Pros and Cons of Tragus Piercing – Is it Right for You?

Pros and Cons of Tragus Piercing

The delightfully delicate tragus piercing is a big hit amongst all age groups. This piercing appeals to people of all types. From glamour girls to punk rock chicks to professional women. If you are a guy, don’t feel left out. There is plenty of more masculine jewelry available on the market.

You’ve seen it on other people and admired its beauty. Would you want to get this piercing yourself though?

Getting any piercing requires commitment. So put your thinking cap on before you get one done.

The number one way to make any decision is to weigh up the pros against the cons.

I’m going to dedicate my time to listing out those pros and cons for you. I hope to help you make the decision of whether to get your tragus pierced!

Read on!

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Pros and Cons of Tragus PiercingThe first question you should ask yourself is why do you want your tragus pierced?

Everyone has their reasons for getting a piercing. Each piercing has a story behind it.

Do you want your tragus pierced because you like how it looks? Would suit you and your ear shape? Do you want the piercing because it’s fashionable?

These is no right or wrong answer to this question. I’m not going to demand you not to get the piercing because your reason is ‘not good enough’.

I would like to give you some advice though. If you are only interested in the piercing because you want to fit it, you may end up regretting it. Fashion is constantly changing. A trend that is ‘cool’ one week will be forgotten about the next!

It would be impossible to keep up with all the latest piercing trends. You would end up literally covered in holes.

Get a piercing because you like the way it looks. Because you think it will suit your face, style and personality!

The Headphones Problem

how to wear headphones with tragus piercinAnother thing you should consider when you get your tragus pierced is how important music is in your life.

During the 6 to 8 weeks of healing, it will be uncomfortable to wear headphones. The type of ear-buds which sit inside your ear canal can be sore.

Unclean headsets also pose the risk of infection.

If you are anything like me then this is a major issue with the tragus piercing. I can’t live without music!

how to wear headphones with tragus piercinInvest in a comfortable pair of headphones. Many people recommend the type of ear-buds which go further into the ear. Others recommend Skullcandy or Beats. Any headphones which go over the ears!

Once your piercing heals, you have the option take your piercing out whilst you wear headphones. Don’t leave it out for too long though as it will close up!

Note: Don’t take out your jewelry until the piercing is fully healed.

Pros & Cons

Tragus BarsLet’s cover all the main positive and negative aspects of the tragus piercing.

Here goes:


  • It looks cool.
  • There is a massive selection of jewelry.
  • Can suit anyone.
  • More unique than other ear piercing such as lobe and helix.
  • Easy to hide behind hat or long hair.
  • Accepted in many work places.


  • Can be painful for some, more so than the lobe.
  • Headphones may be uncomfortable to wear. You might have to remove the jewelry.
  • Takes up to 8 weeks to heal.
  • Prone to infection due to earwax getting stuck to the jewelry. This can result in hearing loss or disfigurement of the ear.

Making Your Final Decision…

Take your time making this decision. Don’t rush down to the piercing studio because your best friend or favourite celebrity got their tragus pierced!

Bookmark this page. Write down the pros and cons in a word document or notebook. Add personal pros and cons to the list.

Do you feel like you want this piercing? Does the idea of getting it done fill you with excitement? It should do!

If there is any doubt about whether you want a piercing or not, put it off until you have reached your final verdict!

What do you think of the tragus piercing? Would you get this piercing done yourself?

Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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11 Comments on Pros and Cons of Tragus Piercing – Is it Right for You?

  1. I personally don’t like the tragus piercing.I think that getting other places pierced is better since its just looks better and has more visibility- but that’s my personal take of course.
    I really liked the suggestion you give on not doing it because the current fad dictates it. I think its very true, and it relates to my personal story where I had my eyebrow pierced, and regretted it a few months afterwards, since it was “out”.

    • Hey Ido.

      I totally get what you’re saying. This piercing is not the most visible. Although that could be a good thing for some!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Goes to show you should never get a piercing for fashion purposes only!


  2. Hi Hanna
    This is an interesting read.

    Yes, I like the way it looks, but to be honest with you I have never ever considered this type of piercing.

    I think maybe on occasion, I have of it thought.It quickly got wiped out from my thoughts, because I don’t feel confident in getting it done.

    As you said, get it if you think it will suit your face, style or personality.

    Thank you.Enjoyed the read and shared it with my friends on Twitter.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for reading and sharing my post Roopesh. Much appreciated!


