Tongue Piercing Pros and Cons. Decisions Decisions!

Tongue Piercing Pros and Cons

Having trouble deciding whether to get that tongue piercing? We’ve all been there. Trust me!

What a tricky decision. Getting a piercing is a big commitment so you need to be certain. There are so many things that you need to consider. Will it suit you? Will it affect your work? Will you be able to look after it properly? The list goes on.

How about if I help you decide?

Let’s talk through this decision together. That way you can reach a more certain outcome.

What I’m going to do is tell you everything about the tongue piercing. Positive and negative.

Let’s get started…

Rumours and Myths BUSTED!

Ignore the stupid questions people ask about your piercing!

There are rumours floating about about wearers of tongue piercings. Many people believe that having a tongue piercing has a hidden meaning.

Before I give you the details, let me say that this is not at all true. It is merely a rumour and shouldn’t be taken seriously!

If you decide to get your tongue pierced, prepare to be asked if it’s for oral sex. Of course, you know it’s not. You will get asked this question though. You have to learn to ignore these kind of remarks. Anyone insensitive enough to ask this is not worthy of your friendship (unless you’re into that kind of humour). Drop them out!

Will Your Work, School or Parents Mind?

Having piercings is strictly forbidden in certain organisations and many schools.

If this rule applies to where you are currently working, getting your tongue pierced is a bad idea. Is it really worth getting fired for the sake of a piercing?

If you are currently job hunting, be mindful as to what piercings you get. Is there a particular line of work you are aiming to get into? If so, do your research! Find out what their policy on body piercing says. It varies drastically between different companies. Some are lenient whereas others are strict. Some even fall halfway, meaning they don’t mind you having piercings, as long as they are not too obvious!

A word of advice; for job interviews you should take your body jewelry out. It is paramount that you turn up looking professional! This also goes for companies that allow piercings. This will drastically increase your chance of landing the job.

Word of advice: Aim to get a job where you can have piercings. Any job that doesn’t is the wrong job for you!

Even if you are still in school, this applies to you.

If it is you parents who oppose the piercing, be respectful! Yes, they will get over it eventually, but you don’t wanna cause family warfare over a bit of jewelry do you?

Other Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the main pros and cons for the tongue piercing. I’m going to lay them out in list format. This will make it much easier for you to make your final decision!


  • Easily hidden. Don’t open your mouth too wide and no one will see anything.
  • Can provide pleasure during oral sex.
  • Show off your individuality. Piercings are a great way to express yourself!
  • Fast healing.
  • Some people find that piercings raise their self esteem.
  • To get the look you desire or create your own individual style!
  • Vast assortment of awesome jewelry. There is something for everyone!


  • Can chip your teeth if jewelry is too long.
  • Heightened risk of infection in oral piercings. Avoid this issue by keeping good oral hygiene and following your aftercare instructions.
  • You have to avoid certain things during the healing period. Such as crunchy and spicy foods, making out and oral sex.
  • Your tongue will swell a bit for a few days. This may cause you to talk with a lisp. This will pass.
  • Speaking may feel a bit weird for a few days. This will pass though. You will get used to it.

Only You Can Decide

You now understand the positive and negatives of the tongue piercing. Hopefully this has made things a little clearer in your head.

Make your decision once and for all. Ask yourself:

“Are the pros worth putting up with the cons for?”

Note down your intuitive answer to that question. That would be the first thought that popped into your head.

If your immediate answer was “yes”, the tongue piercing is for you. If you answered “no”, don’t rush into anything. Wait a few weeks and see how you feel about it. Reread the list of pros and cons. If you’re still not convinced, you could always consider a different piercing!

If you do get your tongue pierced, go to a professional and take good care of it!

Everyone experiences piercings differently. What are your personal pros and cons of the tongue piercing? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

Hannah – founder of Pro Piercing Kits.

12 Comments on Tongue Piercing Pros and Cons. Decisions Decisions!

  1. Okay, so I too have had the notion in my mind that people who have oral piercings have them for the sake of pleasuring/oral sex. I mean why else would I pierce my tongue lol? I do get that people do all types of things for all types of reasons, and oral piercings would be no different.

