Valentines Day Gifts for Her: Belly Button Jewelry

Valentines Day Jewelry

Love or hate it, Valentines Day is just around the corner.

Be honest. Have you bought anything for your sweetheart yet? Not to worry if you haven’t. Have a gander at this alluring selection of belly bars. Perfect for any lass who has her bully button pierced.

She will see just how much she means to you!

Everyone buys jewelry on Valentines Day. It’s a classic gift idea, but can also be a bit cliché. Why not think outside the box and be a bit different? Your love would be much more impressed if you treated her to a piece of body jewelry as dazzling as she is!

There is something here for everyone. So take your pick and surprise your missus!

Cheap Valentines Belly Jewelry

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t afford to treat your over half to something special!

There is plenty of charming body jewelry available which ‘burn a hole in your pocket.

This Surgical Steel Belly Bar with Crystals & Dangling Heart and Red Rose

Dangle Belly Bar with Rose and HeartThis belly bar has a lovely heart dangling from it with the most adorable little rose attached.

There are tiny leaves decorated with clear crystals. As well as a larger crystal on the bottom ball itself.

This piece is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel. The gauge size is 14G and the bar length is 10mm (3/8 inch). The total length including the dangle is 50mm. The ball sizes are 8mm and 5mm.

This belly bar is currently on offer for just £1.79. It has been reduced from its original price of £5.99 (which is a steal anyway!).

It doesn’t get much better than this. Nothing about this jewelry comes across as cheap!

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Belly Bar with Heart – Rose to Light Siam (Pink) to Clear Gems

Heart Belly BarWho said Valentines Day gifts had to be subtle?

There is absolutely nothing subtle about the bold heart on this belly bar. The heart is decorated with gems which graduate from rose, light siam through to clear. These gems are attached using high quality glue of the same colour as the gem. This further enhances the radiant colours.

The bar is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel.

The gauge size of this belly bar is 14G, which is 1.6mm and the bar length is 10mm. The top ball measures at 5mm.

When you order this belly bar you can also order it in either a pouch or gift box. For no extra charge. Take advantage of this offer!

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Belly Bar with Red Gems & Dangly I Heart U

Red Belly BarHave trouble saying those three magic words?

I can’t think of a more powerful way to let her know how you feel than  this gorgeous little belly bar.

What makes this piece so special is the beautiful dangling I *Heart* U. Each of the letters and the heart have little red gems on them.

Like the previous belly bars on this list, this curved barbell is also made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel and is 14G which is 1.6millimetres. It measures at 11millimetres long (7/16 inch).

This is the perfect Valentines gift but could also make a great gift for any other time of year.

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 Gold Plated Jewelry

If you would like to go the extra mile for your partner, get something gold plated:

Gold Plated Belly Bar with Dangling Heart with Clear Gems

Gold Plated Belly BarA glamorous gold plated belly bar. Has dangling heart with clear CZ jewels on it.

The gauge size of this curved barbell is 14G, which is 1.6mm. The length of the bar is 11mm.

This piece is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel and is electro plated with 14k gold. The entire piece is completely nickel free. The top bead is externally threaded.

Half of the gold heart dangling from this piece is decorated with clear cubic zirconia gems.

The best part is the special offer on this piece right now. Usually you would pay $39.99 for  it. Right now it is reduced right down to $9.99.

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Gold Plated Prong Set Dangling Heart Belly Bar

Dangly Belly BarAnother elegant gold plated dangling heart belly bar.

This piece is 14G, which is 1.6mm and has a bar length of 10mm. The top bead measures 5mm and is externally threaded.

Made from gold plated 316L surgical grade stainless steel. This entire piece is also nickel free. So is safe for those with sensitive skin.

Features a large clear gem with a dangling gold heart. There is also another large clear gem on the heart itself.

This is such an enchanting piece. This is bound to be a hit for Valentines day! I can guarantee your sweetheart’s face lighting up when she sees this!

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 Pure 14 Karat Gold Valentines Day Belly Bars

So gold plated jewelry doesn’t quite meet your standards? Step up your game and invest in some pure 14 karat gold jewelry.

How could any girl not be impress with jewelry of this quality?

I’m not saying you can buy a woman’s love, but you certainly can make her day. She will never forget this Valentines Day.

