Different Types of Lip Piercings

Spiderbites piercing
Spiderbites piercing

Choosing which part of your lip to get pierced can be really confusing.

There are so many different types of lip piercings and you probably feel a bit spoiled for choice.

There are umpteen styles of lip piercings to choose from. Most of them are somewhat painless. Some of them involve getting multiple piercings at once.

Labret Piercing-

Girl with Labret Piercing
Girl with Labret Piercing

The Labret. The mother of all lip piercings.

The Labret Piercing is a perforation just below the bottom lip and above the chin. The Labret is not actually attached to the lip. Jewelry such as a Labret stud or ring is usually worn in it.

That is the definition of the Labret piercing in it’s most basic form. There are also several variations of the Labret. You will find all of them here on this list.

The name of this piercing derives from the style of jewellery it is often decorated with – a Labret stud.

Labret piercings are relatively painless, hence it’s popularity with those who are new to body piercing.

Snake Bites

Snakebites piercing
Snakebites piercing

One of the more common variations of the Labret piercing is the Snake Bites piercing. In this case a perforation is made at both sides of the bottom lip, instead of just one in the middle.

When I had Snake Bites done myself, I barely felt the needle go through at all. Snake bites are a great choice for those of you with a low pain threshold but still want a bad-ass looking piercing.

I’ll dig out a photo of my own snakebites soon to replace the current image.

Spider bites

Spiderbites piercing
Spiderbites piercing

The Spiderbites piercing is a double perforation on one side of the bottom lip in very close proximity.

This style of piercing can be decorated with either Labret studs or rings. Also looks great with any other piercings present on the face. or example, the septum piercing or an eyebrow piercing.

Piercings should be cleaned very careful due to how close they are to each other.

Vertical Labret

Verticle Labret Piercing
Vertical Labret Piercing

The Vertical Labret is another piercing of the Labret variety. The bottom Jewel is in the same place as the Labret but the needle is pushed through at a different angle.

For a Vertical Labret the needle is pushed in through the bottom of the lip and out through the top. The normal Labret starts in the same place but comes out through the back of the lip, inside the mouth.

Both sides of the Vertical Labret can be seen from the outside of the mouth. Unlike the regular Labret.

Medusa Piercing

Medusa Piercing
Medusa Piercing

The Medusa is a perforation above the top lip in the Philtrum or ‘Cubid’s Bow’ as some people like to call it. You know, that little dip above your top lip, just below the septum of the nose.

This piercing really enhances the shape of your top lip if you wear the right jewellery.

Cyber Bites Piercing

Cyber bites piercing
Cyber bites piercing

The Cyber bites piercing is  is done by making two separate perforations – one in the centre of the bottom lip and one in the philtrum (dip in the middle of the top lip).

This piecing looks awesome either on its own or with other facial piercings.

Madonna and Monroe Piercing

Madonnna piercing
Madonna piercing

When it comes to the Monroe and Madonna Piercings there is an ongoing discussion over which one is which.

I would like to clear things up for anyone who’s been confusing the names of these piercings.

Once and for all.

Monroe piercing
Monroe piercing

Yes you could argue that the names are interchangeable but I disagree. Here’s the simple reason:

Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot was on the left hand side of her face and Madonna’s was on the right side of her’s.

Therefore the same applies to the piercings. The Madonna is on the Right and The Monroe is on the left.

Angel Bites

Angel bites piercing
Angel bites piercing

Angel Bites are a piercing type where both sides of the philtrum (dip in the center of  the top lip) are perforated symmetrically. Usually a Labret stud is worn on both sides.

To put it simply, this is a combination of the Monroe and Madonna.

Canine Bites

Canine bites
Canine bites

Canine bites are made of four separate perforations. One on each side of the bottom lip and one on each side of the top lip.

Pretty damn hardcore looking. Try wearing rings in the bottom lip for that extra vicious looking edge. The best way to really achieve that canine look.

Shark bites

Shark Bites
Shark Bites

Shark Bites are also made of four unique piercings. The difference is that they are all in the bottom lip.

