Everything You Need to Know About a Septum Piercing

Everything you need to know about a septum piercing

The septum piercing is placed through the cartilage wall in the middle of the nose.

In recent years, this piercing is has drastically increased in popularity. I believe I know the reason the septum piercing has caught on so well! Consider this: septum jewelry is highly noticeable when you want it on show. Slap bang in the middle of your face. Yet it is also easily hidden!

The septum piercing looks badass and edgy. Although with a smaller ring it can look strangely delicate and beautiful!

This piercing suits most face and nose shapes. It does not alter the appearance of the nose in the long run. Although swelling may occur for a few days after the piercing is first done. Primarily on the inside of the nose.

What a versatile piercing!

The Piercing Process

Septum PiercingPeople assume that the septum piercing goes straight through the cartilage.

This is not usually the case. Most piercers prefer to perforate the soft skin just below the septum cartilage wall. More commonly known as the “sweet spot”.

Not everyone has a big enough sweet spot to pierce. In cases like this the piercer has to stick the needle through the cartilage.

To find your sweet spot, grab each side of your septum and feel around for a softer bit of skin. It should be right below the hard cartilage down the center of the nose.

You may even be told that you do not have the correct anatomy for this piercing. Your piercer might refuse to do the piercing altogether.


The level of pain one experiences when their septum is pierced varies immensely.

A piercing through hard cartilage hurts a heck of a lot more than the sweet spot. Your eyes are guaranteed to water. So girls, make sure your mascara is waterproof. Unless you are going for the panda eye look!

A skilled piercer will pierce the soft skin below the cartilage. The pain level for a septum piercing performed in this manner is comparable to that of plucking a nose hair. More of a stinging, eye watering sensation. It is overwith quickly anyway. Nowhere near as painful as you would imagine it to be!

Jewelry Types

The main types of jewelry worn in the septum piercing are as follows:


White Gold Circular BarbellThe circular barbell, usually known as the horseshoe is the most common form of jewelry for the septum piercing.

This form of barbell is unusual as it is measured and worn as a ring would be.

The horseshoe barbell comprises of a rounded barbell with a ball on each end. Both balls can be unscrewed. This makes insertion and removal of the jewelry pretty simple. Although the balls can be fiddly to screw on.

Septum Clicker

Gold Septum ClickerSeptum clickers come in many different designs

There is a septum clicker for every mood, person or occasion.

You will find basic designs for every day wear or more extravagant designs which are prefect for a big night on the town!

Septum clickers are a hinged form of segment ring.


BCRMany people choose to wear a Ball Closure Ring in their septum. This type of jewelry is a sensible choice.

They are easy to insert and remove. Less awkward than the horseshoe ring because the ball does not need to be screwed in. Instead it is held in placed by tension between each end of the open ring. There are two dimples on ball which keep it secure.

The BCR is a top choice for fresh piercings as there is little chance of it getting caught on anything. This is due to the smooth edges.


EasyPiercing Care Kit

The septum piercing needs to be kept scrumptiously clean whilst it is healing. You may think I’m stating the obvious, but I’m often shocked at how many people do not care for their piercings!

Risk of infection is high due to the position of the piercing. Any nose piercing carries this risk. There is a possibility of pieces of snot getting stuck in the jewelry. This causes bacteria to form and leads to infection.

Make sure to cleanse your septum twice a day. You can cleanse using a piercing cleansing product. Using a cotton pad to soak the piercing. Your other option for cleansing is to use saline solution. Make your own saline solution by dissolving a quarter of a teaspoon of rock salt into luke warm water.

Use a Q-tip to remove any crust which forms on the jewelry or wound.

Tip: Be gentle and always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching your piercing!


There is a heightened risk of infection if the piercing is not cared for properly.

Don’t touch the jewelry or the wound whilst it is healing. Cleanse it properly twice or three times a day. This way you will heal up without any problems!

Other than that, the septum piercing is risk free. One of the safest piercings you can get!

Is the Septum Piercing Right for You?

Septum PiercingAre you considering getting your septum pierced?

You don’t want to end up regretting it. Piercings are expensive and require lots of care. You need to be 100% sure that you really want it!

Here’s some advice; ask yourself “why do I want a septum piercing?”. Is it because you want to be seen as ‘cool’ or to be a part of a group? This is not a valid reason to get pierced. Take my word. Fashions change quicker than the weather. What will you do if the piercing goes out of fashion? (It will!)

Get your septum pierced because you want it. You feel it would suit your face, style or personality. Some people find piercing give them more self confidence.

As I have said many times before, do not get pierced just because your friend or favourite celebrity has it.

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To Sum Up…

Be smart and know what you’re getting into. Before you get pierced, do your research.

Always go to good piercer who knows what theyre doing. Read reviews online. Make sure it is sterile and has an autoclave. Always ask to see your piercer’s portfolio.

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I hope you learnt something whilst reading this post.

What would you like to read about next? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hannah – Founder of Pro Piercing Kits.

6 Comments on Everything You Need to Know About a Septum Piercing

  1. I love reading your posts Hanna. You’ve included all the information I’d need if I chose to do s septum piercing. I like seeing it on other people. It seems it takes a lot of personality and guts to wear it. the only downside I see is that buggers may get in the way and totally spoil the whole look! Thanks for showing the selection of septum jewelry. Clicker would be my choice, it looks like and feminine.

    • Thanks very much Kams! Septum piercings do look great on many people. The cool thing about septum clickers is the fact that there are so many different designs you can get!

      Thanks for reading.


  2. I really like the way your website looks, it’s so professional.

    You obviously know what you are talking about, I have never seen a guide this detailed when it comes to piercing. This seems like a painful spot to get a piercing but ti does look really cool. I like the piercings you recommend too. Any person going to pierce their septum should really look into them.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Thanks Dylan. I do work hard on this site, so I really appreciate your kind words.

      If this piercing is don properly it really isn’t as painful as one would think!


  3. You’re right, septum piercing is becoming more and more popular. I’m seeing it everywhere I go now. Years ago, I only saw it in big cities.

    The effect is dependent on the jewelry and that has a vast array of options. Is this something that can be done at home, or do you need to go to a pro? How does one become a piercing pro?

    • Hey there!

      This piercing is slightly more complicated than other piercings around the nose. As I explained in the article, the needle should go through the skin below the cartilage, rather than the actual cartilage.
      For this reason, it’s best to go to a pro. Unless you really know what you’re doing!

      Check out my post on becoming a certified body piercer.

      Hope this helps!


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