Basic 14 Karat Gold Belly Bar with Pink or Clear Heart Shaped CZ Gem

14K Gold Belly BarNot everyone wants to wear extravagant dangly jewelry. Why not go for something more suited to everyday wear?

That’s why I want to include this basic gold belly bar. This piece is 14 karat solid gold with a little heart shaped Cubic Zirconia gem on the bottom. You can choose between two gem colours; clear or pink. Both are oh so gorgeous!

This belly bar comes in 14G and is 10mm in length, that is 3/8 inch.

What I love about this piece is the fact that the gold is a slightly cooler tone. It is still yellow gold, but it would look great on any skin tone. Warm or cool, whereas most gold jewelry does not suit cooler skin tones. This piece is an exception! Cooler skin tones will not look washed out by this shade of gold.

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White Gold Heart Charm Belly Bar with Clear CZ Gems

White Gold Belly BarYour love doesn’t like yellow gold? That’s not a problem.

She won’t say no to this glamorous white gold belly bar!

This piece has a lovely little heart charm with clear Cubic Zirconia gems. The heart is not solid, it has a heart shaped gap in the middle, which really adds to the glamour!

The bar and top bead are made from pure 14 karat white gold.

Like the other belly bars I have listed, this one is also 14G with a bar that measures 10mm in length, again, this is 3/8 of an inch.

This belly bar is currently reduced in price from $249.99 right down to $199.99. Get in there while the offer lasts!

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To Summarize

I cannot straight up pick out the perfect Valentines gift for your partner. Although I hope these recommendations will help!

As you can see, I’ve made sure there is something for everyone, no matter what your budget.

Got a friend who is struggling to come up with Valentines day gift ideas? Share this with them. They may just find the solution to their problem!

Would you like to see some gift suggestions for nipple or nose jewelry? Let me know if you are interested by leaving a comment below.

8 Comments on Valentines Day Gifts for Her: Belly Button Jewelry

  1. Wow! I REALLY like that first one with the crystal and the red rose! That looks sooo sexy!

    I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend into tattoos and piercings but she just doesn’t get it. Do you have anything you’ve written that will maybe change her opinion on them? You seem to be pretty enthusiastic about your body art!

    Thanks for taking the time to put all of these together! Great article!

    • Hi Jay. I know it’s not easy convincing someone to get into body art when they’re not interested.

      Try showing her some of the jewelry maybe? She might spot something she would wear. To be honest, it depends on the reason she has not got piercings. She could always try on some fake body jewelry to see if she likes it. There are some fake septum rings here. I will be making more posts like this with fake body jewelry soon.

      Good luck anyway!


  2. Oh wow! I have to find a way to get my boyfriend to this site without it being so obvious! I have been looking for a new belly ring but I have found nothing that I like. I guess I am a little difficult but here, I think that I have fallen in love. I am bookmarking this site and am going to get “sneaky” on my boyfriend! 😉

    • Hey!

      That shouldn’t be too hard to do. Would be very easy if your boyfriend ever uses your computer. That way, you could just leave this post on the screen when you know he is about to use it!

      I know you’ll come up with something. Best of luck. I hope you get the belly bar you want!


  3. Oh, these are really pretty! You have chosen some beautiful belly button jewelry for Valentine’s Day gifts. This is a unique gift idea that I bet a lot of people wouldn’t think of.

    I’m thinking of getting my belly button re-pierced. I had to take it out when I joined the Navy a few years ago because they frown on body jewelry.

    I’m in love with the first one you suggested! The heart and rose is just delicately beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Jess!

      I would say go for it if your thinking of getting your belly button repierced. There is so much choice for beautiful jewelry!

      Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment. I’m glad you like the jewelry!


  4. Some great pieces of jewelery here.

    If I had a belly piercing I would love to get the heart with the rose piece. I think it is stunning.

    The only problem is that I am way to scared to have this done, and as I am over forty now and don’t wear clothing that shows off the belly, so what is the point.

    • Thanks Michel. So glad you like the jewelry. It is lovely isn’t it?

      The belly button piercing really doesn’t hurt much. The pain is over very quickly anyway. It’s too cold to show any skin most of the time in the UK haha.

      Thanks for checking out my site.


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