Fake Septum Rings – Septum Jewelry Minus the Needle!

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry

Getting a septum piercing is a big commitment and one that you want to be sure you will never regret!

Think about it, when you get pierced you are trusting a stranger to shove a needle through the centre cartilage of your nose and then insert a foreign object into your open wound! After all this, what if the piercing doesn’t suit you? What a nightmare!

Well luckily I have found a solution to this problem!

What I want to share with you lovely people today is the idea of using non-piercing septum rings. I will also be showing you all the different styles available and where to buy them.

Exciting stuff if I do say so myself. Hopefully you will find this as awesome as I do!

Read on to find out more.

Note: If you see a product you like and want to buy or read more about it, just click the image!

Fake Septum Piercing Jewelry


Plain Fake Septum Ring

Plain Fake Septum RingFake Septum Ring BlackFake Septum Piercing Rose Gold

First of all, I’m going to show you this fake septum ring which is in the style of a good ol’ standard nose ring. It is a slightly odd shape compared to a plain ring you would wear in an actual septum piercing but when it’s up your nose it really doesn’t notice all that much.

To the people around you, this will pretty much look like a genuine septum piercing, unless they are really scrutinizing your face (which I sincerely hope they’re not!). Also I feel I should warn you that this septum ring is a little bit smaller than it looks in the image.

These rings are comfortable to wear. They do not irritate your nose too much or anything. You could wear these all day or all night without any real issues. You may have to take it out to adjust it a few times, but that is to be expected really. If you really want your septum ring to stay put, there is only one way to do this: Get a septum piercing!

This ring is available in silver, black or rose gold.

There is a thinner, more evenly shaped plain ring available on Amazon but it is just too flimsy. I didn’t really think there was any point in sharing it with you guys as you would only be disappointed with it. If you would like the link to this ring, let me know in the comments below. The rings listed on this page are much better quality if you can get your head around the slightly odd shape.

Decorative Fake Septum Clickers

Have you seen those gorgeous stylish septum clickers everyone is wearing these days? They’re all the rage right now and some of you probably want to get your septum pierced specifically to wear this type of jewelry.

If this is the case, you’re going to absolutely love these fake septum clickers!

There are so many different designs available and there is no way I am going to post all of them. What I will do though is pick out some of the prettiest ones which I think you guys will like the best.

Non-Piercing Septum Hanger with Square CZ and gems – 316L Stainless Steel

Non-Piercing Septum ClickerThese stunning septum hangers come in 5 different colours – silver with a clear gem, silver with a blue gem, silver with a pink gem, gold with a clear gem and a gorgeous rose gold with a pink gem.

The design you are looking at here is simple but oh so beautiful! There is a larger square gem in the middle and a small rounder shaped gem at each side of it.

This style of fake septum clicker will fit most nose shapes fairly comfortably.

Find out more about this product over at BodyJewelry.com. Also, you can get free shipping worldwide if you order over $19.99 worth of goodies!

Set of 3 Fake Septum Clickers with Rhines

Fake Septum RingsThese fake septum rings are perfect for those of you who are addicted to bling bling! They are covered in rhinestones and very sparkly looking.

These might not be all that great for an everyday look (unless you are into that kind of thing) but at a party or on a big night out, you will look hot wearing anyone of these three non-piercing septum clickers.

All of the 3 septum rings have a base colour of silver. One of them has clear rhinestones on it, one has pink rhinestones and the other has rainbow. Each of these colours is stunning in it’s own way.

You can pick and choose just one or two of the rings if you do not want the complete set. Take a look at the colour options and prices of this lovely jewelry here.

925 Sterling Silver Non-Piercing Septum Ring

Non-Piercing Septum RingHere’s a truly unique one for you. A sterling silver fake septum clicker with a highly detailed design.

You can really stand out from the crowd by wearing this exquisite non-piercing septum ring with a ball and ridge design on the visible section of the hoop. This piece of jewelry is really something! It may not be to everybody’s taste, it may even look a bit extravagant, but that’s why I decided to share it with you guys.

The sterling silver has a beautiful shiny but ever so slightly rugged finish, which really adds personality to it.

