How to Get Rid of Cartilage Piercing Bumps

Get Rid of Cartilage Piercing Bumps

If there is one piercing question I get asked all the time it’s got to be this: “how do I get rid of cartilage piercing bumps?”

Luckily there is a myriad of methods you can use to treat these bothersome bumps. Which are medically known as keloids.

This is what you’re going to be learning about today. Even if you don’t currently have this problem, it’s still worth learning about. You never know when a bump is going to start popping up on you or your friend’s helix piercing!

Try some of these methods of treatment. One of them will work for you. I guarantee you!

Salt Water Soak

EasyPiercing Saline SolutionOne of the most versatile solutions to any and every piercing related problems!

Saline solution is powerful stuff. It’s stupidly easy to make. You probably have the two ingredients already.

All you need to do is stir a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt or rock salt into a glass of warm water.

You then take a cotton pad and soak it in the salty liquid.

Apply the salty liquid to your piercing and the bump and let the salt work its magic!

Not much else needs to be said about this one. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve given you guys these instructions now. It will come in handy though!

Note: If you want to give that little bit of extra care, invest in the EasyPiercing Saline Solution. It is worth your money!

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree OilPure tea tree oil is a naturally potent anti-bacterial substance. It is often used to treat acne and other forms of mild infection.

If you intend on using this method of treatment, make sure you use 100% pure tea tree oil. Any other ingredients could worsen the problem and may irritate your skin even more!

All you need to do is apply the oil directly to the affected area using a cotton swab (q-tip).

If your skin is sensitive, dilute the oil with water.

Chamomile Salt Soak

ChamomileMost of us have used chamomile to soothe and relax our body and mind before bed.

Chamomile is a versatile herb. The soothing properties are not limited to the mind and muscles. It is also soothing and calming to the skin.

Simply brew yourself a cup of chamomile. Except you will not be adding a sweetener as you usually would. Instead you will be adding a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt or rock salt! This will soothe your skin and fight infection as the same time! You will definitely see the benefits.

Apply the brew to your skin using a cotton swab three times a day. You will start to see results within a couple of weeks!


AspirinAspirin is known for its health benefits. It is also said that it can be used to treat keloids.

A simple yet effective treatment you should definitely try!

  1. All you need to do is crush up an aspirin tablet. Mix it in with a small amount of water to form a paste.
  2. Apply the paste to the bump on your piercing.
  3. Then just wash it off using a sea salt soak.

The anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin should have your keloid reducing in size in no time!


HoneyHoney is a powerful antiseptic. Infections don’t stand a chance once you add honey to your arsenal! It is also great for use on sensitive skin due to the fact that it is natural and gentle.

All you need to do here is apply a dab of honey to the bump 3 times a day.

You could even try adding some honey to your chamomile and sea salt brew (see recipe above) for that extra antiseptic kick!

Lemon Juice

LemonLemons. Natures way of keeping everything fresh!

Not everyone has success with this method, but some people swear by it!

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a cup. Dilute it with 50% water.

Apply it to your piercing using a q-tip.

Monitor your results over the course of two or three weeks. If you see a difference, keep it up. If not, try something else!

Preventing Bumps!

As with anything else in life, prevention is always better than cure!

Instead of going through all the hassle of treating a keloid bump, why not prevent yourself from getting one altogether?

Wear the Right Jewelry

Titanium Ball Closure RingFirst off, consider what material your jewelry is made of. Avoid steel. This includes the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel. Stick to titanium as it causes less irritation and is much more suited to use in the skin.

make sure jewelry fits properly. Also, wear the right style of ring or barbell for your piercing. Read more about this here.

Avoid earrings with butterfly backs!

NEVER Get Pierced With a Gun!

Piercing GunPiercing guns unsafe. End of story!

Getting pierced with a gun can shatter cartilage. This is because a gun uses brute force to pierce the skin. This is bound to cause problems down the line. Particularly if you are prone to getting keloids!

Needles are much safer. Any certified piercer who is worthy of getting pierced by will only use needles.

Be Nice to Your Piercing and it Will be Nice to You!

