The Piercing Bible – #1 Body Piercing Book Recommendation

Body Piercing Book

If you or someone you know is looking to become a professional piercer some time in the future, a lot of commitment will be needed to commit this goal.

As well as needing all the correct certification, you will also need to do your studying and gain some knowledge in the meantime.

Your best plan of action would be to read up on body piercings and everything there is to know about them. You can find a lot of information online but you would be better off buying yourself a body piercing book. You will be able to learn everything you could possibly need to know if you get your hands on the right book!

To help you out I would like to share with you my personal favourite book on body piercing. Here we go!

The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing

The Piercing BiblePaperback Price: £15.90

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Author Name: Elayne Angel

Publication Date: June 2009

Number of Pages: 304

5 stars

The Piercing Bible is an absolute must have for any one who is interested in the art of body piercing. This book is the holy grail of information all piercers and piercees should know.

This book was written by piercing pioneer Elayne Angel in June 2009 and is 304 pages in length. Elayne Angel is a highly regarded piercer who has performed over 40,000 piercings since the 1980’s. She is also responsible for bringing the tongue piercing to the mainstream public.

The Piercing Bible is the most thoroughly informative book I have ever read on body piercings. It covers all different aspects of body piercing. This book is written from the angle of both the piercer and the person getting pierced. You could either read this book from cover to cover and absorb all the information in there or you could just flick through to the bits which are relevant to you.

Let’s take a look at what you will be learning from this book.


Piercings and their placements for a vast array of body parts and body types

The Piercing Bible covers just about every type of piercing a person could possibly want done. Each piercing type has a good few pages of information on it. This book seriously goes into more detail on individual piercings than any other book or publication I’ve ever read (and that’s quite a few!).

Even if you don’t want to become a professional piercer, if you are into the piercing scene you will find this information fascinating and may also find inspiration for you next piercing!

Terminology, tools and techniques used in body piercing

For a professional piercer, knowing your tools is crucial.  After reading through The Piercing Bible you will be reciting the names of all different forms of piercing tools and memorizing piercing techniques you never even knew existed!

Aftercare and troubleshooting for all types of piercing

Whether you’re piercing someone else or getting pierced yourself, I really must stress the importance of making sure that you pay close attention to hygiene.

You will find extensive information on standard and alternative aftercare, which is guaranteed to clear up any confusion or misinformation on this vital topic. This section of the book is not just for piercers, but for anyone who enjoys getting pierced on a regular basis.

Body jewelry designs, shapes and materials

Body jewelry typesThe Piercing Bible has a whole 86 pages dedicated body jewelry. You can read up on every type of jewelry in the piercing world all in one place!

A large part of this book is dedicated to describing all the different styles of jewelry and the materials used. There is extensive detail on this topic. Knowing about body jewelry is important for piercers and piercees and this book covers this topic thoroughly.

There is also a portion of this book explaining gauge sizes, ear stretching plus the safest and most hygienic way to change your jewelry.

Piercing maintenance, stretching and tapers

This part of the book is all about looking after your piercing in the long term, after your piercing has finished healing. You will also be able to learn the safest stretching techniques and how to use tapers properly.

Piercings and modern culture

There is a chapter at the end of this book which talk about the future of body piercing and also how it fits in with modern day society. This includes piercings in the workplace. An important thing to consider if you get pierced.

Let’s Summarize the Contents

The Piercing BibleWithin the pages of the Piercing Bible you will be able to find all the information you could ever need to know on the topic of body piercings. I would like to briefly tell you about all of the chapters and parts in this book:

Chapter one – The New Piercing: It has two parts in it which are titled ‘Motivation’ and ‘Piercing Present to Past’.

Chapter two – Groundwork and Preliminary Considerations: There are 3 parts to this section. They are called ‘Risks, Myths and Warnings’, ‘Is Piercing Right for You?’ and ‘You and Your Piercer’.

Chapter three – Piercing Preparation: The 4 parts of this chapter of the book are as follows: ‘Picking and Preparing’, ‘At the Studio’, ‘Piercing Procedure’ and ‘Jewelry 101: Sizes, Shapes and Materials’.

Chapter Four – The Holes: There fours parts in this chapter: ‘Holes in Your Head: Ear, Nose and Facial Piercings’, ‘Kiss of the Needle: Tongue and Oral Piercings’, ‘Torso Piercing: Nipple and Navel Piercing’ and last but not least ‘Below the Belt: Female and Male Genital Piercings’.

Chapter Five – Healing and Aftercare: The names of the 3 sections in this chapter are ‘Healing 101: Standard Aftercare’, ‘Alternative Aftercare’ and ‘Trouble and Troubleshooting’.

Chapter Six – Living With Your Piercings: In this chapter there are 4 parts. The names of them are: ‘Upkeep and Stretching’, ‘Advanced Jewelry and Practices’, ‘Special Situations’ and ‘Sex!’.

Chapter Seven – Piercing in Modern Culture: The names of the 3 parts of this chapter are ‘Piercees and the Establishment’, A Career in Professional Piercing’ and ‘The Future of Body Piercing’.

In My Humble Opinion

This book really is essential for anyone who is really into piercings. Whether you are training to be a piercer or just have an interest in piercings and enjoy getting pierced, The Piercing Bible is a must-have.

Not only is this book jam packed full of useful knowledge, but Elayne explain everything very clearly and with plenty of detail. Her expertise and passion for body piercing shines through in her writing. Just by the way she explains everything so well you can tell that you are reading the writing of a highly experienced piercer.