The measurements of this septum ring are as follows: 16″ (8mm) Width, 1/4″ (6mm). You can actually bend it to fit the shape of your nose for complete comfort.

Pick up one of these Sterling Silver Fake Septum Rings for yourself over at Amazon.

Fake Rhodium Plated Fake Septum Hanger

Non-Piercing Septum Ring

Here we have another non-piercing septum clicker styled ring. It is a fair bit smaller than the one directly above it on this page. The ring is shaped as if it has two parts which meet at the bottom in the centre with a tight outwards swirl.

This swirly looking septum hanger has an almost tribal kind of look to it. I feel this one is not quite as decorated as some of the others I have mentioned in this post, but still pretty none-the-less.

You can get this septum hanger in three gorgeous colours – gold, silver and rose gold. Each of these colours look great!

Get the best deal on this Septum Hanger over at BodyJewelry.com. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free shipping worldwide on orders over $19.99



Those of you who love the look of septum piercing jewelry but don’t want to commit; you must have been in your element reading this post! Even if you are considering a septum piercing but are not sure if it will suit your face or nose shape, you no longer have to sit there contemplating the “what ifs” of body piercing.

Wear one of these stunners to a party and you will really stand out from the crowd. You should be able to wear it for the whole night without any pain whatsoever.

The fact is though, these fake septum rings will need readjusting quite often and will never be quite as comfortable or cool as the real thing. You will never have quite as much choice of jewelry, horseshoe barbells are out of the question until you go ahead and get that piercing!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found a septum ring you like!

If you would like me to make more posts on non-piercing body jewelry in the future, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading.

Hannah – Founder of Pro Piercing Kits.

26 Comments on Fake Septum Rings – Septum Jewelry Minus the Needle!

  1. Lol I don´t know how I ended up on this site… But you learn something new everyday I guess 🙂 I had no ide that so called “septum rings” existed… I am very happy they do.. The day I get a daughter that whants a piercing… this one is the one she will get 🙂 I actually had a piercing in my belly botton once.. I ended up getting stuck with it in the gym… It was a nasty events… I never putted it back into my Belly… and no other place of my body either 🙂

  2. hi Hannah,it is a good job you are doing introducing people to the fake septum rings.I believe they all serve the purpose whether there is actual piercing or not.People find the fake ones more convenient compared to those others.You have incorporated the visuals and your content nicely.However,i would like to ask if there are other much smaller ones with different designs serving the same purpose?

    • Hi there.

      These fake septum rings really are great for those who don’t like needles or just don’t like the idea of body piercing.

      There are many other designs. These ones are actually a bit smaller than they look – the images are a bit deceiving to be honest. I will probably be making another post soon with more fake septum jewelry designs. If you would like I could send you the links to some smaller designs. Let me know if you would like this.


  3. It is awesome that you introduced this fake septum rings because of many reasons. First, you don’t have to go through the excruciating pain of having your body pierced. Secondly, just like you rightly mentioned, what if it does not look good on you? So, I think it is wise to use the fake septum instead.

    Thanks for the post…

    • Hey Nnamdi.

      Exactly! These are such a good idea. I ended up taking out one of my piercings just because I didn’t think it suited me, it’s not a good feeling! Hopefully this won’t happen if people try out this fake septum jewelry before they get the piercing!

      Thanks for reading.

  4. I didn’t even realize septum rings existed…I’m not really one for body piercings but if I did get one I would probably get a fake ring. I tend to try and avoid needles at all costs. My girlfriend on the other hand has some interest in these types of piercings and would very much enjoy the information you have provided 🙂

    • Hi Darrik.

      Glad you like the idea of fake septum rings. Feel free to refer your girlfriend to my site if you think she might be interested!

      Thanks very much.

  5. Hi Hannah,
    Fake septum jewelry is a great thing and option for people that want to keep with the trends but not commit to the actual pain of beauty lol. Thanks for sharing this info!