You may think I’m stating the obvious. I’m often shocked by how some people treat their piercings though. Without even realising they are doing anything wrong!

Here’s some tips:

  • Do not let the jewelry get caught in clothes or hair.
  • Don’t let it get bumped or knocked about.
  • Cleanse it thoroughly during the healing period.
  • Do not cleanse using alcohol or other strong chemicals.

To Sum Up!

Cartilage piercings are stylish and suit everyone. They make for a unique and fun way of decorating the ear.

Dont let the risk of bumps put you off of getting one done. Keep in mind that keloids can easily be prevented. Also, some people are more prone than others. If you have never had a keloid before, chances are you will never get one.

I hope you found this article helpful!

Do you get keloids on your piercings? If so, how do you treat them and what works best? Join in the conversation below by leaving a comment.

12 Comments on How to Get Rid of Cartilage Piercing Bumps

  1. Thank you for this awesome and way informative article post Hanna! Cartile piercing bumps can be really irrirating especially if they start itching or develop sores inside.

    Getting rid of cartilage piercing bumps can really seem like a huge challenge and almost impossible thing to do. I definitely recommend this article to anybody who is having a touch time figuring out how to get rid of cartilage piercing bumbs, Thanks Hanna!

    • No problem Tebatso. Glad you found my post helpful. I know how annoying cartilage bumps can be, and what I relief it is when it starts to shrink!

      Many thank.


  2. At the risk of sounding ‘Old School’, I will never ever pearce my upper ears!!!! For those who do, I wish you the best of luck. It brings back memories of being in year 9 at school and staring in morbid fascination at my priate school class mates (quite a few of the popular straight A Students at that!) with upper ear pearcings. The remedies sound very natural and low fuss and also remind me of some last minute pre date zit cures I read about recently in my daughters teenage magazines. Especially the Aspirin ingredient. For those of you brave enough for this journey, all the best 🙂 xxx

  3. Hi Hanna

    A very easy to read and laid out post. I never knew it was bad to get you ear pierced with a gun and this can shatter the cartilage. Also the top tip of using titanium instead of using stainless steel. some valuable information on piercing and great home remedy’s to cure bumps. I found this article very useful and I am definitely going to share. Thanks Naeem

    • Thanks very much Naeem. You’d be surprised just how bad for the skin piercing guns really are!

      Nice one!


  4. Hi thanks, that was a very informative post. Ear piercing is something that has been on my mind lately as my daughter has been asking to get her ears pierced. However, she is only 6. What age to you recommend having kids ears pierced?
    Also you mention that a piercing gun is not safe. Is this true for kids too?

    • Hey Paula.

      It is perfectly safe to get your child’s ears pierced at the age of 6. Have a look into medical piercing. Some doctors will do it. Much safer than going to a mall. You could ask a doctor to point you in the right direction. Medical piercers specialise in piercing children’s and babies ears.

      If not, there is nothing wrong with taking your daughter to a certified piercer. This would still be a safer option than the mall stall.

      Hope this helps!


  5. Hmmmm. Interesting. Learnt something new again. I didn’t know that a piercing should be done with a needle rather than a gun.

    And once again tea tree oil comes to the rescue. I think every household should have a bottle of this miracle ointment in it.

    Well written post with very helpful information.

    • Hey Michel.

      Yes always get pierced with a needle. Even the lobes!

      Tea tree oil is amazing! You’re so right, I always have a bottle!



  6. I only have the -rather tame- standard lobe piercing most Middle East baby gals get, although I’m considering getting more.
    When I read the title of this article, my first thought was ‘honey. it’s antibacterial, natural and smells great! except for the stickiness that sucks.’
    I’ve seen scrapes and cuts being treated with plain old honey, and although it sounds weird, it does work!

    • Hey There.

      As long as you look after your piercings well, the chance of getting any problems, such as bumps, is low. So if you feel you want more piercings, I say go for it! There’s so much beautiful jewelry available too.

      You guessed right when you said honey. Nature’s best anti-bacterial remedy. I can well and truly believe that honey works great!

      Thanks for stopping by.

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