Monroe Piercing Aftercare Tips to Heal You Up Super Fast

Monroe Piercing Aftercare

One piercing which has become increasingly popular over recent years is the Monroe (or Madonna) piercing.

You may have seen it before, in fact you probably have! You know Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot above her top lip, off to the left hand side, yeah, that’s where this piercing lives. On the flip side of the top lip, you have the Madonna piercing.

Being that these piercings are oral (on the mouth) they need to be very well cared for as they are a slightly higher risk of infection than some other piercings. For this reason I have decided to write a guide on Madonna and Monroe piercing aftercare for you guys.

Cleansing Your Monroe Piercing

Keeping your piercing clean is the most important step you can take to helping your piercing heal up quickly and painlessly. You should cleanse your piercing twice daily using one of the methods I will list below.

Use a Piercing Aftercare Solution

EasyPiercing Care Kit

There is a massive plethora of high quality professional piercing cleansing products you can buy either at your piercing studio or online. Choosing the right one for you can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be!

You could either buy a single product or a complete kit. If you have got multiple piercings or intend to get pierced again in the future some time, I would personally recommend you get a kit such as the EasyPiercing Care Kit.

No matter what solution you are using, the method is pretty much the same. You just need to make sure to completely soak the piercing in the solution. Depending on the type of bottle, you could either use a cotton pad to do this or you could apply the solution directly if you are using an aftercare spray or similar.

Use Saline Solution

If you are not able to get hold of a body piercing aftercare product of any kind, the next best thing you could use would be saline solution. There’s a mighty good reason it is so commonly used in hospitals!

This is very simple and convenient as it can be made from just two ingredients that are very easy to get your hands on; rock salt and warm water!

You can do this in 3 stupidly easy steps:

  1. Make a saline solution by mixing a quarter of a teaspoon into a cup of warm water.
  2. Soak a cotton pad in the solution. Make sure the cotton pad is completely drenched.
  3. Use the cotton pad to apply the salty water to your monroe or madonna piercing.
  4. You could also swish the remainder of the solution around your mouth to keep the inside of the piercing clean and kill off any bacteria that may be breeding in your mouth.

Alternately you could buy a specially formulated saline solution designed for use on body piercings. Check it out:

Click here t0 read about this super effective professional body piercing saline solution!

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Oral Piercing MouthwashThis is something you should be doing anyway, but always make sure you keep your whole mouth extra clean for the healing period of your monroe piercing.

This should involve brushing your teeth a minimum of twice a day and using alcohol free mouthwash such as Listerine Zero. The mouthwash absolutely must be alcohol free. Alcohol is a strong chemical which can cause severe irritation to new piercings. If you cannot get hold of mouthwash, swish and gargle saline solution (see recipe above).

Be very gentle when you brush the teeth around the area where the piercing is, you don’t want the toothbrush to knock and bash your piercing, this would definitely cause you some pain and discomfort!

If you really want to give your piercing that little bit of extra loving care, invest in an oral piercing mouthwash. I would suggest H2Ocean’s Arctic Blast or Refreshing Lemon Cleansing Mouthwash.

More Tips for a Easy Pain Free Healing Period

Besides keeping your piercing and mouth extremely clean, there are certain other actions you can take to really ensure that your piercing heals up well.

Here are some of my top tips to help you heal:

  • Avoid spicy food and alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid swimming in public pools.
  • No kissing or oral sexing.
  • Eat healthy, exercise and stay hydrated. A healthy body can heal up much quicker. You’de be surprised how much difference this can make!
  • Do not use household towels or washcloths to clean or dry your piercings as they can harbour bacteria.
  • Refrain from removing or changing your jewelry until your piercing is completely healed. This should take between 6 and 12 weeks.

How to Recognise and Treat Infection

If you get your piercing done professionally and follow all my advice above, your chances of getting an infection are significantly lowered. Although you should always err on the side of caution and keep a close eye on your piercing while it is healing, just to be on the safe side!

Some of the symptoms of infections you should be looking out for are severe redness or swelling, excessive bleeding, severe soreness or funky smelling, off colour discharge.

If you notice any of  these symptoms, make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you possibly can! Infection is not something that should be taken lightly. Long-term damage can be done to your face and if the infection spreads, it could make you very sick and even end up fatal if you get blood poisoning (septicaemia).


So if you have got or plan on getting a Madonna or Monroe piercing, there are certain things you need to remember in order to prevent infection and heal up as quickly as possible.

The main ones being to keep your piercing clean by thoroughly cleansing it at least twice a day, practising impeccable oral hygiene, not using alcohol to cleanse your piercing and avoiding kissing and oral sex (contact or exchange of bodily fluids).

