Eyebrow Piercing Care Tips – Prevent Infection, Irritation & Rejection

Eyebrow Piercing Care Tips

The eyebrow is one of the most popular body parts to get pierced.

This piercing gained popularity in the 1970’s and has become one of the “main” piercings seen on the face. The eyebrow piercing is actually a form of surface piercing, meaning that the needle goes underneath the skin rather than in through one side and out the other.

Like all other piercings, the eyebrow piercing comes with it’s own set of risks if it is not looked after properly during the 6 to 8 week healing period. For example infection, migration/rejection or  irritation.

To help you achieve fast and painless healing I have put together a list of eyebrow piercing care tips. Get yourself into a routine of doing the following things naturally to benefit most.

Cleanse Your Eyebrow Piercing

As with any piercing, you need to clean your eyebrow piercing twice daily throughout the 6 to 8 week healing period.

There are a few cleansing techniques you can use. I will explain them to you now and you can choose which one sounds most appealing to you. All of these cleansing methods work equally well.

Saline Solution

Saline SolutionOne of the most versatile cleansing solutions in the world is definitely saline solution. People have been using saline solution for it’s anti-septic properties for centuries and still use it to this day. Just goes to show how effective it really is!

What you will need:

  • Sea salt
  • Luke warm water
  • Cotton pads
  • A cup or glass
  • disposable towel or cloth

How to use saline solution to cleanse your eyebrow piercing:

Note: Wash your hands using anti-bacterial soap before you even touch your piercing!

  1. Stir half a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt into a cup of like warm water.
  2. Soak your cotton pad in the solution.
  3. Apply the saline soaked cotton pad to your eyebrow piercing. Make sure to thoroughly soak it.
  4. Dry your piercing  using disposable towel, cloth or tissue.

Aftercare Solution

EasyPiercing Care KitAnother method of cleansing your eyebrow piercing is by using a professional piercing aftercare solution.

There many different aftercare solutions available on the market. The available products are specially designed by professionals for use on piercings, so naturally they work very well.

I put together a selection of the best piercing aftercare solutions I have ever used right here.

I would recommend the EasyPiercing Care Kit – Give it a try!

Anti-bacterial Soap

Antibacterial soap

There is a bit of controversy over whether anti-bacterial soap is safe for use on piercings.

Personally I would say anti-bacterial soap is perfectly safe as long as it is alcohol free soap which is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

When you are purchasing your soap, be sure to check the label to make sure there are no strong chemicals in it.

This is not the best cleansing method to be honest with you. It would be better to use saline solution or piercing aftercare solution.

Wear the Right Jewelry

Curved BarbellsLike I said, the eyebrow piercing is a form of surface piercing so is prone to rejection. One of the best ways of preventing this from happening to you is by wearing the correct type of jewelry.

Eyebrow piercings require a different type of jewelry to most other surface piercings (which work best with 90° surface barbell). For an eyebrow piercing you should wear a mini curved barbell. Ball Closure Rings are also suitable.

Wear a Larger Gauge Size

This may sound counter-intuitive but one of the top ways to prevent piercing rejection is to wear a larger gauge size.

Smaller gauge sizes in surface piercings can cause a “cheese cutter” effect. The thin jewelry acts as a string used to cut cheese (hence the strange name).

For an eyebrow piercing you should go for a gauge size of 16G or 14G.

Choose High Quality Jewelry

Low quality body jewelry and even steel jewelry is known to contain trace amounts of nickel, which many people are sensitive to.

Even a trace amount of nickel would be enough to cause a reaction and/or irritation in individuals who are sensitive to it.

Go for 100% nickel free jewelry materials such as titanium, BioPlast/BioFlex, gold, silver, platinum or acrylic (only use acrylic as a last resort, it is not very good for piercings at all).


Get Your Eyebrow Pierced by a Professional

If it not too late to change this part, please make sure you pick your piercer very carefully.

Your piercer should e fully certified, you can even ask to see proof of their certifications, just to be sure. You should also ask how experienced they are in eyebrow piercings specifically and ask to see some of their previous work in their portfolio (all good piercers should have a portfolio).

All the equipment which is to be used should be autoclaved beforehand and laid out in front of you whilst the piercing is being done. The needle should be brand new and fresh out of a sealed package.

The average price of an eyebrow piercing is £15 – £25. You may have to pay a bit extra for the jewelry.

Other Eyebrow Piercing Care Tips

Here I am going to give you some more tips to help your eyebrow piercing heal as quickly, smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Try to use all of these tips in your daily life. This way you should be able to avoid irritation, rejection and infection.