  6. Hi Hannah!
    Well I did not know fake septum rings existed! But I love the idea for those who want to try it out to see if they like it and if it fits their personality! Such a good idea! Also no risk of infection…But as you pointed out, options of jewelry are limited. As much as I love the idea of such piercing, I do not think it would be for me. My bosses are very tolerant with all the tattoos but I don’t think on a day to day basis a septum ring would be acceptable. But I could see wearing a fake one to an event or while having fun with friends.

    • Hey Emily. These are a pretty new thing to come out. Although clip on earrings and even lip and nose rings have been around for quite a few years now.

      This does make a cool and unique accessory for a night out or what have you.

      Thankyou for reading!

  7. I like the red lip logo on your site it is eye catching and I know right away what your site going to be about based on that. I also appreciated the info on non piercing septum clickers rings. If I was to get one I would need a non piercing one because I am a baby when it come to that stuff.

  8. What a great website! I myself have an eyebrow, toubge, nose, and 8 in the ears.. I was always afraid of committing to the septum, so I am really glad you had this blog! Are the fake dermals that arent just like stick on jewels? I’d love to read about that as well! And I love how you offered out the information!

    • Hey there Shane. I can definitely get why you would be afraid of committing to the septum – I think the fact that it’s right in the middle of your face on the tip of thee nose is a little bit daunting.

      There are stick on jewels that can be used as fake dermals. Seeing as you mentioned that you would like to read about this, I will be writing a post about it some time – it’s a great idea!

      Thanks for your input!


  9. Hi Hannah,

    I’m a great grandmother and don’t see myself with a nose or lip piercing, but I did think the designs of the jewelry was very nice.

    My grandchildren are young and they are interested in these kinds of things. I have a niece who has a belly and a tongue piercing. If my young people are interested in these piercings, I would much rather that they have the fake septum rings rather than the real deal.

    I would be afraid of infections for some of the weird places they find to pierce these days. So, I would definitely recommend the fake ones any day over the real piercings. Maybe this can be a bargaining chip for parents whose tweens and young teens want the septum rings.

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Glad you like the idea of these fake septum rings Verna. I can imagine it being a bit of a relief for those with teenagers knowing that something like this exists.

      Thanks very much for taking your time to read my post and leave a comment!


  10. I think this is a really good article for those who are still unsure about whether they want to get their nose pierced or not. This way, you can see if it suits and if it is just a fad, at least you haven’t made the mistake of giving yourself a scar for life. I got my belly button pierced and it went septic and closed up – I then re pierced it myself and it got even worse!!! The pain was unbearable… all because I had a belly bar that was really pretty. SO not worth it – definitely try these fake rings before you sign up for the real deal!

    • Hi Holly.

      It definitely is a good idea to try on fake jewelry before getting the actual piercing done.It’s too big of a commitment to jump into without even considering whether it suits you or not. Sorry to hear about your belly button piercing, that really does suck!

      Thanks for your input.


  11. What a great idea for a website. I’ve always been fascinated by piercing, but I only have my ears done since I’m a real wimp when it comes to pain. I love these fake septum rings because I’ve always loved the look of a nose ring but have always been too chicken to get one done. I had no idea that these even existed but I’m definitely getting one. Thanks for sharing these. 🙂

    • Hi Shannon. Sounds like these are perfect for you. I would highly recommend you get yourself one!

      Thanks for your interest!


  12. These non-piercing septum rings are so pretty, I can’t wait to get a hold of these myself! I’ve always wanted one but honestly the idea of piercing through my septum was just a little too scary. Thanks to you I’ve discovered this alternatives – I really love the simple ones as they fit my personality. Thanks for posting.

    • You are gonna love these fake septum rings Julie. They look great, so convincing!

      Thanks for checking out this post!


  13. I really like this idea. Not for myself, but there are so many teenagers out there who want to do this. Great for those who don’t want to commit to doing the actual piercing. I will share this site to the teens I know (my nieces come to mind!) who want to do this. Parents get concerned when their kids want to get piercings. Thanks!

    • Hey Liz. These fake septum rings are perfect for teenagers who are into the idea of piercings. Great for stopping them from making any bad decisions before thinking them through first (which teens are famous for doing as we all know!).

      Thanks very much for reading.


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