The Pros and Cons of a Septum Piercing: Making up Your Mind

Pros and cons of a septum piercing

Considering getting a septum piercing but not sure if it’s a good idea or not?

Many people have this problem when they are thinking about getting a new piercing.

Your decision would be so much easier if you could see all the pros and cons of septum piercing laid out in their simplest form.

That’s why I have decided to do this for you.

Getting a piercing is a bigger deal than some make it out to be. I mean a piercing is a wound at the end of the day, so should be taken seriously!

Pros and Cons of a Septum Piercing

Septum piercingA septum piercing is a perforation in the soft flesh below the cartilaginous wall dividing the two nostrils.

This piercing is quite popular these days. You may even be considering getting one done yourself!

So what are the main points for and against getting a septum piercing?

Some of these points are fact, others are more a matter of opinion.

Hopefully after reading this you will have made up your mind on whether you should get this piercing or not!


  • There are many different types of body jewelry which can be worn in your septum. This is a highly customizable piercing.
  • Septum piercings can be easily hidden. This is great for those of you whose work place is not so piercing-friendly.
  • This is a versatile piercing which can suit anyone, no matter what your style is! It can also work on pretty much any nose shape, contrary to common belief.
  • A septum piercing can enhance your natural beauty. Think of it as a permanent decorative accessory for your face.
  • If you do not feel the piercing suits you, take it out and there won’t even be a visible scar!
  • Septum piercings are stretchable! If you do decide to stretch your septum piercing, you can hide it if you need to for any reason, unlike stretched ears.
  • More unique than a standard nose piercing.
  • You can combine a septum piercing with any other piercing and it will look great. For example a horseshoe in your septum with a bridge piercing (top of the top, between eyes)


  • Aftercare can be awkward due to the fact that the piercing is actually inside your nose. Be prepared to clean boogers off your jewelry sometimes.
  • Getting the actual piercing done may make your eyes water and cause you to sneeze.
  • People judging you. Piercings have a stigma. If you are going to get one, you will have to live with this and be prepared to deal with people calling you a “bull”. Just ignore them!
  • Without proper care this piercing can start to smell. The stench will be more noticeable to you as it is inside your own nose. This is more common with larger gauge sizes. To avoid this look after your piercing!
  • Cleaning your piercing and jewelry can be quite sore and will make your eyes water. Especially if you allow crust to form, as you will have to get it off! Again, look after it to prevent this!

Keep in mind that most of the cons are only a problem if you do not look after your septum piercing properly. Take good care of it and there are hardly any cons at all!

Would a septum piercing suit you?

Septum piercingA common concern people have about getting a septum piercing is whether it would suit them.

You may be worried that you do not have the right shaped nose or face to carry a septum piercing off.

Well, here’s some good news: septum piercings can look great on anyone!

Septum piercings can suit any shape of nose. It can enhance a good looking nose’s beauty or distract from a not so attractive nose.

Not convinced?

Here are a couple of ways to try on a septum ring without having to get pierced:

  1. Get yourself some fake septum jewelry. Most piercing shops will do these. GET 10% OFF on All Body Jewelry at Body Candy.
  2. Take a photo of yourself and find a piercing generator app or website where you can try on piercings. You could also use Photoshop or GIMP which is free to download and edit a septum ring onto your face.

If you wish, you could send me a photo of yourself and I will do this for you and email your photo back to you. Don’t worry I won’t let anyone else see it, it will just be between you and me.

In conclusion

I know it is a tough decision to make – whether to get the piercing or not. Just take your time, don’t feel rushed. Sleep on it!

Depending on your reasons for being uncertain, I would say the pros far outweigh the cons.

Particularly if your reason is that you are not sure if it will suit you or not. I can tell you now, it will suit you!

Weight up the pros and cons of a septum piercing, make your decision, get your piercing (or not) and most importantly – take good care of your new piercing!

I hope you found this post helpful. If there are any more pros or cons of getting a septum piercing, let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share this post!

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37 Comments on The Pros and Cons of a Septum Piercing: Making up Your Mind

  1. Hi Hannah, I must be honest with you and say that you have provided enough information on piercing for anyone interested in doing it. Keep up the great work and good luck…

  2. Hey Hanna

    Great article thank you for sharing with us, to me it does seem like the cons out way the pros, having a smelly pierced nose is not the best place to have something smell.

    But I guess if you look after it properly no harm would come, how long will this particular area of skin take to heal it self back if you decided afterward that you did not like it?

    Thank you

    • Hey Jack.

      I guess the cons are probably pretty bad but most off them only apply when the piercing is not taken care of properly. If the person takes care of their piercing they would not experience any problems like this.

      The amount of time for skin to heal after removing a septum ring would vary drastically from person to person but would heal up sufficiently in a couple of months. It’s hard to put an exact time estimate on it as everyone is different.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. I think that your page is very good, the information is laid out in a fashion that is very easy for a person to read and take in and understand. The Piercing itself is well explained so readers can understand that as well. The pros and cons part of it was a really good idea that was executed very well and is tailored in a good manner to the target audience and is presented in a way that will resonate with them. All in all, this is a very good page.