  • Always wash your hands using anti-bacterial soap before touching your piercing
  • Do not wear makeup on your eyebrow piercing
  • Avoid using alcohol, epsom salts, hydrogen peroxide or any other strong chemicals on your piercing
  • Wear a plaster on your piercing when you go to the  hairdressers
  • Do not sleep on the side where your piercing is
  • Avoid using creams, lotions or anti-biotic ointments


As with all piercings, if you look after your eyebrow piercing it will heal up much quicker and with less problems.

The eyebrow piercing is the easiest to look after out of all of the different types of surface piercings out there.

Just make sure you cleanse your piercing twice daily using either saline solution or piercing aftercare products. Wear the right type of jewelry, which should be of a larger gauge size and preferably made from titanium, BioPlast/BioFlex, gold or silver. You should also avoid alcohol and other strong chemicals.

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, please share with your friends, you never know, one of them may be looking for this information anyway!

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    I really enjoy reading your articles and this article is no different.

    Have you consider writing about the risk or complications that can be experienced is the piercing is done incorrectly? The reason I ask is because I have nieces and nephews who I have referred your site because they are at that age.

    I was wondering about some risks that I heard regarding potential partial paralysis if done incorrectly. Is that true to any degree?

    • Hi Dwayne.

      I would like to write an article within the next couple of weeks which covers the risks associated with the piercing being done incorrectly. This is certainly a topic which needs to be discussed. I will be making a post on this soon.

      There are risks of partial facial paralysis with certain piercings, such as the eyebrow piercing. This can be caused by either striking a nerve during the piercing process or nerve damage to to infection spreading. This is a rare occurrence though. There are other risks which are of a much higher concern which I will cover when I write the article.

      Thanks for your input. I’m very grateful for your input.


  2. Hi Hannah,
    I visited your site , you have done a very good job presenting the piercing . The layout of the page is well done . You have nice images and links installed on the page and you have included a lot of information as well . I give you a high 5 for it . good work .
    I will admit that I’m not into body piercing and had no idea of it at all . I just know that it has took off running . So with that said Good Luck .

    • Hey Brenda.

      Thanks very much for stopping by and checking out my site. I appreciate you taking your time to leave a comment even though your not a fan of body piercing.

      Much appreciated. Thanks a million.


  3. I sincerely believe this site should be required reading for anyone considering getting pierced!

    Excellent presentation and content!


  4. hi Hannah
    I do not have any piercings (I have plenty of tattoos though) but if I were to have one I think an eyebrow piercing would be it. As I said I have a lot of tattoos that I can also cover up with clothes if necessary. I feel like the eyebrow piercing remains a “classier one” (no offense intended) for those meetings with individuals who are less open. That being said, if you do have to cover up or hide your piercings and tattoos all the time, then maybe you need to find another job. I appreciate your tips, which are always thorough and if I ever get that piecing I would come back to your site to go over all your tips in a heartbeat!

    • Hey Emily.

      Tattoos are generally much easier to hide than piercings, well unless they’re on your face. I’ve got friends with tattoos all over their face but luckily their jobs are fine with it!

      I have to agree with you on the eyebrow piercing being “classier” – it’s much more accepted by people. Having to hide your piercings/tattoos every day would be a real nuisance.

      Thanks for stopping by – much appreciated!


  5. Hannah,
    I wanted to tell you that even though I do not have any piercings I do have tattoo’s and I appreciate you sharing how to properly care for your piercings. I say that because I have had tattoo artist push care products, and that is ok, but I like the idea of giving the customer something and showing that you care enough to tell them how to properly clean their piercing. I thought it was great you shared how to make your own saline solution, that alone to me is what makes me a returning and loyal customer.

    • Hey Robert.

      I know of piercers that do exactly the same thing – pushing people to buy their aftercare product but not really giving any worthy advice on caring for the piercing. I feel that showing compassion for the customers is very important.

      Thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment.


  6. Hi Hannah,
    Your Article on piercing is containing very useful information. The Piercing is becoming very popular among youngsters.You covered broadly the about the care after piercing. You must also cover the information like by whom piercing can be done , level of expertise (Dr), Cost of piercing etc.
    Commendable job all the way.

    • Hi Sam.

      I will add some of this information to my article as you have suggested. Thanks for your input, I’m very grateful for your advice.


  7. Great website, is really amazing, your niche is very lucrative. Really good information, I didn’t know about it, I have so many friends with piercings and they have made it with different methods but I’m sure that they doesn’t know this information at all, so thanks for share it, I can see that you really love the niche so it can be very lucrative as a business, I will share it with my friends. Cheers.

    • Hey Alfred. Glad you found my website to be helpful. Thanks for taking interest.


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