    But… ahem… would you be aware of the benefit that oral piercings provide to the oral sex receiver? Anything that would help to make an already awesome experience better, I’m down for that. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Christian. Even if someone does get a piercing for that reason, it’s their own business anyway. I totally agree with you though. I just think that people who want piercings can’t be too sensitive.

      From what I’ve heard tongue piercings do make oral sex more pleasurable for the guy (or the girl). Some guys say it just feels like a hard piece of metal though. Although there are different types of jewelry you can get including vibrating ones which are of course designed for that purpose! I haven’t had the luxury of convincing my guy to get his tongue pierced so I cannot speak personally though haha.

      Hope this helps!


  2. This is a very unique and great niche! The loads of information you have written on this is very impressive, anyone looking for this niche specific item would have everything they need, a one-stop-shop type of deal. You have done a very good job with the social media buttons and very good timing on how long it takes subscribe button to come up!

    • Thanks very much for the encouragement! I’m not afraid to admit I’ve put a lot of work into getting this site right. Things are starting to move forward now!

      Thanks for reading.


  3. It’s good I came across this site and read about tongue piercing. Never did it came to my mind to have one because of my fear of pain and other social issues regarding it. Seeing a person with his/her tongue pierced would initiate many different kind of thinking. If you live in a place where the society is conservative, you might be getting negative views. On the other side, it is indeed a way of self-expression and a form of art. Thanks for listing the pros and cons of tongue piercing. It helps in arriving at the final decision. Let us live according to our own standards 😀

    • Hi Molly. Glad to hear this article has given you a new perspective on the tongue piercing and the art of body piercing in general! There are a good few things to consider when planning on getting a piercing done. Hopefully this will help a few people!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I got my tongue piercing yeeears ago, and here’s my reason why: it helps with my oral fixation. Of course I know that word has a lot of ‘sexual’ connotations to a lot of people. But that’s more telling about their personalities than anything else really. Oral fixation is: a desire for constant oral stimulation, such as through eating, smoking, alcoholism, nail-biting, or thumb-sucking.

    Until I got my tongue piercing done, my tongue was chewed to shreds! I’ve had a bad habit of grinding my teeth for years, and I do a lot of different things to relieve the tension: smoke, vape, chew gum, and chew on my tongue. I use a skull shaped tongue ring now, and flipping it around in my mouth constantly to give my mouth something to focus on in stressful or difficult situations (which prompts me to start grinding my teeth and/or chewing the sides of my tongue) really helps re-wire that focus on something much safer.

    My reason for getting a tongue ring, aside from me loving piercing in general, is mostly for medical reasons. It’s really helped with my grinding, and I started smoking and chewing gum a lot less after getting it. If anyone has similar problems like mine I think a tongue piercing might be worth a try 😛

    • Hey Red Rabbit.

      To be honest, I’ve never heard of oral fixation before. It makes sense though. A very good reason to get a tongue piercing! It’s really great to hear that you have had some relief because of the piercing. This is very inspiring.

      Thanks for sharing this with us. Hopefully other sufferers of oral fixation will find the same relief you did!


  5. Hi Hannah,

    Thank you for this, I have been considering getting my tongue pierced for a while and was backwards and forwards, just couldn’t decide!

    Your post has really helped me weigh up the pros and cons and especially the question at the end where you said to go with the first answer that popped into my head.

    I’m going to go for it!
    I love piercings but sometimes get the dreaded ‘bump’ on my cartilage piercings. I’ll look forward to reading your other posts and hopefully will get some tips on how to deal with it when it happens!

    Dani 🙂

    • Glad my post has helped you out Dani. Deciding on whether to get a piercing or not is so tough. I have gone through this thought process multiple times in my life now! The worst thing you can do when making a decision is over think.

      Bumps are a common problem with cartilage piercings. Some people are more prone to this than others. I will be sure to note that down as a future article to write!


  6. This is a very unique kind of a website. Piercing isn’t for me but I’m sure many people love it. It really does sound interesting and it seems like you really know what you are talking about.

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