Top Tips for Getting Babies Ears Pierced Safely

Getting Babies Ears Pierced
Kid with stretched ears
Ear piercing and even ear stretching is customary for children in some cultures!

Piercing a baby’s ears is controversial in the US and the UK.

Many people in our society say this is cruel. The would tell you that the baby cannot make up their own mind on whether they even want the piercing done. They have no understanding of what is being done to them.

On other side of the coin, piercing a baby’s ears is customary in several cultures of the world. As soon as baby enters the world, a needle is poked through their earlobes! The reasoning behind this is that it is believed to be more painful if the piercing is done when the child is older.

Many people will argue that the child will have no recollection of it when they grow up.

Kids are likely to end up wanting their ears pierced anyway these days. Girls in particular. Thus, they will be thankful to have had the piercing done whilst was too young to remember.

If you decide to go ahead and get your baby’s ears pierced, please make sure you do it right!

Here are some tips:

Piercing Guns are Not Safe. End of Story!

Piercing GunUsing a piercing gun on any part of the body, including the lobes, is risky business. As I’ve said numerous times before!

Yes, I’m aware that Claire’s Accessories has been guns to pierce for years. Same applies to the piercing stalls you find in most shopping malls.

This does not mean that this method is safe though. Not by a long shot!

Many of these part-time piercers are not very hygienic. For a start, they do not sterilize their equipment after each use, as they should. According to the APP, all piercing equipment should be sterilized after every use. Any equipment which can not be sterilized should be thrown out. This prevents blood borne pathogens and other diseases from spreading.

Here’s another reason to avoid any piercer who uses a gun: They are known to cause damage to the skin. Ear cartilage is often shattered by the brute force. This damage is often permanent!

Another problem with getting pierced in a mall is the fact that they often use cheap, low quality body jewelry. Wearing jewelry of such a low quality raises the risk of infection. Many people are allergic to the nickel found in the metals used in the jewelry. This can cause severe irritation or even a full blown allergic reaction (this can be very serious!).

The so called “piercers” in these places do not get anywhere near enough training. They are not even made to study blood-borne pathogens. According to the APP this is mandatory!

Needles are the Way Forward

Piercing needlesIt may seem extreme to pierce a baby’s ears using a needle. One would imagine it to be scarier and more painful than a gun!

This is not the case though. Not at all.

Piercings done with a needle have a better chance of healing problem-free. Infection and rejection rates are low.

You know that all equipment is brand new and fresh out of it’s package. Even so, it is still sterilized using an autoclave, which is the most effective sterilization method. This means that there are no deadly pathogens being passed from person to person.

Overall, this is a much safer option for both adults and babies alike.

Option #1: Find a Local Medical Piercer

Ear piercing at Claire'sIt is not uncommon for parents to dislike the idea of taking their youngster into a piercing studio. This is understandable.

Most piercing studios also do tattoos. The environment of a studio of this sort can be intimidating. You may feel that it is not child friendly. Perhaps you are concerned that your child may be influenced or frightened by the heavily tattooed and pierced individuals found there.

Luckily for you there is another option!

Many doctors in the US and now the UK can help you find a medical piercer. Some will even perform the piercing themselves. No referral needed!

If your doctor is not qualified to pierce kid’s ears, they will point you in the direction of one who can.

A medical piercer is specially trained to pierce the ears of babies. Some even pierce the noses of teens. This stops them from attempting a dangerous self-piercing!

Going to medical piercer is by far the safest option for your baby.

Most will not charge you for this service either!

Option #2: Take Your Youngster to a Professional Studio

Can’t find a medical piercer in your area?

Your next option is to find a child friendly and reputable piercing studio.

Do your research, there may be a piercing studio which specialises in ear piercings for babies and children. Most areas will have one. Read the reviews on the studios around your area to make sure you choose the most preferable one.

If there are no ear piercing studios for children and babies, you could always take your child to a proper tattoo and piercing studio!

Not all piercers will pierce babies. You will need to phone up and ask. You will be surprised at how many studios will.

Believe me, taking your baby to a tattoo and piercing studio is a great deal safer than some stall in the shopping mall! Wouldn’t you rather someone that knows what they’re doing pierce your baby’s ears? This is definitely a better option than a “piercer” who barely has two weeks of training under their belt!


The majority of kids get their ears pierced in the mall or at Claire’s. This does not mean it is safe though!

The environment in these places comes across as ‘child friendly’. Although the chance of your child’s piercing getting infected is substantially higher.

Piercing guns are unhygienic and damaging to the skin. The gun uses brute force to force the stud through the skin. Whereas a piercing needle will create a clean incision.

Go to a medical piercer if you have this option where you live. If not, take your child to a reputable piercing studio! Find a studio specifically for children if you can, they do exist!

Either will do a much better job for your child than the mall ever could!

You can guarantee the professionals have done a lot more ear piercings than any mall piercer could shake a stick at!

Put time into researching local piercer. Worst case scenario is you might pay a bit extra. It is well worth it for the sake of your baby’s health though!

Do you believe in piercing a baby’s ears? What about your own kids, what is the youngest age you would have their ears pierced? Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below!

6 Comments on Top Tips for Getting Babies Ears Pierced Safely

  1. I agree with getting a child’s ears pierced when they are babies because it really does hurt like hell when you get them done later in life.

    I was 8 years old when I got my ears pierced the first time and I cried forever. I still remember how much I hated my mom for doing that to me, LOL.

    I never knew how unclean mall ear piercing was, I definitely learned a lot from this post! We have a four year old little girl and I have been wanting to get her ears pierced but my boyfriend doesn’t want to take her to a tattoo parlor to have them done.

    Personally, I believe a tattoo parlor is the best place to have them done, I’m going to show him this and hopefully he will come around =)


    • Hey Jess.

      I’m glad you see the sense in getting the baby’s ears pierced so young.

      To each their own but it definitely does hurt to get them pierced when you are a bit older! I didn’t get mine done until I was 11 as my school wouldn’t allow earrings and I didn’t wanna take them out incase they closed up.

      Please do try and convince your boyfriend to take your little girl to a professional studio. This will be much much safer for her. Whatever you do, try and avoid the piercing stalls in the mall!

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Something tells me that unfortunately many parents do not know many of these safety tips you’ve mentioned. Though I’m not a fan of piercing babies myself, if they do get pierced, I would hope it’s in a safe and sanitary fashion. I think these are great tips though. Thanks for sharing your very thorough tips on getting your baby’s ears pierced and I plan on sharing your article to other parents who are looking to pierce their baby’s ears.

    • Hi Maria.

      I can understand why parents would think that it is safe to get their kids ears pierced in Claire’s or at the mall. Hopefully I can open a few eyes up with this post. People need to be made aware of the safety issues of these places!

      Ear piercing on babies is so common that I see this to be very a important topic!

      Thanks for reading my post. I would be very grateful if you do share this with your friends.


  3. Hi Hanna,

    So glad that I came across your article about getting babies ears pierced safely, my partner and I are keen to get our little girl’s ears pierced but we had read so many bad reviews about getting it done, your article has now enlightened us on the best method moving forward, great article. I will certainly be book marking your website for future reference. Regards, Michael

    • Thanks Michael. I’m so glad you found the information you have been looking for on my site!

      Piercing a baby’s ears is not as bad as it is made out to be. Not if it is done by someone who knows what they are doing. Also, do your part and make sure that you cleanse your youngster’s ears thoroughly if you do get them done!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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