Your Questions Answered: Do Genital Piercings Increase Pleasure?

Do Genital Piercings Increase Pleasure

One of the top reasons both men and women alike get their genitals pierced is because it is believed to increase pleasure during sex. As exciting as this sounds, genital piercings are one of the least understood and also most feared of all piercings!

A large portion of the population, whether they are into body art or not, have unanswered questions about genital piercings that they were simply too embarrassed to ask.

The question is do genital piercings have any effect on your ability to experience sexual pleasure at all? Who benefits more from getting a naughty piercing done, men or women?

Read on to find out the answers to the questions you always wanted to ask about genital piercings!

I will start by addressing your basic curiosities and take it from there.

If you are seriously considering getting your first genital piercing, please read this article first!

Functional or Purely Aesthetic?

Obviously there are many different parts to the genitals which can actually be pierced, this goes for both the male and female anatomy. Some of these piercings stimulate the nerves of the genitalia and increase sexual pleasure whereas others are merely for decorative purposes and have absolutely no effect on the sensations personally felt during sex. Many of these also stimulate the partner.

Aesthetic Piercings

Not all genital piercings pass through sensitive areas. There are certain piercings which are designed just to look good and decorate your body. Some of these piercings can also provide sexual stimulation to the partner, but not to the wearer.

Some examples of these piercings for women are:

  • The Christina Piercing
  • The Fourchette Piercing
  • Inner and Outer Labia Piercings, which are done for aesthetic reasons but are also known to increase sexual pleasure for your partner

Some purely aesthetic piercings for men:

  • Pubic Piercing
  • Hafada/Scrotum Piercing
  • Guiche Piercing (skin between the scrotum and the anus)
  • Lorum Piercing

Which Piercings are the Most Sexually Stimulating?

The most sensitive part of our bodies is our genitals. This is because of how many nerves are present in these areas. As you can imagine, piercing any area of the body with a high concentration of nerves is going to increase the sensitivity even further.

For women, any piercing which makes contact with the clitoris in any way is naturally going to stimulate her, if the piercing is done correctly that is!

Sexually stimulating piercings for women:

  • Clitoris Piercing – Directly through the head (glans) of the clitoris.
  • Clitoral Hood Piercing – Through the clitoral hood, as the name suggests. Stimulates clitoris through contact.
  • Triangle Piercing – Horizontal piercing which passes side to side through the labia and underneath the clitoral hood. This is the only piercing which stimulates the clitoris from behind.

Men have nerve endings throughout their shaft but particularly in the glans. Therefore, the most sexually stimulating piercings for a man are the ones which penetrate the glans or make contact with this area.

Sexually stimulating piercings for men:

  • Ampallang Piercing – Penetrates the glans horizontally and stimulates the nerves and tissues internally.
  • Apadravya Piercing – Counterpart to the Ampallang. Penetrates the glans vertically.
  • Dydoe Piercing – Piercing on the head of the penis, through the ridge of the glans. Has been said to enhance sexual pleasure that may have been lost due to circumcision.
  • Prince Albert – A ring which passes through the urethral opening to where the glans meets the shaft of the penis.
  • Reverse Prince Albert – The ring enters through the urethra and exits through a hole in the upperside of the glans.

Who Gets More Pleasure? Men or Women?

Male FemaleThe short and simple answer to this question would be that the woman receives more physical sexual stimulation. Provided the piercing she has makes some form of physical contact with the clitoris, the combined stimulation from both her piercing and her partner’s will result in more pleasure during foreplay and intercourse. This can lead to some of the best sex and the most intense orgasm you could possibly imagine!

Although you must keep in mind that a lot of the pleasure we get from sex is psychological or physiological. For example, if the man has a fetish for genital piercings, he may find himself extremely turned on by the concept of both her piercings and his own making his partner feel so damn good! After all, much of the pleasure of sex is a result of what turns you on mentally.

Genital Piercings Gone Wrong – Loss of Sensation?!

If genital piercings are not done professionally or get infected through lack of hygiene and aftercare, there is risk of losing sensation altogether in whatever area is pierced. If the nerves are damaged beyond repair, there is a chance you may never be able to regain sensation even after you have healed up completely.

There is also heightened risk of infection in the genital area if the piercing is not cleansed properly.