The only thing I would say I am disappointed with about The Piercing Bible is the lack of images. I feel that body piercing is a very visual concept so it would have been nice to see some example photos of the different piercings and the processes. There were images of the different types of jewelry but not much else.

What I like about this book is the fact that it is easy enough to understand for the average person who just wants to increase their knowledge on body piercing. The author does not use any unnecessary jargon or overcomplicate things.

Don’t let the lack of images bother you though as the positives far outweigh the negatives. I could sit here and type out everything little I like about this book but I think you get the picture by now.

Final Verdict

My final opinion on The Piercing Bible is that it is an interesting read and useful guide for anyone and everyone who is into the body piercing scene.

For those of you who would like to pursue your passion for piercing and become a professional piercer, this book really is a must-have. Half of my knowledge of body piercing comes from this book!

To put it simply, if you would like to increase your knowledge on body piercing, pick up a copy of The Piercing Bible!

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26 Comments on The Piercing Bible – #1 Body Piercing Book Recommendation

  1. Interesting post

    I would be to scared to pierce somebody though but it is very interesting. My wife might enjoy poking holes in people though. Will show her your post when she gets home from work.

    Would love to see some posts about it and some step by step processes of one or two.

  2. Hi, thank you for this book review. Is seems to be a good dela. Will you recommend it for newbies? Many thanks

    • Hey Niki.

      I would difinitely recommend this book for newbies. It would be perfect actually in my opinion!

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Great book recommendation! Totally right about a book like this being a better option than scanning the internet for info. Seems like it breaks everything down in a much easier to digest kind of way. Thumbs up

    • Hi Ryan.

      The information in this book is also more accurate than the info you can find online and more detailed. It is great to be able to learn everything you need to know all in one book. The Piercing Bible covers everything!


  4. I’m not too much into piercings, but I am interested in chapter 7. It would be very interesting to learn more about how piercings fit into modern society, and to take that one step further, how piercings are perceived across different cultures. For example, does an earring on a male have a different connotation or meaning in western cultures than that of some of the eastern cultures?

    • Hi there Brad.

      Even for those not interested in piercings there is some very fascinating stuff in chapter 7. In certain parts of the world, such as some parts of Africa, male ear piercing is perceived as being a symbol of homosexuality. Even to this day. For most countries around the world having just the right ear pierced is a sign of being gay.

      Interesting question. I will have to consider writing a post on this topic some time!

  5. Every expert has a bible they follow. We are all composed of many different people who have impacted our lives. Great book review Hannah, I hope you sell a ton of these. Your passion for your work is so evident. Really well done and thanks for this:)

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Peter. Having a bible to guide you and refer to when you need advice or get stuck on anything in life. Anyone who buys this book will never feel the need to buy any other piercing book,cc this one contains all the information a piercer would ever need!

      Nice one Peter. I really do appreciate it a lot!

  6. Great book recommendation. You seem to know your stuff very well about piercing. But I would like to ask some questions. Would you say getting ear piercings or any piercings in general could be addictive? Would you recommend a guy to pierce both of his ears or only the left/right side of his ear? Thank you!

    • Hi Fernan.

      Thanks very much. If someone has an addictive personality they might get addicted to piercings, in the same way they could get addicted to gambling, shopping or tattoos. It really depends on the individual.

      For straight guys I would recommend getting either just their left ear pierced or both ears, that is down to personal preference. Whereas an openly gay guy might want to pierce their right ear only, this lets other gay men know of their sexuality.

      Thanks for asking. I hope this answers your question.

  7. Hi

    Very interesting post about piercing. I live in a society where mostly the ears and now and then the nose is pierced. Does the book give more insight about the piercing of the nose and ears in creative ways?


    • Hey there Uwais.

      This book contains plenty of information on lots of creative types of nose and ear piercings. It’s actually amazing how much you can learn from this book.

      Thanks for stopping. I hope I have answered your question.

  8. Really interesting for those who are interested to get involved in this environment. Body Piercing is something that must be done correctly and carefully. I like the way you summarize the content of the book for each chapter. I never though there will be a guide to make body piercing like this one that you promote. Great job

  9. Hi Hannah,
    This seems like a very interesting book. I would think that anyone would want this book, regardless of whether or not they want to learn how to pierce. If it has information on how to maintain a piercing and what kind of piercings and materials for it, I would think it would be a must have for anyone who is really serious about wanting to get more piercings and not just learning how to do it.

    • Hey there Jessica.

      This is a great book. Very informative but also a very engaging and interesting read. I would say this book is perfect for anyone who has even one piercing. You never know when you might need this kind of information!

      Thanks for your kind words.

  10. It is a great book. The Piercing Bible seems interesting to read. Although I never tried piercing, But I think I should tried doing this to my cousin, since she loves piercings her body. I think I should highly recommend this to my cousin. I will referred this to her.

    • Hey Saif.

      This really is a great book. I seriously think that half of my piercing knowledge comes from this book. It’s helped me out countless times over the years!

      Please do refer your cousin here. I would much appreciate this!

      Thanks very much mate.

  11. Wow terrific information on the Piercing Bible. I love how you breakdown a summary of the chapters, it makes it very easy to see why the product is a must have!

    Did you know you can add product links to open up in a separate page so your visitors don’t lose you website in the mix? Check out the formats listed on the Amazon Affiliate Page related to inline frame and frameset if you are interested.


    • Hi Teanna.

      I did not know that was possible. I will go and have a look, sounds like it will really come in handy!

      Nice one!

  12. I found your post as I was doing some research online because my husband is interested to become a professional piercer and I wanted to help him. Thanks for leading us to the right place with this book review which I’m going to purchase now. Can you recommend any other book to supplement this information? Thanks for sharing!

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