio.
  • Needles are sterilized using ethylene oxide gas (EO).


  • The kit itself does not contain sterile swabs or any other cleansing products for piercing preparation and equipment sterilization after use.
  • It can be dangerous to self-pierce.
  • Does not come with instruction so you should find some instructions online.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. If you want to pierce your ear, lip or nose at home and are on a budget, this kit would be perfect for you.

Other items you will need

EasyPiercing Care KitThis particular piercing kit gives you all the basics you need in order to pierce your own ear, nose or lip yourself safely.

There are also a few other separate items you should purchase along with this kit.

Some of the items you should get are:

Money you will save

By buying this piercing kit, you will actually save a lot of money if it is a piercing you were going to get anyway.

Buying the items included in this kit individually would cost you about £15. Whereas the complete kit including postage and packaging will only cost you £9.84.

Think about it this way – getting the piercing done professionally would cost you well over twice or even three times this amount of money.

Even if you buy the other items I suggest above you will still bee better off than you would be.

This kit is perfect for any responsible piercing fan who is on a budget.

Why choose this kit?

Steel Piercing ForcepsThis kit is superior to other piercing kits of the same price range for one simple reason:

For a start, many of the other piercing kits you can get come with forceps which are made from plastic, usually acrylic. This is not very hygienic because acrylic is not suitable for boiling, steam treatment or use in an autoclave. Therefore should be disposed of after one use to prevent bacteria from spreading.

The stainless steel forceps that come with this kit are reusable as you can sterilize them by boiling, steaming or autoclaving. You should always be sure to sterilize equipment before reusing to prevent the spreading of infection or bacteria.


I’m not going to recommend to anyone to do their own piercings. Although I will recommend this complete piercing kit to anyone who knows what they are doing.

If you use this kit properly and follow a trustworthy set of instructions, you should be able to give yourself a totally sanitary and safe piercing.

This is the same type of equipment you will find in piercing studios. The equipment the professionals use.

Buy a Complete Body Piercing Kit for Yourself here

I hope you enjoyed this review and found some use in it. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

16 Comments on Complete Body Piercing Kit Review – Ear, Nose and Lip Piercing Kit

  1. Wow this is interesting. I didn’t know they had these. I would do it myself as I have always been a do-it-yourselfer.

    You are right in not recommending it though. Someone could come back and accuse you of some kind of wrong doing!

    I guess the creaters of the kit figured everyone would have the usual peroxide and alcohol. Cheaper to ship.

    I’m sure that aftercare is one of the biggest concerns people never really seemed concerned with. But when I pierced my ear, twice, I made sure to keep the dang thing clean! No since in losing even one of these!

    Cool stuff. I like your website.

    • Hey Rick.

      Being accused of wrong doing was a concern of mine making this article. If someone reads this and decides to do the piercing and it goes wrong though, they can’t say I didn’t warn them!

      Aftercare should be taken a lot more seriously than it is. At the end of the day, a piercing is an open wound which needs to be kept extremely clean.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hey Hannah

    lol… I should have guessed when seeing your profile pic on WA that you would be in the line of Body Piercing Kits.

    You have a wonderful site here filled with loads of awesome information!

    I could not say that I would do a new piercing on my own, but have re-pierced / stretched my ear and tongue after they completely closed from home when I was younger.

    The 8 Piece Ear, Lip and Nose Piercing Kit looks way more professional than what I had available to me at that stage 😉

    I guess it all about good health and safety practice in the end.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    Marc Parsons

    • Thanks for stopping by, Marc!

      I’m glad you find my site to be useful.

      Piercing kits have got a lot more professional over the years.. Well the whole body piercing procedure has in general got a lot safer really.

      It is a quality kit, I find the equipment to up to a very high standard, the best kit you will find of this price range, for sure!

      Nice one!

  3. Wow, I don’t think I could ever puncture a hole into myself – I would definitely rather pay somebody else to do the dirty work.

    I also didn’t know you could buy something like this, and although risky, I am sure it is better than trying to do it at home with a safety pin or needle.

    I am sure you have loads of visitors to such an interesting site.

    • Hey Michel.

      It is much better to pay for a professional to do the piercing for you, for sure!

      I’ve known quite a few people who just don’t realise how careful they need to be when self piercing and have ended up with nasty infection. Lack of sterilization, didn’t know what they were doing, improper aftercare etc.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. What an interesting article about a DIY body piercing. I have never done any body piercing myself. I would feel more confident to have someone do it for me professionally because that least they know what they are doing.
    It’s interesting to know that the DIY piercinv kit doesnt come with instructions and that people need to look it up online. I guess if the person knows what they are doing then they just need to purchase the right equipment to do the job.

    • Hi Teresa.

      Too many people think it’s safe to just grab a safety pin and stick it through their skin. These people need educating on how much care should actually be put into a body piercing.

      I can understand why you would prefer to have a piercing done professionally. That’s a much smarter choice!

      Thanks very much.

  5. Amazing. I can’t believe That these piercing kits are already available in the market. Although a person who buys this should do the piercing at his /her own risk. But buying these tools can let you save more money than going to a body piercing shop. And you can have unlimited piercings too.

    • Hi Karl.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. yes, these piercing kits are a sure money saver. As long as the person knows what they are doing!


  6. I should get one of these kits and chase my wife around the house yelling that i am a professional =P I am just kidding around. This kits look interesting. I would not trust myself or my family to do this to me though. Thank you for the information and Have fun with your piercings!

  7. WOW I had no idea you could even do this, besides the having a friend stick a needle through your ear (guilty!) Where exactly would be the best places to buy the things necessary for sterilizations? Is there any kind of a package deal that would have everything: ethylene oxide gas (EO), sterile pads, after care? I understand this is a DIY yourself kit, is it easier to do yourself literally or someone else to do it for you, since people freeze during the anticipation part sometimes?

  8. I have piercings but not sure I could ever do it to myself haha. I like that you added that you would only recommend it to someone who knows what they are doing. If someone did want to learn how to do their own piercings what would be the best way to do that?

    • Hey there Heather.

      Self piercings are never a good idea but if someone wanted to learn how to do so safely, they could either do it the proper way and go for an apprenticeship or purchase a body piercing book – such as The Piercing Bible.

      It’s a better idea to go to a professional but if anyone is going to do their own piercing, it’s essential that they do it properly!

      Hope this helps.


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