  3. Wow, although this tragus piercing looks great, I can almost feel the pain by just looking at it.

    I don’t like inflicting pain on myself at the best of times, so I think this piercing would definitely be out of the question for me. I am sure there will however be many takers for this type of piercing, as it looks awesome.

    • Hey Michel. The tragus piercing is gorgeous. Pretty painful though – the cartilage on that part of the ear is thick and hard!

      Thanks for reading.


  4. I know piercings and tattoos are very popular among young people, but I would like to know what side effects there are of people who get them early in life.

    Do they affect you as you get older? Are there places where getting piercings can lead to infections spreading like with dirty needles?

    • Hey Vitaliy!

      If a piercing is done safely in a properly sterilised studio with sterile equipment, there is not much risk of any side effects. If the person does not look after the piercing there is increased risk of infection or rejection.

      Piercing do not affect you when you get older, no.

      Thanks for taking interest.


  5. Hey;
    I’m thinking about getting a few ear piercings, maybe a nose piercing too.
    I’m twelve and my parents are totally chill with it which was a huge surprise- you don’t really expect parents to be chill about piercings.
    I’ve never been popular -I’m that weird bookworm girl who listens to weird music nobody’s ever heard of (honestly, you people are heathens) and always has a book. Always. And if you didn’t get that reference shame on you.- so I don’t care about what’s ‘in’.
    I have a very low pain tolerance though, seriously low, and from what I’m reading about tragus piercings, either you feel nothing which sounds awesome or it hurts a TON.
    Also bleeding.
    Am I the only person who is more than slightly put off by the bleeding and POTENTIAL EAR DAMAGE?
    I need these ears.
    I am a HUGE music fanatic, always humming or singing something, so this is a huge deal.
    I was thinking about getting a conch piercing too only many people agree that it hurts a lot.
    My lobes were pierced as a baby; I was born in the Middle East and it’s standard there to pierce a baby girl’s earlobes.
    Also, I’m slightly worried because I live in the Middle East and there aren’t any tattoo parlors or body piercing stores anywhere here.
    If you want a piercing you have to find a doctor licensed to do it and I’m pretty sure they use guns, which I read can seriously damage the cartilage and also can’t be sterilized properly.
    I was thinking about a daithe piercing because it sounds fairly safe, or an anti-tragus.
    I wanted a helix, but really I’m just considering the many, many options.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hey there!

      You seem like you have an intelligent head on your shoulders. Even though you are a bit young to be getting a piercing, I would say that you have good enough judgement to make that decision for yourself. Also, that’s great that you’re not a mindless fashion follower!

      Let’s address the concerns you have about getting a new piercing;
      – It is true that the pain level varies insanely with the tragus piercing. Although you have to keep in mind that whatever pain you do feel will be short lived. A harsh but quick pinching sensation!
      – If there is bleeding, it also will not last for long, provided you look after the piercing thoroughly.
      – Ear damage is only a risk for those who allow their piercing to get infected. For example, neglecting it, fiddling with it or letting it get bashed and knocked about too much.

      I must say I’m a bit shocked that medical piercers use guns in the Middle East. I was not aware of this at all. Is there no way you could travel out of town a bit to find a piercer who uses the correct equipment?

      If not, I would assume that medical piercers take more safety precautions than others who use guns. At least they have a working knowledge of human anatomy (which makes a huge difference!).

      Don’t let pain or risk put you off the piercing you really want. Keep in mind that things usually only go wrong for those who do not look after their piercing!
      Any of the piercings you mentioned above can be perfectly safe and heal up with no problems at all.
      If pain and safety really is an issue – I would say go for the daith or the helix (cartilage is not as thick or hard as the other piercings around the ears).

      I hope I have helped you think through your decision. If you need any more advice, feel free to ask away.

      Take care and keep being you!

  6. Hi,
    I want a tragus piercing – well, I wouldn’t mind. I saw this done on a girl that worked with me about 20 years ago, so it is not a new style of piercing but very popular now and I still like it. Is 20 years enough time to mull it over? lol, I know, I should just go and do it before I am pushing up daisies.
    I had a piercing that was sooooo painful in the top of my ear and I did have to take it out eventually and just feeling my tragus the skin is quite a lot thicker and more solid than an earlobe that is soft. That doesn’t really deter me that much and the only contributing factor is how much would the cost of something like this sort of piercing be?
    I had an idea about your website that might help generate some income for you though and that would be to sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate so that you can sell the headphones that would be suitable for ears with piercings.. and other accessories too? Maybe? And if I do go ahead and get my tragus pierced, I will send you a photo.

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