Many of these piercings can cause friction between the jewelry and the nerves in sensitive parts of the body. There are many issues which can occur as a result. For example, if you have a Clitoral Hood Piercing for several years and the jewelry is rubbing on your clit a lot of the time, this may gradually damage the nerves and eventually lead to desensitisation. The same can happen with a number of the male intimate piercings too.

Avoiding These Problems

The act of genital piercing can be perfectly safe, as long as you are very careful and make sure to do your research.

Here are some tips on how to prevent complications like the above mentioned from occurring:

Choose a Reputable Piercer

Most of the issues mentioned above can be prevented by choosing a piercer who specialized in genital piercing.

Before you commit to get pierced, check that your would be piercer is certified first of all. You should also ask if they have much experience in genital piercings and more specifically, the piercing that you want.

Ask if you can have a look at their portfolio to see the quality of their work. You should have a good idea of how this piercing looks when it is one properly, so do your research before you even enter the studio.

Not everybody has the right anatomy for a certain piercing. Your piercer should be able to examine you and recommend the best piercing for you as an individual.

You really don’t want a badly placed genital piercing. This could put you at risk of any of the highly undesirable side effects mentioned above!

Keep it Scrumptiously Clean!

As you hopefully know, any and every piercing needs to be kept super clean whilst it is healing. Genital piercings have a longer healing period than many other everyday piercings. Some of them can take up to 6 months to heal fully.

Make sure you ask your piercer how long the piercing you are getting takes to heal. You should also ask them for a sheet of instructions to follow. Even after your piercings have healed, be sure to continue keeping them clean and also cleansing your body jewelry from time to time.

I will be posting an aftercare post for both the male and female genital piercings over the next few months. Please subscribe if you feel you are going to need this information!


Thee reason I decided to write this article was to let you know that genital piercings can be awesome. They can give you immense pleasure and perhaps even lead to the most amazing orgasm of your life!

Although you must take the risks into consideration. Improper placement or poor hygiene could end you up with a whole host of problems. To avoid this you must make sure that you go to a reputable piercer. A strict aftercare routine is also of utmost importance in order to prevent infection. You really don’t want an infection in your intimate one do you?

So if you have made up your mind that you are getting a genital piercing, just take care. Always remember that if you ever have any questions, you know where to find and contact me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have learnt a few things.

Hannah – founder of Pro Piercing Kits.

19 Comments on Your Questions Answered: Do Genital Piercings Increase Pleasure?

  1. Lol! I have no idea how I ended up on this post 🙂 I ain’t got any piercings and not planning to get one 🙂 I am to old for that 🙂 But I actually got one when I was 16 years old in my belly button, I ended up getting stuck with it while I was working out and ripped up a big piece of my belly… After that I didn’t replace the green staff that I had 🙂 genital piercings might improve pleasure like you said… But I would not go through the pain to get one 🙂

    Thank you! John

    • Hey John. You’re never too old for a new piercing. I’ve pierced people who are plenty older than you my friend! Fair enough though, you’ve got your reasons.

      Genital piercings is definitely not for everyone! Thanks for reading anyway.


  2. Hi Hannah,
    This is a really fascinating article. First of all I had no idea that there were so many different types of genital piercings.
    I think that it is great that there can be so much pleasure and increased stimulation for both sexes, plus the added intensity when both parties involved have piercings. Mind-blowing!
    It’s a little bit scary that there may be a loss of sensation, but in all honesty any piercing may have complications if not done properly.
    Thanks for all the information.
    Love and light.

    • Hi Vivia.

      I’m glad you appreciate the concept of genital piercings. If done by a professional who has plenty of experience, the risk of loss of sensation is low. It’s not a massive issue.

      Thanks for taking interest.


  3. Howdy. I am keen to know the word there, Ampallang and Apadravya. I wonder how these words are related to the piercing here?

    Are they names of people? Or scientific word perhaps? I thought in terms of sexes, male benefits more but I actually think it depends on how pleasure is done, right?

    There are some very important tips I see like getting a certified person who do the piercing. It is so important to have a background check before proceeding.

    • Hi there Tar.

      The names Ampallang and Apadravya both originate from south and south east Asia. You can read all about the origin of these piercings over at Mod Blog here.

      Getting a reputable piercer is extremely important, even more so than usual with genital piercings. If the piercing is done poorly, this could cause a whole host of highly undesirable problems!

      Thanks for reading. Hope this helps answer your question a bit.