  4. Wow! I really feel out of my element here, but I’ll confess to having some kind of fixation with women who have body piercing. Is there a word for that?

    Thanks for laying out the pros and cons of a septum piercing. Some of the cons were a bit graphic, but I guess it had to be said.

    • Hey there!

      I can’t say I know of a word for that, no. I would just call it a piercing fetish haha 😉

      Thanks for reading.

  5. You are really a professional. I can’t really imagine how you do this. It looks very scary though and I would like to ask if you can remove the ring once you have it in your nostril. How long does it take to do the septum piercing?

    • Thanks nkay.

      It’s not as difficult or scary as it looks, really. It’s just a matter of finding the soft bit of skin below the cartilage in between the nostrils, it’s usually above that little bump. The needle goes through quite easy if its done right. It’s a quite process – preparation takes minutes and the piercing itself takes seconds.

      Once the piercing is done you can remove the ring but it would be sore and the hole would close up. Once the piercing is healed you can remove the ring to replace it with different jewelry.

      Thanks for reading.

  6. hmmm…..some great points to consider for sure. This needs to be shared with a teenager who is dead set on getting a piercing. Luckily I have many years before I have one of those. Who knows what they will be piercing by then.

    I really like the idea of a fake piercing. You get the best of both worlds without going through all the cleaning, sneezing and soreness. It would be ideal for me. I have no issues with piercing but all of mine are in my ears. The most painful was the top of the ear. I still can’t put an earring in because they are all too thick or they make it extremely sore. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Great post! certainly worth sharing with anyone who is prone to getting piercings.

    • Hi Melody!

      Thanks for the comment. Yes fake piercings are great, you get to try out the look without having to make a hole in your body.

      What type of jewelry are you using for the top of your ear? Could you not just get thinner jewelry? Your jewelry should be one gauge size smaller than the needle used. If the piercing was done with a gun you need to try and find 20G jewelry or 18G if you can’t find 20G.

      You should get yourself some proper cleansing solution (you can purchase this online fairly cheap) and clean it twice or three times daily. If you have left the jewelry out for too long it may have closed up and could need repiercing.

      Hope this helps a bit.

  7. Hey Hanna, when I see septum piercings the first thing I wonder is if there is no fear of it getting caught in something. That is probably the biggest thing to discourage me added to that I have allergies and there is a constant need to wipe my nose. There seem to be a lot of cons though but I guess if you learn how to properly care for your piercing then its ok

    • Hey there Elliedan.

      Most of the cons are easy to overcome and are only an issue for those who do not take care of their piercing.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Hannah,

    My main concern about the septum piercing is the fact that the place I work at right now is not very pro piercing, and I’ve had to take out my nose stud and lip stud – which I loved and it healed so fast I couldn’t even put it in on the weekends, it seems like the lip piercing just closed up asap, it sucks. Btw do you think I could my lip re-pierced in exactly the same spot? I have a piercing on the border of my lip and face, like right on the line almost, in the corner, and I ve been thinking to get it re-pierced for ages, but I would like it in the same spot, can you do that? And with this septum piercing, how do you hide it? Is there a kind of stud you can put in that won’t be noticeable, and then exchange it for a ring when outside work/on the weekend?

    Take Care,

    • Hey Eva.

      The same happened to my snakebites, they closed up real quick when I took them out. You could certainly repierce your lip in the same place, just take extra good care of it if you do. It’s fine to repierce the same spot as long as the scarring is not too bad.

      You can hid the septum piercing by flipping it up into your nose. You can get septum retainers designed for this purpose, they are the correct shape to fit snug inside the nostrils when you turn it up.

      Thanks for your comment.

  9. Hello!

    I could never understand that some people find this attractive for some reasons but I am careful to not be judgmental. After all, it not my business what people do with themselves. My friend had this kind of piercing and she got infection in her nose last year. It wasn`t pretty. It looks to me that it always creates some health risks, am I right?

    All the best!

    • Hi Igor.

      Many people find it attractive, including myself (of course). Everyone has their own taste anyway. The world would be boring if we were all the same, right?

      Any piercing poses a health risk IF it is not cared for properly. Also certain metals used for the jewelry have been known to cause allergic reactions which can lead to infection, such as stainless steel. If the jewelry is looked after well and the right jewelry is worn there should be no problems at all and the piercing would be perfectly safe. Unfortunately most people do not take aftercare seriously enough and that’s why infection is so common.

      Thanks for reading and expressing your opinions.

  10. Hi there

    When l was younger, really wanted septum piercing combined with a nose piercing,but I knew my mum would kill me.Today looking back,I’m glad l did not, I don’t think it will look very nice on a 40+-year-old woman lol.
    Anyway, most businesses do not allow any kind of piercings apart from the ones under clothes.
    After reading your cons of septum piercing, I’m sure it is not for me, never was and the wish l had as a young person was just that,wishing for something l could not have done.
    Thanks for a very informative and interesting read, but I’m not getting any piercing done,too old for it now.