Two perforations are made on each side of the bottom lip. They should be perfectly symmetrical.

Dahlia Bites

Dahlia bites piercing
Dahlia Bites piercing

The Dahlia Bites piercing is done by making a perforation right on the corners of the mouth. This is done on both sides of the face.

This up-and-coming piercing is increasing in popularity lately.

If you are thinking of getting this piercing, be sure to go to a certified piercer who knows what they are doing. A lot of piercing studios won’t do this piercing as they lack the information needed so you may have to hunt around a bit.

T-Rex Bites

T-Rex Bites Piercing
T-Rex Bites Piercing

The T-Rex Bites piercing is one of them extreme piercings just because of the fact that the lips are pierced eight times in the process.

T-Rex Bites are made up of 8 piercings around the top and bottom lips. Yes, you did read that right. I said eight piercings.

The top lip is perforated four times, twice at each side. Same goes for the bottom lip, two perforations at each side.

This piercing is hardcore. If you decide to go nuts and get  yourself some T-Rex bites done, make sure you care for it  properly. Clean both the inside and the outside of each piercing.


Lip piercings are so versatile and a great way to introduce yourself to the piercing scene.

Even if you have loads of metal in your face and body already, you can’t go wrong with a lip piercing.

A bit of after-care advice for you:

Make sure to clean the inside and the outside of your piercing. It is to be treated as a facial piercing and an oral piercing.

I will be doing another post soon on some of the other types of  body piercings.

8 Comments on Different Types of Lip Piercings

  1. I have been thinking of getting my lip pierced but wasn’t sure exactly what kind of piercing to go with. I had my nose pierced many years ago and ended up taking it out.

    About 2 years ago I decided to have it repierced. It didn’t go so well. I ended up with a large bump on the inside of my nostril that was growing around the piercing. I had to take it out. The piercer offered to pierce the other side but I had the same issue.

    I am thinking of getting the Madonna piercing but I am worried something will go wrong like with my nose. What are your thoughts on this?

    • It is actually very common and quite normal to get a bump around nose piercings during the healing process. Usually the bump will reduce in size after the piercing has finished healing.

      If you do decide to get a Madonna piercing done you should follow the after routine closely. Clean the outside with saline solution and Q-tips. You should use non-alcoholic mouthwash and practice very good oral hygeine.

      I would also recommend you wear titanium jewelry. Steel has been known to contain small traces of nickel which can cause a reaction. If you wore steel jewelry in your nose this may have been the cause of the bump.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


  2. Thanks Hannah,
    The piercer actually told me that the bump in my nose was not normal as it was there after a month or so from the day I got the piercing. He also said because it was growing over the piercing it was definitely an issue. I also have my navel pierced and have not had any issues with it.
    I will let you know if I have any other questions.

    • Oh right, having a bump on any piercing after a month is definitely not normal. On a fresh piercing it is very common but should have gone down with time.

  3. Does anyone know the price range for t-rex bites? I have been looking for the price range but can’t find it.

    • Hey Katherine.

      The price of any piercing varies depending on where you live. T-Rex bites could cost anywhere between £140 and £200, if you’re American it could be around $200, give or take. The price would be so high just because of how many piercings are being done at once. Some piercers give discounts on multiple piercings. You would be much better off finding a piercer who will give you discount.

      Not a very common piercing, so you might have trouble finding a studio which will do it. You might have to negotiate a price with your piercer to work something out.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

  4. I don’t think I’ll ever get a lip piercing. I have my ears pierced but I’m kind of a baby when it comes to needles. But you’ve got a really interesting article here. I never knew that all of these different kinds of piercings were out there. I’ve only seen a couple of them. I’ve never seen anyone with T-Rex Bites. Very cool.

    • Hi Angelica.

      It’s great that you enjoyed reading my article. T-Rex piercings do look really cool, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone getting it done on themself for quite a few years now – so yeah it is a unique piercing.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated!

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