  4. Well, you’ve certainly picked an interesting topic here, Hannah. For some reason, even though I am not female, I find the thought of having a clitoris pierced really painful. I also wonder whether it partly damages the clitoris? But if it does make stimulation more intense, maybe it is worth it? With the various penis piercings, I wonder whether they would be likely to cause an infection, especially the Prince Albert. What do you think?

    • Thanks very much Marcus. The clitoris certainly is one of the most painful parts of the body to pierce, although some of the other less common genital piercings (such as the triangle piercing and nefertiti piercing) are supposed to be a lot worse!

      As long as you go to a good piercer who knows exactly what they are doing and follow a strict aftercare routine, I would say genital piercings are well worth it! I guess if someone was extraa sensitive down there they might want to avoid piercings of this nature though.

      Any piercing which passes through the urethra (such as the Prince Albert) is a higher risk of infection in comparison to other genital piercings. Having urine make direct contact with a fresh piercing can be a recipe for disaster!

      Thanks for taking interest in my post!


  5. Hi there,

    This article reminds me of a scene from a movie, sorry I can’t remember the name of it. Basically, the guy has a genital piercing, and she, well deep throating him…it gets caught in her throat, and has to wait until he is not so erect, mean while the room fills up with all sorts of guests including medics who suggest she tries to sing to relax her throat..well that stimulates him..gets him back the end..end up ripping her tonsils!


    • I’d love to know what film that is Derek, sounds hilarious! Let me know the name if you remember. I do love a good comedy.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. Great post Hanna!

    I have honestly wondered if genital piercings increased pleasure and I would always explain to my girlfriend that they did! Thank you for giving me the information to finally prove here wrong lol Do you think friction during sex could cause any problems or irritation? Would lubrication help?

    • Hi Evan. Certain types of genital piercing certainly do increase pleasure and stimulation!

      If the friction is constant and too intense, this can cause all sorts of problems including irritation and nerve damage which can eventually lead to a complete loss of sensation!

      Lubrication could help but the friction is usually as a result of the jewelry rubbing on sensitive parts rather than the sex. This could be caused by the piercing being poorly placed or by wearing the wrong jewelry. In these cases lube would not make all that much difference.

      Hope this answers your question.



  7. Hi Hannah,

    Interesting post, this is more a site for my girlfriend other than me, we had a little but about piercings and pleasure. Being a competitive male I was keen to be proven right.

    It appears I was wrong though so I’ll be footing the bill for one of these piercings. I’ll be sending her to your site with a couple of suggestions on the type she should get lol.

    • Hey Nate. Even if you were proven wrong on genital piercings, they definitely do have their benefits, for both the girl and the guy. so it’s definitely worth looking into with your girlfriend!

      Pleased to hear you enjoyed this post!


  8. Wow hannah, your site is bad-ass! The header image is intriguing and I just want to explore your pages. The content is really unique and out side of the box.

    I love how you are really having conversations with people who may be too embarrassed to have them personally. I can see your website being a great success. I wish you well!

    Personally, I would have a genital piercing for extra stimulation. I was blessed kindly and do not need the extra decoration. Although it would be cool to increase pleasure to the max in the bedroom.

    Will it take long to heal after the piercing is done? I am tempted 😉

    • Hey Sammy.

      Healing times vary drastically between different people and also different piercings. The Prince Albert takes 6 – 8 weeks. Apadravya and Ampallang take 3 – 6 months. See more info on the healing times over at Skin Artists’ site.

      Hope this helps! Genital piercings are great.


  9. Hi Hanna,
    another super interesting article.
    I have few questions
    1- Do you know historically how long genital piercing is going back? I know many tribes used them so i supposed it’s a very very ancient habit.

    2- Are the piercing possible cause breaking in condoms, or i just can’t visualize the whole thing properly?

    3- Does exist a specialization in piercing genitals?, i know many don’t do, it must be a very direct skill

    Thanks a lot for teaching lots of cool stuff.

    • Hey Andrea.

      To answer your questions:

      1. Genital piercings have been around for centuries. Like most forms of piercing, they have tribal origins. The exact location of the first genital piercing is unknown though.

      2. The jewelry used in genital piercings is designed in such a way that a condom won’t get broken. The edges are very rounded and smooth. Of course condoms do break but having a genital piercing does not increase the chance iof this happening.

      3.There are certain piercers who specialize in genital piercings yes. Just do your research on the piercers in your local area to find a decent one!

      Hope this helps. Thanks for taking interest.


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