    • Hey Roam.

      I’m very glad you found my article informative. I hope to help a few people decide whether this piercing is actualy for them or not.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Their are pros and cons to nearly everything we do and apply ourselves to today. Their is no exception with make up and body art. This site is full of great tips and knowledge for all ages and lifestyles. I’m surprised at the amount of knowledge with this art. It’s great

  12. Hi Hannah, I always like to check your site from time to time for new posts, although I’ve got no piercings on my own apart from my earlobes:) I love the new header too! It’s beautiful! I have to say I’m not a fan of septum piercing. It’s the only piercing that I really find off putting. I guess it’s because buggers can occasionally stick to it, and it always makes me think how and wheather people actually clean it. I didn’t know it was a high maintenance piercing, but the fact it can easily start to smell makes me think I would never have it done myself. Thanks for all the information!

    • Hi Kams.

      I would call the septum piercing a bit of a statement piercing – it’s bound to spark some kind of reaction. Most people either love it or hate it. It is pretty high maintenance. Like most piercings, if you don’t look after it, you will suffer.

      Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated!

  13. Hey Hanna! Great post. As a guy who is pierced the hell out i can definetely say that septum is a pain in the ass… I used to have 8 piercings on my body, 3 on my brows, 2 on my nipples, one in my tongue, and two on my ear. Now that i’m working in a formal engineering job i had to remove some of those. But did this bad boy change? No! I still wear my tongue and nipple piercing and i’m so proud of them. About the septum, i know from my friends. It’s great to wear if you can look after it. But the healing process can be a little disturbing. Great post!

    • Hi Tyler.

      It sucks that you had to remove most of your piercings. I suppose it wouldn’t be an option to just cover them up – being that you had so many. Keep rocking those piercings so do have left though!

      Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated, my friend!


  14. Hi there
    Since l read your post some time ago, l keep coming back for new posts.
    Like l said once before, I’m too old to walk around with rings hanging any other place apart from my ears, but that does not mean I’m not interested in what part of bodies are being pierced, my daughter is 13 years old and I’m sure soon she will want to pierce one part of her body or the other.that`s why l keep coming to your site so I know what to do (care wise) because as a teen, I’m sure she will have a piercing done carelessly without thinking of the after care.
    Whatever the pros,l feel rings belong in earlobes and nowhere else (excuse my ancient beliefs)
    Enjoyed your post, thanks so much

    • Hi Roamy.

      It’s great that you have been enjoying your time on my site. Nice one!

      If your 13 year old does start getting into piercings, you know where to find all the aftercare and safety advice you and her could need. I’m always happy to help if you have any questions or concerns.

      Thanks very much for visiting my site. You always welcome.

  15. Hi, I just came to your website accidentally and I am not familiar with piercings at all, but started to read.
    Yes, smart idea that the septum piercings can be hidden.
    But I have a question for a long time already, and never had the chance to ask it so far. Does wearing piercings have a meaning, or is it from a particular culture ?

    • Hey Robert.

      People have been getting pierced for centuries now. Many forms of piercing have tribal origins. For example, stretched ears and stretched lips are a symbol of beauty. The bigger the lip is stretched the more beautiful the person. Generally speaking, it is more of a tradition than actually having any symbolism.

      Hope this answers your question. Thanks for reading!


  16. Great Post!
    I’ve been wanting to have a septum for quite a long time, but couldn’t dare to actually have it yet, becazse in fact I want to be a professional singer in classical vocals. My question is: how do you deal with the piercing when youre sick with your nose involved? also can a piercing cause breathing issues in any kind?

    • Hey Marie. This piercing does not cause any breathing issues. When you get sick you have to be extra careful blowing your nose. Also, you will want to cleanse the piercing and jewelry frequently if your nose is running. Salt water (saline solution) does the trick!

      Hope this helps.
      Thanks for reading.

  17. Hi Hannah, I’m not exactly looking to get my septum pierced, I prefer other piercings, like ears and belly button rings. But I was reading about the pros and cons of a septum piercing and realized I didn’t know much about them. After reading it, I have a couple questions.
    Question #1: How long does it take for the piercing to heal completely so you can change out your jewelry for something more your style?
    Question #2: What if someone were to have had the piercing for a couple years, then decided they no longer wanted it, would the hole eventually close back up or will you have a hole in your nose forever(which I assume would be catching boogies. Haha.)?

    • Hey Amanda.

      To answer your questions: The healing time varies a lot between different piercings. the septum piercing takes about 6 to 8 months to heal. Pain goes after about a month though. Jewelry should only be removed or changed after the piercing is healed completely. For an ear or belly piercing, the healing time is much shorter.

      When a piercing is removed, it does leave a small hole. But it does not stay open for long at all. The holes from my retired piercings are barely noticeable anymore. Not big enough for boogies to get caught haha.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.


  18. I am not sure I could ever get my septum pierced because it looks like it would be very painful! But I really enjoyed your post on the topic because you bring up some very valid points. I think anyone considering getting this done will definitely benefit from your post as well as your website. Great job and I am glad I stumbled upon this

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