Never Use Disposable Piercing Forceps. You Will Regret it!

Disposable Piercing Forceps

Cheap Piercing KitLet’s jump right back to the beginning of my self piercing days. To a time when I was young and stupid. One of the first piercing kits I ever bought. Also the cheapest piercing kit for sale on Amazon.

It was 9 o’clock in the morning when I heard someone at the door. I darted from my bed to the door in an instant. I had been looking forward to this day all week. The day my piercing kit arrived!

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I ripped open the package.

Everything Was there, as expected. Needles, jewelry, forceps, alcohol swabs and latex gloves. All packaged and sterile. Brilliant. It was time to get crackin’!

I couldn’t wait so I washed my hands, sterilized all the piercing gear and got everything ready.

I didn’t even think to examine all the equipment more closely. It just didn’t occur to me that there could be anything wrong with any if it.

So I Jumped Straight into It!

Hands washed, gloves on and equipment sterilized. I drew a dot just below my lip and also marked the inside. On the right hand side. I then clamp the forceps onto my lip the forceps so that the dot was bang in the centre of the gap in the top of the forceps.

Positioning the needle so that it was aiming at the dot, I took a deep breath. Braced myself.

As I breathed out I pushed the needle into my skin.

Hold On! Something’s Not Right…

I feel the needle strike something hard. Panic sets in as I realise that I can’t get the needle to come out through the other side of the skin.

Changing the angle of the needle, pushing with all my might. Nothing was working. The bloody thing would not go through! I kind of gathered that it was the forceps that I was striking. How could this happen though? I aligned the needle perfectly with the enter and exit dots on my skin.

At this point I realised that I was going to have to back out of this piercing. So I pulled the needle back out, in the opposite direction to which it went in. I unclamped the forceps and a drip of blood ran from the wound.

What disappointment. I was gutted!

So What Went Wrong?

As I said, this particular piercing kit I purchased was the cheapest I could find on Amazon. All the equipment seemed pretty good quality.

Everything except for the plastic forceps, which were substandard. They were plain lousy.

You are probably wondering what the problem with the forceps was.

Well, on first inspection, the forceps appeared to be straight and correctly aligned at the top. The problem only came when I locked the teeth together (this is what keeps them tight so they hold the skin nice and secure). Whenever the teeth were interlinked, the alignment of tips of the forceps would get thrown off completely. They ended up stupidly crooked. The alignment was so off that when the needle went straight through the middle of one side, the other side of the clamp got in the way! It should have gone through the gap in the middle of both sides. There was plenty of space for the needle, but the sides were quite thick.

I will draw a diagram to show you what I mean.

Always Check Your Equipment

Steel Piercing Forceps
Get yourself a high quality pair of steel piercing forceps!

At the time that I done this piercing I was a lot younger and less experienced in piercing.

I was over excited about getting a new piercing and jumped in too fast!

What I should have done is taken my time to have a closer look at the forceps before I got started. This includes opening and closing them. Checking the alignment!

It is a simple fact of life that if you buy something cheap, quality may be compromised. So if you do buy the cheap piercing kit, get yourself a proper set of steel piercing forceps.

Take My Advice

If you are new to piercing and are using cheap disposable forceps. Well, any cheap piercing kit for that matter.

Always make sure that all of your equipment is adequate for use. Check that your forceps do line up properly when open, but more importantly, when they are snapped closed on your skin!

I was lucky that I did not do anything stupid. So I didn’t end up with a big ugly scar. I can imagine that an issue like this could go much more wrong than it did for me. So be careful!

I would recommend investing in a proper set of steel piercing forceps. Only use top quality gear for your piercings.

I learnt my lesson the hard way through making this simple mistake. I really hope you soaked up the moral of this article!

Spread the word by sharing this post. Stop this from happening to anyone else!

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8 Comments on Never Use Disposable Piercing Forceps. You Will Regret it!

  1. This is a cool website, good niche. In my younger days i thought it was a good idea to pierce my own arm which wasnt one of my best ideas! It got infected and started discharging yellow stuff. Ive had a lot of piercings since then and only go to proper registered places!

    • Hey there. Glad you enjoyed my site! Sounds pretty damn nasty hat happened to your arm. I’m curious as to hat part of your arm you pierced. I’m assuming it was a surface piercing. Always a good idea to go to a professional, yes!


  2. Hi Hanna.

    I definitely can relate in a similar way to your advice here in this post as I once had my left ear done in a tent at the Reading Festival.

    After the piecing, my ear went septic, but I was too vain to take it out,- I could only sleep on my right ear against the pillow for years until I finally took it out.

    Removing it was quite painful, but what a relief!

    The top part of the ear is still damaged with a lump up there in the cartlidge area.

    So, a lesson learned- not to get over excited and jump in quick in the spirit of the moment.

    I agree, If you’re unsure what to buy, steer clear of the cheap ones and stick to quality steel forceps only.

    Piercings look great when done properly & can be profesionally fitted with minimal pain at a nearby studio.

    It wont cost that much and better safe than a botched D.I.Y job

    I would say to anyone, get the job done with a pro gear instead of using disposable piercing forceps, for safety sake & to not cause damage to yourself.

    Nice one,Hannah

    All the very best


    • Thanks very much Pete.

      Piercing that happen like that never turn out well! Always ends up with lots of pain and regret.

      Cheap equipment really isn’t up to the job.


  3. Oh My Goodness. I never would have thought to check the forceps lining up right, I would have just assumed that they would!
    Good reminder to be diligent with all of your equipment. And when I go to a shop to get a piercing (I don’t have the nerve to do it myself!), I will make sure I look around the place a bit and see that it is clean and using clean equipment.
    I like the way you lay out your information here, it’s very easy to understand. : )

    • Hey Laura. Yes it is always good practice to make sure all the equipment is as it should be. Here’s a tip: when you go to a piercing studio to get pierced, always ask to see their autoclave. Every studio should have one for sterilising the equipment and jewelry.

      Thanks very much for stopping by.


  4. Hi Hanna,

    Thats a great story about your days of piercing. it must of been painful. I only have an earing so i cannot really imagine what you went thru. great advice for the teenagers thinking off piercing the body parts.
    I never had to do on my own, only proffessional advice.

    • It was pretty damn painful! I was panicking at the time as well because I didn’t know what to do. I just hope this will show the potential dangers of self piercing, and ho they can be avoided.

      Thanks a million.


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