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Thanks for reading. Take care!


26 Comments on Monroe Piercing Aftercare Tips to Heal You Up Super Fast

  1. I haven’t pierced my lip tilli now, but i’ve got further ande pierced my tongue!

    The main thing about it is oral hygien. I have used listerine too and also another oral care liquid. It was kinda like a torture for 2 weeks but it totally worth it.

    Does Monroe piercing have the same problem as maintaining that intensive? Or is it much simpler than that?

    • Hey there Tyler.

      All oral piercings need a lot of care, that includes the Monroe piercing. It takes every bit as much care as the lip piercing. It is well worth the effort though as it’s a nice looking piercing and no one wants an infection!

      Thanks very much for reading.

  2. Hannah,
    I must say this is information that a lot of people can use since piercing has become so very popular. I personally have not done any piercing except bumping into sharp objects.
    I am sure when you pierce the inside of your mouth you have to very careful with infection. Kind of hard to keep the mouth clean when you stuff things into it.
    Your site looks great appears you have done a lot of research and have been doing this for awhile.
    Thanks for the great information

    • Hey Jim.

      That’s what motivated me to build this site – the fact that so many people are getting pierced these days. This also means that there are more cases of infection than ever before though!

      The mouth is one of the highest risk areas of the body to pierce, you’re 100% correct.

      Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated!

  3. Your review on monroe piercing was quite informative and helpful, at least for those who are freaks or should i say fan of these kind of art as i will fit to call it.

    I look forward to read more of your review on different kinds of piercing, how it is down and how it can be cared for to avoid infections and injuries.

    • Hey Johnson!

      I’m really glad that you enjoyed reading my post. There will be lots more interesting stuff posted on my site throughout 2016!

      Thanks very much.

  4. your information on how to take care of piercings afterwards is very important. I remember going through a horrible time many years ago after a belly button piercing. If I only had this type of information before I got that piercing it would have saved me tons of problems.

    Thanks for this post! I’ll be sure to show my friends who are big piercer advocates =)

    • I feel that everyone who has piercings should have this information readily available to them whenever they need it! I hope this helps a few people.

      Please do refer your friends here. I’d be happy to help them out!

      Thanks very much!

  5. Marilyn Monroe sure did look good with that beauty mark! I finally get why this is such a popular piercing now. This would seem pretty painful.. but would you recommend using hydrogen peroxide to keep the piercing clean? Or is Saline the best way to go? That kit seems like the best solution since it has everything.

    • Hi Billy.

      It is a lovely piercing. Looks really good on some people!

      It is not a good idea to use hydrogen peroxide on piercings as it is too strong and can cause irritation and actually kill off skin cells! Saline solution or a purchased piercing cleansing aftercare solution (such as the ones I mention in the post) would be the best option.


  6. Great post and very helpful for people who just had piercings done. I had my belly button and my tongue pierced back in my teens and you truly need to take good care of it. Great tips.

  7. I’ve known so many people that got piercings done, didn’t take care of it right, and then it ended up being a pain and an issue. I didn’t know spicy foods would make a difference tho…interesting

  8. Hey Hannah,

    So nice to see you providing such useful tips on how to heal up Monroe Piercing and making sure it does not cause any infection.

    You not only provide recommendations on piercings, but you also provide some caring advice for us your readers.

    Thanks again as usual for your very awesome work, I have learned something new. Keep it up Hannah.


    • Hi there Jason.

      This subject needs to be discussed so people know how to keep their piercing clean!

      Thanks so much. It means a lot to me that my readers enjoy what I write for them!

  9. Great tips for healing and pain. I wish I would have came across this a few years ago to prevent a infection I had. I found helpful information on how to treat it a little better then what I did. I keep this website in mind next time I get a piercing.

    • Thanks very much Bryce!

      At least the information is available now anyway. You know where to find me if you ever have any piercing related questions!

      Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Hannah, your post on how the aftercare on monroe piercing is really informative and helpful. Definitely useful as I can see piercing becoming more and more popular, especially among the teenagers. Though I only have piercing on the ears, I remember that the aftercare is hard work. But worth the effort for sure as getting an infection is even worse!

    • Thanks very much. Piercing definitely is becoming very popular with teenagers and it’s important that they have all the information they need!77

      Glad you appreciate my work!

  11. Wow, this post sums up aftercare in such detail! I suppose the steps to take are similar irrespective of the kind of piercing one opts for or is that not the case?

    • You’re right Shaz, the aftercare steps are similar for all piercings, but there are also subtle differences to take into consideration. That’s why I feel the need to make a guide on all the individual peircings!

      Thanks for your input.

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